Anti Aging Remedies

Anti Aging Remedies

About a month ago I started to look at myself in the mirror and think, 'wow I'm looking like I'm getting old!' I guess that's what happens when you're in your mid-30s! I don't know about you, but I plan on aging gracefully (and as naturally as possible)!

Reviews & Rec's: Heavenly Skin Care Products

evan healy skincareI've mentioned in a previous post that one of my most favorite things to do is to get ready for bed! (What an old lady!) The reason being, that I LOVE to pamper myself with a skin care routine, unwind from the busy day, and prepare for a good night sleep! (I cherish it!)  I could never be one of those people who sleep with their makeup on! I have no idea how they do it! I like a clean face and clean skin for the sheets! Needless to say, I've used lots of amazing products in the past, but I have to say, this one takes the cake! Evan Healy has a topical ayurvedic approach to skin care, and when combined with eating right, my skin has never felt or looked this good!! I tried a sample when the COOP in Santa Monica had one of their estheticians out there offering up her advice! She recommended I use the BLUE line for sensitive skin. Oh My Amazingness! I'm officially hooked and think you should try too!

evan healy skin care

The positive affirmation on the packaging is just an added lil bonus!:)

Do try some. She sells at most Whole Foods, or you can order online.



Reviews & Rec's: Your Summer Essential!

kinesys sunscreenHappy Memorial Day everyone! The official kickoff of summer is here, and with that in mind, I'd like to share with you my favorite summer essential! My former client in L.A. is the founder of the most amazing sunscreen ever! She and her husband designed it for triathaletes in Hawaii and Southern California to resist sweat and water, but also with health conscious intentions. It's paraben free, oil free and made with all natural ingredients free of chemicals. It has an amazing smell, a perfect consistency, easy application and all day protection. I do not get one sign of a burn (or a pimple) and thoroughly enjoy wearing it ~ it just makes me happy!!

You can order online at or through amazon. It's well worth it!!

I hope you enjoy the beautiful sun filled days of summer!