Have you jumped on the Celery Juice Train yet?

Have you jumped on the Celery Juice Train yet?

I am fascinated by this miraculous superfood healing protocol!

All of a sudden, I started seeing lots of instagramers posting about their celery juice drinking rituals and I was like, “well, I guess it’s time to try it!”

My friend Rhia, who is a yoga teacher and health consultant here on Cape Cod first started telling me about her celery juice drinking, fruit forward lifestyle about 4 years ago. She’s been following the Medical Medium, Anthony William’s protocol for over 9 years now, and actually works for him too so she’s got the full scoop!

An all natural first aid kit

An all natural first aid kit

If you don't know yet, we bought an old farmhouse in the Azores! To think about setting up our home from another country is kind of overwhelming, but Rome wasn't built over night, as the saying goes, so it's just one step at a time, right?

We're here getting our bearings for a month to see what we need, and where we can get it. I have a running list going of things that come up as we need it, and one of them is a first aid kit.

Anti Aging Remedies

Anti Aging Remedies

About a month ago I started to look at myself in the mirror and think, 'wow I'm looking like I'm getting old!' I guess that's what happens when you're in your mid-30s! I don't know about you, but I plan on aging gracefully (and as naturally as possible)!

Getting a Good Night Sleep

Getting a Good Night Sleep

If our nervous system does not get adequate nourishment, we slowly start to come apart at the seams. Ensuring that we get a good night sleep can help us keep our immune systems strong, peace in our environment, and a sense of safety and security in our surroundings.

How to Use Essential Oils in your Daily Life

How to Use Essential Oils in your Daily Life

Have you tried using essential oils to enhance your health or home care? Have you always wondered what it does or how it works, or how to even begin to bring it into your life? I'm with ya - I was always curious about implementing it into my life but it always seemed so overwhelming to me - too many uses for one oil, or when and how to use it?!

An All Natural Sore Throat Cure

An All Natural Sore Throat Cure

I cannot believe it, but I got a cold again! I'm very disappointed that I was sick more often than usual this past year, but I was reassured by my chiropractor that it is actually good to get sick every once in awhile so that your immune system has a chance to get stronger. 

Kick that Cold with these {Natural} Remedies

Kick that Cold with these {Natural} Remedies

As much as I like to think I have a strong immune system as a result of doing many self care practices (harmonyum healing, yoga, eating organic, locally and with the seasons, and chiropractic care) to keep me healthy, it was inevitable that I came down with a cold last week, after many of my co-workers at the salon did, and with what the risks of working in close proximity to people all day will eventually do. The fall is also that time of year when we're transitioning from the heat to the cold that our bodies will naturally detox the build up of an imbalance, and germs and viruses start flying around! Here's my remedies: 

Are you ready for the Summertime Heat?

Pitta Massage Oil It's finally feeling like summer here on good ole Cape Cod! Summertime is associated with the Pitta Season in Ayurveda Practices so that's why I ordered Pitta Massage Oil for my skin! This awesome concoction was formulated with specific cooling and cleansing herbs like brahmi that keep the body and mind cool in the heat of the summer. I practice a self massage everyday called abyhanga in Ayurveda. It's a very calm and grounding ritual that I love in my self care practices which helps remove toxins and promote healthy circulation.

Pitta is linked to the fire element of nature which correlates with our digestion. Nature has it all figured out for us, Thank God, to help us stay cool during these months with the cooling qualities that come from fruits and veggies! Think berries, cucumbers, and coconut water to name a few. That's why it's SO important to eat locally and with the seasons!

Some basic suggestions during the heat of summer are to be sure to stay hydrated with cool water, adding some mint leaves or steeping a cup of mint iced tea to really keep you extra cool, and to try not to be outside in the bright sun during the peak hours of 10-2.. You can read the full summer guide here from one of my favorite  Ayurveda sites and see which supplements, yoga poses and dietary suggestions may be beneficial to you. I highly recommend reading it!!! Also, check my latest post for an ayurvedic approach to growing healthy hair! :)

Salute to Summer!


Health: Are you feeling puffy? Eat Asparagus!!!

baby asparagus I am seriously, and quite oddly SO in love with the asparagus in our garden right now! I mean, we have tons of other veggies, but I just want to hang out by the asparagus for some reason! They are so FREAKING cute when they break ground! (OMG, I'm dorkishly giddy right now just writing about it) They are white when they come up and then quickly turn purple and then shoot, I mean shoot up tall very quickly, just ready to be eaten!

asparagus crowns

Did you have any idea that it takes 3 years for young roots to mature before you can actually eat them?! These are the things my bf is teaching me. He planted the asparagus crowns (a pic of the newly planted crowns above) years ago but it's only been the last 2 springs that we could harvest them! Maybe that's why I think they're so special?! That, and the fact that they will only be available to eat for a few weeks or so, then we have to wait til next year! :(

asparagus breaking ground

(look at the little baby farthest to the left! and then the one slightly bigger to the right, then the tallest and then shorter again...is it just me or is this just too cute?!)

But that's why it's SO COOL to eat with the seasons and to be growing your own food! You actually sync up with what nature has in store for your wellbeing! Hello!

According to Ayurveda, and obviously seasonal, local eating practices, asparagus is here to detoxify us and fill us with the bright prana of chlorophyll!! The health benefits are endless, and just what our bodies need after a long winter of hardy root vegetables to lighten us up and brighten us up!

It helps reduce water retention and gives our pee that funny smell because it's a natural diuretic. It cleanses our blood and soothes inflammation too! All of which makes it the perfect food to eat for Kapha doshas, and one to not indulge in too much if you're a dominant vata dosha. Please read this article for more about it's amazing goodness!

harvesting asparagus

To harvest asparagus, we dig about 2inches below the ground and cut with a knife. It doesn't get fresher than this and obviously makes me ridiculously happy!

Enjoy it by either steaming it and squeezing a lemon over it, or roasting it with sea salt and olive oil. YUM!

I hope you get to enjoy some asparagus while it's in season!


LifeStyle Lessons: Holy, Hangover!

FOMU, vegan ice cream BostonI'm not talking about an alcohol hangover, oh no, I'm talking about over indulgence with food! No bueno! I do this sometimes, testing the waters, thinking I can get away with not feeling the effects of sugar or baked goods, or anything that's hard to digest, especially when eaten later in the day. I followed 'the when its okay to cheat on your diet rules' though, and ate my vegan ice cream in the middle of the day, at the peak of the fire of digestion! It was my little treat to myself to comfort me on a rainy day after a yoga class that brought up lots of anger emotions (strange?!)

I had found FOMU in Boston a few months ago while visiting my sisters. We had a totally decadent night of veg friendly food followed by vegan ice cream sundaes!

I haven't been back there since I moved here, but I happened to stumble into this cute little gourmet shop called Beacon Hill Gourmet on my street a couple weeks ago and found that they sold FOMU 'ice cream' by the pint. I chose Salted Caramel because I had been envious of my sisters who both enjoyed a salted caramel ice cream cone from J.P. Licks the other day, (J.P. Licks also has vegan ice cream options too which is oh so fun!) so I jumped all over buying that cute little packaged pint!

It had been sitting in my freezer for a couple weeks, and I hadn't been in the mood for it until yesterday. Maybe I would have been okay if I had just eaten half of it...but I kept going! It was just so comforting and creamy and delicious! No wonder though, the second ingredient was evaporated cane sugar, and the third, agave. I basically just ate a pint of coconut cream and sugar....

I didn't feel the negative affects at all until about an hour later....hangover central! My stomach was so mad at me, and there was really nothing I could do!

I pulled out all my tricks though:

Ginger tea. Hot water with lemon. Detox tea. A walk to move the digestion. A short nap to try and sleep it off. A Hot Body Scrub before bed to remove toxins. Barley (to pull out the dampness in my body) vegetable soup for dinner. Double dose of Triphala before bed (a natural detox pill to support elimination).

Luckily I feel better now that it's the next morning, but I must live and learn from this little over indulgence. While it was fun, I'm not so sure it was worth it...Now that I've been eating so clean for so long, my body just can't handle these very yin (Macro term), very kapha (Ayurveda term) extreme foods.

Everything in Moderation, right?! Hopefully I'll keep myself in check next time! Til then...


Healthy Habits: Winter Dryness, be gone!

gheeO.M.G. Ghee!!!! The amazing benefits are endless and complete! It is literally the best oil in the world! I had a client ask me a couple months back, "What do I do about this winter hair and skin?" I'm sure you are all feeling the dryness that is winter! After all, it is Vata season.

What is Vata, you ask? Vata is one of the three doshas of Ayurvedic Principles. Vata is associated with wind, the ether, by air and space, much like the characteristics of a bird flying about, nibbling and hopping and flitting! The doshas tell a story about our constitution/ our make up ~ the mind, body connection. It's an element that we are all made up of, but we have to be mindful to keep it balanced ~ too spacey? Too frazzled? Too dry? Too much vata!!!

The doshas are within us and surrounding us. According to Ayurveda, there are 3 seasons, not 4 ~ each season associated with a dosha. Winter is associated with Vata. Summer, with Pitta. Spring with Kapha.

Vata starts in the fall, when the summer breaks, and ends when the winter breaks to spring.

When spring has sprung, we experience rain to make way for May flowers, right? Well, all that rain and moisture is associated with the elements of earth (Earth Day)/re-birth/spring equinox ~ all the elements that are required to bring new life! Kapha brings that fluid moisture of new life.

Pitta is associated with the heat of the sun in the summer. Pitta has lots of energy and stamina. Too much exertion and it can burn out, however.

Too much heaviness of spring, and kapha can induce stagnation. It's a constant balancing act we juggle with our dosha loves!

I bring you this back story because now you can understand why you may have felt super dry this winter. Dry throat/cough, dry eyes, dry skin/scalp/lips/cuticles etc., its all due to an imbalance of Vata!!!!

But here's the cure: Eat GHEE!!!!! Ghee has the amazing ability to moisturize your insides so that your skin, stools, scalp, hair, throat, you name it, is healed! Your insides will be so happy! It will be like putting chapstick on your lips!

Cook your veggies with ghee, like you would olive oil. Put a teaspoon on your rice or steamed greens! Whatever you like! It's SO GOOD!

Another thing you can do is buy Sesame Oil for your skin (found in the beauty/body aisle of your health food store --not the cooking aisle).  Rub some all over your body after you shower to lock moisture in, or better yet, heat it up slightly and rub it through your scalp and hair, and all over your body before the shower. Let it sit for 5-10min and then get into the shower ~ the warm water will push the oil deeper into your body and over time, will create a barrier on your skin. Just be sure to lather up your hair with shampoo before you get it wet, otherwise the oil will never come out!;)

May you be moisturized and Vata balanced for the remaining cold months (if you're in New England), and for those of you lucky souls in the warmer climates, may you be armed for next winter!