Restaurant Rave {Cape Cod International Cuisine}

Restaurant Rave {Cape Cod International Cuisine}

If you're new to my Restaurant Rave column, you'll soon find out that I love food - anything cooked with love that offers a unique perspective on cultures, cuisines, quality ingredients, artistry, and style! I love to nourish my body with healthy ingredients, but also to nourish my soul with a sense of love, connection, inspiration and diverse experiences, so that's why I think dining out is an integral part in developing a healthy relationship with food. My Diet Design sessions help clients to develop a menu plan to support their lifestyle, a set of healthy habits they can access everyday, and guidance on the best quality food to eat (favorite food finds and restaurant raves). I am often asked which restaurants I've been going to lately, and so here's my most recent round up for Cape Cod: 

Restaurant Rave RoundUP: N.C. + FL.

Restaurant Rave RoundUP: N.C. + FL.

Ok, as most of you well know, I LOVE food – that is, good quality, made with love, can’t get enough of the scene – food!

So, you better believe, that my most favorite thing to do while on vacation, is to scout out the best food around!

It wasn’t hard in Asheville, N.C., as that is like, THE foodie capital of our country, little did I know! Florida is right up there too though, with their progressive health conscious scene, so we had a field day discovering some amazing restaurants out there!

Restaurant Rave Round UP {In My Travels}

Local Urban Kitchen Hello Fellow Foodies!

I've eaten some seriously tasty food this past month while traveling to 3 wedding weekends in a row! From L.A. to New Hampshire, to the Jersey Shore, there's some great quality, mindful eating practices going on out there so I thought I'd share the few I've stumbled upon!

There's a new(ish) talk of the town in Venice, CA called Gjusta. It's the sister restaurant to the other famed Venice hot spot, Gjelina. It's exactly what you'd expect to find in the oh-so-cool and trendy streets of the west side of L.A. I went there two days in a row for breakfast and found myself in my usual overload of excitement when it comes to wanting to eat everything on the menu, so it was hard to decide! I ended up going with the Multi-Grain Waffle with berries, butter and maple syrup divine one morning, and the next a.m. went with the granola bowl and a slice of the daily quiche special. I'm sorry to report that I did not take any pics because I was really present to the whole experience ~ taking a number before placing the order, finding a standing spot at the breakfast bar and people watching all the overall wearing, grungy, bo-ho inspired coastal dwellers.

In New Hampshire, I found the cutest, most down to earth little cafe in Manchester that was bustling with local love! We went there for breakfast and I was super inspired by their story and what they are giving to the community! Purple Finch Cafe believes in: offering a healthy alternative to dining out, in a well balanced diet, in providing genuine personal attention in customer service (which was very obvious), striving to be the best, in creating a family atmosphere (also obvious), and sourcing local, organic, fair trade ingredients! Their spinach, feta and fried egg wrap was completely satiating! Their love for what they are creating there filled me with so much love and light that it carried me through my day! That's what it's all about after all, isn't it?!

Out of all the breakfast spots I tried, this one just may take the cake when it comes to offering a real farm to table experience. As soon as we walked in, we were aware of the local produce, the organic healthy options, the farm style touches of mason jar glasses, handmade wooden tables and chairs, and vibrant employees! We indulged in super seed pancakes, crab cake benedict, pumpkin protein smoothies, and quinoa porridge. You could tell that everything was made with love, and everything that's made with love will heal you, as my spiritual master teaches us. If you're ever on the Jersey Shore, be sure to find the Local Urban Kitchen! You just may want to hang out there all day like I wanted to!!! :)

As always, when you have a healthy relationship with food, your inspiration and appreciation for the food that you find and the restaurants where you dine will reflect back all that love you have for yourself! Menu planning, shopping wisely and cultivating a healthy relationship with food are all part of self care and healing that I can help you create if you'd like to schedule a diet assessment with me.

Since seeking out yummy, health inspired food is a passion of mine, you can read the restaurant raves where I eat and trust the quality and integrity, by clicking here.


The Latest Cape Cod Restaurant Raves!

The Talkative Pig If you haven't read by now, I am practicing balance in all areas of my life. I'm no longer a strict vegan, macrobiotic no no folks, I've come FULL circle and now eat 'a little bit of this, and a little bit of that' on the regular! I will admit though, I sometimes scare myself with the fear that has fallen by the way side when I approach eating, because that little voice in the back of my head still wants to follow all the rules (No dairy, no gluten, no sugar)! Who am I without these rules and restrictions though? I'm discovering that I am a true lover of food and that my soul loves everything that comes along with that! Foodie, perhaps?! After all, food is at the root of all things, especially the relationship you have with yourself! Sit with that one for a minute!

I only appreciate the best quality ingredients with an artistic expression and passion for creating something we can all come to the table for, to have wonderful dining experiences. In today's post, I offer you some recommendations for where to eat to enjoy great quality food that has been cooked and prepared with love, so that you can practice seeking out places like these too, to care for yourself and your local community!

Here are my latest restaurant raves:

The Talkative Pig

Can we "Talk' about 'The Talkative Pig' please?!

We are beyond excited to have this  new restaurant arrive to our local scene here in Harwich/Chatham. This is the restaurant that took over what used to be "The Box Office Cafe'. At first we weren't so sure about the name, but once we popped in and met the owners and tasted their food and found out how they source everything locally, we were sold!!! Who doesn't love a 'mom and pops' type spot? It feels like a total authentic Italian eatery / marketplace. They have a case of pre-made salads and treats to purchase for take out, a cute little bar full of mixologist approved cocktails, including local brews, and obviously amazing pizzas (including a gluten free option?!:) There are breakfast sandwiches, treats and more! We are so addicted to their curried tuna salad that we buy a pint sizeof it probably once a week! We're also big fans of the Fig, Prosciutto and Goat Cheese Pizza (on gluten free crust)!! OMG it's probably the BEST I've had!!!!

I finally had a chance to check out Pisces in Chatham (right across the street from The Talkative Pig) and I instantly felt like I was on vaca!!! It's always slammin' but we had a fun little late night pop in for drinks, apps and dessert, which was the way to go! The second I sat down at the bar, I instantly craved a margarita, which just might be one of the best I've ever had! (I may be a self proclaimed margarita connoisseur) We had complimentary bean dip with our bread, amazing scallop ceviche, calamari, and topped it off with a ridiculous flourless chocolate cake! We were in heaven!!

Viera in Harwich is also a new FAVE! I'd heard lots of talk about it prior to finally having a chance to go, and were completely wowed! A total farm to table spot where everything from the service to the food were top notch!! Super fun mixologist drink menu, great portion sizes and creative dishes! The salmon tartare and calamari dishes are amazing! And do not miss out on dessert! OMG.....cannot wait to go back!

I also want to give a shout out to a couple cool 'grab and go' spots in our 'hood too:

Depot Dogs, which claims to be" THE BEST DOG ON THE PLANET" (probably true) sets up shop in the parking lot at buca's (obviously they know what they're doing if they're operating it, right?). Their lobster roll is to die for!!! And obviously the locally made beef dogs are too! (who am I these days?! Still living the motto,' When in Rome' apparently!)

The Salt Block Truck

The Salt Block Food Truck which is operated by Cape Sea Grill has FANTASTIC Fish Tacos!!! Such a fun summer stop, which is parked right across from Brax's Landing on rte. 28.

Hope you can all try these amazing restaurants and quality food that we're blessed with here on Cape Cod! For more of my faves, click here.

Happy Eating!



Health: Latest Boston Restaurant Rave

Grass Fed, Boston GrassFed in J.P. = YUM!

We recently stumbled upon this awesome spot a few weeks ago and had the best burgers ever!!! If you haven't learned yet from my latest posts, I now eat everything (with consciousness) and am thoroughly enjoying food in all its glory!

With that consciousness in mind, we like to make sure we know the source, keeping it local and of the highest quality ingredients whenever available! This place fit perfectly in with our standards! ;)

All of the beef comes from Maine Family Farms in Portland, Maine, and is raised on a grass fed, vegetarian diet. How cool is it to know exactly where your beef comes from?! (For all you vegan/vegetarians, they do have a veg option as well;)

It's a super cool, hipster spot with all sorts of alternative menu items from 'adult beverage milkshakes' to beet fries and homemade oreos! And they're right down the street from my fave vegan ice cream spot, FOMU, so that's an added bonus!!!

Beet Fries

We indulged in a couple burgers, obvi, which totally hit the spot, some truffle parm fries, beet fries, and you better believe that I took an oreo to-go!;)

Homemade Oreos

I highly recommend hitting up this 'boutique' burger joint, but just make sure you get in on the early rush because the poor stragglers got turned away when they ran out of burgers and fries on a Sunday night at 7pm!

Stay tuned for more 'Best of Burgers' recommendations to come :)!

Til then, check out my other fave restaurant rec's in Boston and Cape Cod.





Health: Cape Cod's BEST Restaurants! {in our humble foodie opinion}

PB Boulengerie If you haven't figured it out by now, I LOVE FOOD!!!!! I think because I ate Macrobiotic and Vegan for so long, and had to learn how to cook for myself to enjoy food, that I have a real passion for it now.

They say in Macrobiotics, that your tastebuds have to learn to adjust over time, to the real delight in the basic form of food, since we've become so acclimated to having processed / packaged food in our modern society. After a cleanse or detox, your tastebuds, and the cells in your body, jump up and down for joy when they taste real food again!

Real food is where the good stuff is! I learned to develop a deep appreciation for quality ingredients, cooking styles, and how to put together a well rounded meal, through my quest of macrobiotics, vegan and ayurveda practices, that food has taken on a whole new meaning for me! From eating out, to scouting out the best restaurants, to creating in the kitch, to reading recipes, to learning about the health benefits of certain foods, I'm all over it!

Now that I've completely come full circle with my eating habits, and eat a little bit of everything again, it's as if I'm eating things for the first time! I had a meatball for the first time in years a few months ago, and literally almost fell out of my chair with how amazing it tasted and felt!!! Pizza is now a whole new world, and I'm finding that I'm never feeling deprived of anything, rather I'm celebrating the art of food creations! It's amazing and so. much. fun!!!!!!

So, I decided to put together a list of the restaurants that I've been salivating over ever since I'm no longer limited to vegan/vegetarian ones that I'd have to travel off Cape to find. These restaurants source the highest quality ingredients, mostly local, and have a passion for the expression of culture and creative food art. Thank you, Cape Cod for having a foodie niche here for us to enjoy!

These are our fave Cape Cod restaurants that we just can't get enough of!

P B Boulengerie in Wellfleet. O.M.G. cookies and pastries!!!!

Vers in Chatham. Amazing farm to table, seasonal, local preparations by Johnathon.

Buca's in Harwich. THE BEST italian ever! Basically, I feel like I'm in Italy, and it's def a regular outing for us...

Ocean House in Dennis. Besides the obvious awesome venue, the crab cakes are out of this world, and their late night menu of flatbread is super fun when you just want to have a glass of wine and listen to the band!

SunBird in Orleans. So good. and trendy. and hip.

Pain D'Avignon

Pain D'aVignon in Hyannis. TDF! So many perfect european vibes!

Common Ground in Hyannis. Always a FAVE. And made with LOVE.

Local Break

Local Break, Eastham. The BEST veggie burger EVER!

Orleans Public House, Orleans. Really great!!!!

Del Mar, Chatham. Fun specials and wild creations.

Misaki, Hyannis. Who doesn't love sushi?! Try the monkey ball....oh boy!

Inaho, Yarmouthport. The best sushi atmosphere, and mushroom soup!!!

Bluefin, Chatham. Cool, swank new sushi spot!

Hangar B, Chatham. BEST BREAKY EVER! Can you say sweet potato hash?!

Dying to go to the Pickle Jar in Falmouth...

Bradford's Natural Market

Obsessed with Bradfords Natural Market hot bar in Provincetown!!!!!

Terra Luna in Truro. Such a cool spot and super fresh food with an eclectic spin! (and where I did the photo shoot on the day I met my love!)

Crisp in Osterville has the best fancy flatbreads around with a farm to table approach.

Eartlhy Delights in Osterville is always a standby. Great, healthy food with a funky vibe!!

We can't wait to try the new farm to table restaurant in our neighborhood, which took over the old Box Office Cafe ~ The Talkative Pig in Chatham. (interesting name, but looks like it should be good!)

That's it for now...I'm sure I'm missing some, but those are what come to mind and where we've been frequenting lately.

Hit some, or all of them. You won't be disappointed! For more restaurant reviews, click here and for more about Cape Cod Love, check out this post.


Health: What and Where to Eat 'When in Rome' {Azores}

4 Platanos
4 Platanos

If you haven't had a chance to check out last week's post, you can read about the highlights of my trip to the Azores. If you did read it, you'll know that one of my favorite things about the trip was the food! Duh!

The post written prior to heading to the Azores talked about my newfound place of eating without fear, and how I can now enjoy celebrating food and nourishing my body with an ebb and flow. It's such a liberating place to be, and so you can only imagine just how much fun I had with my new mantra, 'when in Rome'!

The Azores consist of 9 islands off the coast of Portugal. They are known for their agriculture, dairy farming, livestock ranching and fishing, so you can bet that their food is as fresh and yummy as it comes!

I have slowly made my transition back into animal products after being a strict vegan, macrobiotic dieter, easing into fish, eggs, then chicken, meat, and being okay with the occasional sugar and flour products, but dairy was always my biggest place of resistance. I just couldn't bring myself to eat cheese or butter, until very recently. Once I realized a little bit of this and a little bit of that wouldn't hurt me, I softened to the idea of eating dairy again. All in moderation, only from a good source, and of the highest quality! ;)

4 Platanos
4 Platanos

Well, Azorean cheese and butter is probably the best of the best!!! I ate 'fresh cheese' (a soft blend of cow and goat) with homemade bread at every meal we sat down to, and felt great!

queijadas de leite
queijadas de leite

I indulged in sweet pastry treats (quiejadas de leite) that I stumbled upon in every cafe! They include 5 fresh, quality ingredients of flour, eggs, butter, sugar, milk. Nothing processed. So yummy and made with love!

The fish stew from Ondos Do Mar is AMAZING! Straight off the boat daily! Super nourishing and satisfying, made with potatoes and herbs. It doesn't get much better than that!

We had the BEST steak ever one night when our new friends brought us to the local fave spot of Galego in Ponta Delgada! They serve it with a fried egg on top and pimento pepper slices and roasted garlic. Mmmm! They also serve it with hand sliced french fries ~ not fried in nasty oils!

rice pudding
rice pudding

The sweet rice pudding  we found in a mom and pops place is a local favorite in Furnas and was to die for! It's made out of milk, butter, sugar, rice, cinnamon and lemon. The chocolate mousse that we found on many dessert menus was also unbelievable! OMG! Made out of sugar, eggs, dark chocolate and butter. I mean...


The special thing about the area of Furnas, is that they are known for their natural hot springs (caldeiras). The restaurants cook their food in the ground in the caldeiras for about 8 hours. Basically like a clambake, but deep in the ground they throw in all sorts of meats and vegetables. It has a semi-sulfuric taste, but worth a try and definitely a local tradition!

There is nothing quite like the homemade bread from this island! The best part is that it's still made fresh daily and delivered to people's homes and hung on their door knobs every morning! I wouldn't be surprised if they still have a milkman making deliveries too! Such sweet european traditions still intact!

The wine is also absolutely perfect! Unfortunately, you can't find Portuguese wine here in the States, so it was such a treat to drink some of the best wine I've ever had! They love their wine and they drink it just as many europeans do ~ on their lunch breaks, and throughout their leisure days spent in good company with good food! I just love how they celebrate life everyday!!!!

We went to a couple tea factories where we sampled some of the best tea I've ever had! No additives, just pure tea leafs that taste so smooth ~ never bitter! The Azores are the home of Europe's oldest tea estate.


Our favorite dining experience was at Silva's Restaurant in Ribeira Grande where we ate limepds (shellfish-barnacles) sauteed grouper, fried mackeral and lots of bread, cheese, wine and puddings! We sat there for the entire lunch rush and had the best time people watching and seeing how everyone comes together to eat platters of fish and vegetables and drinks bottles of wine before heading back to their day. It's amazing.

chicken wings
chicken wings

I should probably mention just how breathtaking the view was at 4 Platanos! We sat there for a couple hours just hanging out drinking wine, eating bread and cheese, and the best chicken wings EVER!

caldos verde
caldos verde

I also made sure to eat their traditional portuguese soup (Caldo Verde) made of chorizo, kale, and potato at a local cafe. It was surprisingly really good!!!

So, when visiting the Azores, be sure to eat what they are known for ~ dairy, livestock, bananas, potatoes, fish galore and sweet treats! I know I did! For more inspiration on cultural cuisines, check out this post.

LifeStyle Lessons: Summer Salad Inspiration

sweetgreensSo, typically I don't eat very much RAW (uncooked) food because it's harder for me to digest, which I learned through my Macrobiotic studies. And, according to my Ayurvedic constitution of Pitta-Vata, I do best on warm, slightly heavy, slightly cooked foods. BUT, there is a time and place for RAW food and it is right now ~ in the heat of summer! During the summer months however, our digestive fire is at it's strongest, and raw foods are cooling to all that internal heat we're experiencing, so it's perfectly appropriate to consume some RAW salads during these months!

I've been super inspired by some creative concoctions of easy peasy salad ideas while eating at my local Sweetgreens here in Boston. I have to add a little of this and say no to a little of that, but I've made some fine substitutions and have been really happy with a little RAW salad in my life!

Take a look:


You can probably guess that I held off on the chicken and the parmesean crisp, but instead, I added sauteed tofu cubes and almond slices and it was TDF (to die for)!! Super easy to re-create at home, right?! (the pesto vinaigrette is a treat that I don't know how to make myself, but olive oil, lemon and salt, work just fine)

I also stumbled upon some prepared salad items at the Chatham Natural Foods Market on Cape Cod, and had to take the pics of these labels to try and concoct at home myself!

cape cod natural foods


cape cod natural foods market

As long as you're a garlic lover like me, you will LOVE this!

cape cod natural foods market

Who doesn't love a little tabouleh in their life!?

After my salad at Sweetgreens, I wandered through the Boston Copley Farmer's Market and found my new FAVE RAW dessert vendor! Nussli 118 from Cambridge had the most amazing chocolate morsels to satisfy my sweet tooth! A Must try!!!

nussli 118

So there you have it, I'm eating lots of RAW food this summer and loving being inspired by all the creative varieties available! I hope you can get your hands on some yummy clean salads!


Evolve: Feed your Soul

Oak Bluffs, MVIt's amazing what a little day trip can do for the soul. One of my all time favorite things to do is explore a town or a city and find healthy, alternative, funky veg friendly spots, pop into some shops, take a nice walk or a bike ride and soak in the beauty of creation that surrounds me. This is exactly what I did in Vineyard Haven, Martha's Vineyard, MA while my new bf :) made me feel like I was Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman as he went off to work and brought me along to play for the day! Swoon!

First on the agenda for my source of fun: FOOD! Oh my amazingness at Blissed Out! I'm telling you ~like attracts like, and it pops up all around me now!

Blissed Out, Vineyard Haven, MVI rounded the corner and poof ~ Blissed Out appeared! It's the only healthy vegan cafe of its kind on the whole island, and it just happened to be less than a block from our hotel!

The owner and I bonded over the excitement of fresh off the dehydrator raw vegan macaroons and curly hair talk! You never know who you're supposed to meet ~ just as she was a treat to me, I was a little treat to her with my curly hair expertise:)! Wahe Guru!

Blissed Out, Martha's Vineyard

Blissed Out, Martha's VineyardAfter my basking in bliss moment of enjoying these little food delights outside on the bench in the warm sun, I wandered into an art gallery and found myself enchanted by an array of greeting cards.

Ingrid Goff-MaidoffAs I was taking pictures of these inspiring quotes, I was drawn to a unique poem just as the woman who created it approached me. Our eyes locked and it was as if I was instantly taken to another life that we must have shared together ~ it was so obvious that we had known each other somewhere! It was such an awesome experience! We both agreed we had a soul connection. I thanked her for her bright light in my life that day and felt so blessed to be able to really experience the love that surrounds us always.

Ingrid Goff-MaidoffA simple smile or a thank you can instantly brighten a persons day and life. I am so grateful for her. She is such a gift to the world with her creative spirit expressing her talent through her art form. It filled me with so much gratitude for the Creator and for all of our unique gifts and talents that make this world go round.

Emily DickinsonMy inspiration continued to bubble over even more as I stumbled into more art galleries and enjoyed the beauty of the artists' perceptions, their talents and their gifts. I became overwhelmed with inspiration in art, in creation, in life, in love, in joy and in pleasure. It made me realize that all we have to do is look around, and open our eyes. Beauty is everywhere, from the food I ate that day, to the art work, the written quotes and poems, my bike ride in nature, and my time spent with my newfound bf.

My heart was fluttering with inspiration and motivation to keep writing and blogging, to keep aligning with my gifts and talents, and to feel at peace knowing that we all have a unique set of gifts and talents that expresses the light within us, which contributes to the collective beauty in this life that surrounds us.

We are all ONE and we are all LOVE. What we experience is what we are putting out there. Everything is a mirror that only multiplies as we keep attracting more of the same, raising our vibration one person at a time through an attitude of gratitude, a jolt of inspiration and a smile of joy.

So keep on shining!


Reviews & Rec's: Boston's First Raw, Vegan Food To-Go! Yay!

CocoBeetOne of the things I was a little bummed out about upon moving to this new city, is that they aren't necessarily on the 'up and up' when it comes to healthy, plant based restaurants. While there are a handful of really yummy ones, they're not on every street corner like I was used to when I lived in Santa Monica, or what I love about visiting NYC! Boston Smoothie and Juice BarYou can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this GEM the other day! What a gift to the Boston community! Onur and his partner had a vision and they brought it to life! Wahe Guru! This place is much like my most adored Pressed Juicery in NYC. They have organic, cold pressed juices and superfood filled smoothies along with raw, vegan prepared foods to go, including some desserts, snacks, salads, sandwiches and breakfast bowls! Thank God!!

CocobeetI'm so glad my friend told me about this spot, as it just opened 3 months ago! I came here after a yoga class and it was the perfect ending to my first day off in the city! I tried the Curry Chickpea Salad and a Key Lime Tart for dessert! Both absolutely delightful! As a little treat, Onur offered me some sandwiches to try. I gladly accepted and have tried them since ~ SO GOOD!

Chickpea Curry Salad Cocobeet

Key Lime Tartlett CocoBeet

CocoBeet Sandwiches

This will definitely be a weekly hangout for me! I wish them much success! "Re-Root your life"! (How awesome is that tagline?!)



Reviews: Healthy Brunching in Boston

Life Alive, CambridgeI wrote this post long ago, but it has a newfound meaning for me now that I can actually call Boston home this week!!:) Yay for moving to Boston and having some pretty awesome restaurants to choose from! I can recall many an indulgent breakfast/brunch in my college days either spent all day drinking champagne at Charleston's Vickery's, or 'still--drunk fests' at Myrtle Beach's finest ~ Denny's.

Brunch is the NEW 'weekend night out' in the most trendiest of places and will always satisfy that comfort we crave, but now that I'm a 'healthy veg girl', it's not typically a meal that I look forward to eating out because the options tend to be limited to oatmeal or toast...

You can imagine my excitement when I stumble across a healthy restaurant that caters to me and my tastebuds!

Life Alive in Cambridge, MA is tried and true! While it doesn't have a breakfast menu per say, it does have an amazing juice and smoothie menu and a lunch menu to die for! Literally, anything you get there will leave you feeling happy and satisfied!

True Bistro in Somerville, caters to the fancy vegan cuisine palette! Their dinners are lovely, but their brunches are a treasure!

Veggie Galaxy

Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge is a vegan indulgent diner haven! True to diner form, it offers malt shakes, sundaes, french toast and pancake galore set to the '50's soundtrack and a spinning case of baked goods.

ROOT in Allston is a new fave!! A super hip hot spot serving up a vegan 'foodie' menu complete with a farm style ambiance that includes mason jar glasses.

Thank you Boston, for serving up all that I crave and more! I can't wait to explore and eat my way through the city starting next week! I'll be sure to post my adventures:)

(I hear The Friendly Toast is great for brunch, so you know I'll be checking that out asap!;)



Best of Boston Eats and Treats

FOMU vegan ice creamOne of my most favorite things to do guessed it! To EAT! Part of the fun is seeking out alternative, health conscious, heart centered spots everywhere I go! Here's a list of places in Boston that make my heart sing!!!!

Red Lentil in Watertown, MA is such a gem!!! It's the perfect place to go for a quality 'foodie' dining experience! Many healthy restaurants are too casual or basic, but this one goes above and beyond!

My two sisters and I went for a Friday Night on the town and had wonderful service, amazing apps, entrees and wine!

We highly recommend the Gobi Manchurian for an appetizer--a super yummy Indian cauliflower dish to share with the table.

Each of us tried something different and all raved about our orders! Beet-Potato Latkes, Butternut Squash Polenta, and the Nirvana Delight! (an ayurvedic based dish) We also had a couple orders from their Specials Board, so I'm sure whatever the daily creation, it is sure to please!

While the desserts looked divine, we opted for Fomu Vegan sundaes in Allston. heaven! Indulgence at it's finest, and I don't mind if I do!;)

Please be sure to mark this on your to-do list,  you'll be glad you did!! And add to it by checking out other New England Healthy Veg Friendly Finds on my previous New England Road Trip post!! YUM-AZING!!!

I hope you get the chance to eat your way through Boston soon! Happy Eating, and stay tuned for other restaurant recommendations in a a city near you;)!



L.A. Vegan Love

Vegan French Toast @ Sage Bistro, Culver City, Los AngelesThis may very well take the 'cake' for my favorite vegan restaurant in L.A.--it's a tough call, but it's right up there with Cafe Gratitude, RFD and Native Foods! I first stumbled upon Sage Bistro when hearing about the Kind Kremery (a raw, vegan ice cream parlor). A vegan's dream is to walk into an ice cream shop, sample flavors and have the options to create yummy sundaes, sandwiches, and waffle cones...oh my heaven!

As much as I'm thankful for the Dairy Free alternative pints and quart sizes at health food stores, there's still nothing like the nostalgia of being in an ice cream shop--after all I used to be a Ben and Jerry's scooper back in my high school days!;)

Thus, I was lured into Sage to sample these delights! I never expected to get double the pleasure! The menu at Sage is innovative, fun, healthy and alternative--full of creative vegan creations!

Now that they've opened a second location in Culver City, they've really stepped it up a few notches with the beautiful design of the venue! Needless to say, I was swept off my feet!

I'm not only a sucker for 'ice cream', but who doesn't love a good brunch filled with waffles, pancakes or french toast?! Another not so accessible feat for dairy free peeps.

Well, this restaurant delivered big time. Just look at that beautiful brunch spread!

Treat yourself to this little gem of a spot if you're ever in the L.A. area, I promise you won't be disappointed! Stay tuned for a full L.A. vegan loving list soon:).


Re-invent yourself this Fall

Happy Fall Equinox and Harvest Full Moon everyone! Are you all riding the healing waves of transformation along with me?

Fall is my most favorite time of the year! I always loved going back to school, being a creature of routine and structure, and I still carry it through in my adult years. It's a time for me to re-group, get re-inspired and breathe fresh new life into my being, which is exactly what I've been up to this September!

If you recall, my last post was a celebration of my birthday, acknowledging my year and summing up my Saturn period. Check it out here: Since then,  I have set intentions for the new year ahead, and have been basking and shining bright in all the glory of my Sun period!

During your sun period, you are supported with light and abundance for the 52 days from your birthday. These last few weeks, I have revamped my hair craft, eaten at some amazing vegan restaurants, and let the waning moon carry away all that no longer serves me in my life.

Fall is the perfect time to freshen up your look, from your hair, makeup, wardrobe and body. It's also a great time to do a cleanse and drop those few pounds!

According to Eastern Tradition as seen in Ayurveda and Macrobiotic practices, the fire energy of summer is hot and expansive. We are naturally drawn to cooling foods and drinks while we're playing and having fun, which include more sugary, mucus forming ingredients. It is only natural then, that when the season breaks to fall, our energy becomes more stable, rooted and grounded with the earth element. Detox occurs at this point because we need to release all the toxins and over load that these foods and drinks have had on our kidneys and liver. This is why colds and flu come about at this time, because the mucus needs to escape somehow. If we support the process properly though, we can have a smooth transition and be in sync with the laws of nature. We need to look to grounding foods and styles of cooking to assist in the process.  Cooking with seasonal vegetables, limiting raw foods, and incorporating more soups and stews is aligned with the seasonal change. Check out for more information on how to align with the fall season.

Are you interested in the latest hair trends? I had an amazing opportunity to attend ArrojoExpo in NYC last weekend to become inspired and expand my craft for the art of hair dressing. It's NYC Fashion Week for the HAIR world! Check out the looks: IMG_4369

The collection included the 'Modify' Men's collection, which is a new take on the 1960's British pop culture of a leaner, longer, harder edged textured look. The current street style of longer on top, shorter, disconnected sides and back, are slowly transitioning into this new look.

The 'Bob Nouvelle' was one of my favorite looks! While in Paris this spring, I noticed women wearing chic one length hair styles and bold lip color and was so excited about it, that I started inspiring my clients to rock this new look, and voila!--it was on the runway at this show! The classic shape is modernized with a slight graduation in the back and free flowing movement around the face with edgy fringe--I love it!


I also got certified in 'The American Wave'--a new texture service, bringing back all shapes and sizes of curls, from the beach wave to the high wire, creating permanent texture in the hair again is here to stay!

My other favorite looks I saw from NYC subway stations to the runway show was all different variations of pastel colors in the hair--from turquoise to violet to canary yellow, the latest trend is seen in a color blending/melting type of technique. I'm loving this look! It's kind of wild, but it's definitely being worn not just in fashion magazines! My favorite look was a brunette faded from a rich brown at the root to a gold middle into dark brown ends.

While in NYC, I got to catch up with an old friend and scouted out some yummy veg restaurants!

My favorite was v-note on the Upper East Side! So good! Butternut Gnocchi for Appetizers and a Pistachio Lemon Truffle Root Vegetable Crepe in a Cashew Cream...whaat!? Followed by a Chocolate Peanut Butter Ganache with ice cream!? I mean, come on!

I also HIGHLY recommend juice press on Madison and 92nd AMAZING. I ate here for most of my meals on the go--so healthy and delightful! My morning started with their raw oatmeal with a jam topping!


While the moon continues to wane for the next two weeks, make the intention to leave behind all that weighs you down. Create the space to design a life you love by aligning your actions with what touches, moves and inspires you! I know I am!

A suggested meditation for you to allow your desires to manifest is to sit in easy pose with your hands in prayer pose  at your heart center with the fingers interlaced except for the pointer fingers. Chant: Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Jio for 11min. You can download the cd and chant along as you listen to track 4 here:

In love, peace and light.

May you all take good care of yourselves and feel the support of the earth during this beautiful season of change!

Sat Nam.

New England Road Trip

i was able to maintain a vegan lifestyle with ease, as i stumbled across many vegan restaurants while living in L.A. the more restaurants i found, the more fun it was to become inspired by their dishes to create at home. in turn, creating a domino effect of mastering the knowledge and practice with my approach to eating whole, natural foods. with that being said, having a variety of vegan restaurants to choose from when you need a break from your kitchen was a luxury!

the best of the best surrounded me in my L.A. neighborhood, where i could relax in knowing i was being served an animal free, fun, alternative spin on my favorite comforts from my past.

i mean, come on, who doesn't love a good cheeseburger? or pizza? or ice cream sundae? or nachos? we vegans gotta get our fix somehow! i will mention here for the record though, that in all honesty, i prefer my cooking on a daily basis to going out because i take pride in what i feed myself.

but, it is imperative to get a break and have someone else cook for you and serve you, to experience foods that you don't regularly cook for yourself. i am utterly (no pun) grateful and appreciative for the revolution in vegan friendly menu's and restaurants! it is amazing how a vegan version of our favorites can be re-created to satisfy our nostalgia.

now that i'm back on cape cod, i'm left with some slim pickin's...granted, i can find a vegan option on any menu with a little tweaking and re-designing (always being articulate and sensitive to my server). but the 'fun' foods are hard to come by - luckily, there's an app for that!

the 'vegan' app. or go online and check out to, or yelp and type in 'vegan' and you can find places in your surrounding areas. or blogs - one of my favorites in L.A. was, but the best is word of mouth.

this is how i came to find 3 AMAZING vegan spots this weekend while over the bridge.

if you are ever in the providence/newport area, you must try Keen-wah Super Food Eatery in newport, where you can satisfy your lunchtime burger craving - YUM!

then head over to the amazing vegan food truck, serving up all things soft serve in providence- from ice cream floats to shakes, and beyond into the candy world, at LIKE NO UDDER (great name).

for dinner in providence, you must try garden grille cafe - their tacos are scrumptious and their carrot cake, divine!!

i was like a kid in a candy shop all day! it was heavenly. i intend to eat my vegan way through new england to report on all my findings!

two other delights that put me into a blissful state recently, that need mention in the boston area are, true foods bistro in sommerville.

an awesome place to get your fancy, eclectic spin on!

and life alive in cambridge - it is sheer grounded-ness comfortingly warming and inviting on all levels - i could literally live there!

stay tuned for my next recommendations! til then, please comment on your favorites that are must try's!

Gratitude Cafe L.A. offers food for thought...

IMG_1328 if anyone hasn't been to cafe gratitude in LA, you must try it ASAP! not only are they super conscious about healthy, plant based food, but the whole vibe in there is all about being present and mindful about how we nourish our bodies and soul.

EVERY single person on staff there is radiant and smiling - happy to be of service to nourish their customers. the theme in there is all about gratitude and reprogramming our minds to think in positive ways through affirmations.

the bathroom mirror is written on with the words, "I Am Beautiful. I am Healthy" and always changing...the menu is listed with titles that start with, 'I Am...".

I go there with one of my best friends on a weekly basis, ideally. we always get the same thing - I Am Whole. this dish is centered along the macrobiotic diet principles, which is the way i primarily choose to live my life. more on that later.

our plates are inscribed with the question, "what are you grateful for?" a little food for thought. pun intended.

we are also greeted with the question of the day via our server, and today was, "how do you bring joy to the world?"

again, allowing us to reflect, be grateful, and present. i think i bring joy to this world by helping others feel good about themselves. how do you?