I’m Grateful For This

I’m Grateful For This

I didn’t realize the importance of this until recently.

One thing I’ve loved about living anywhere, whether it was L.A., Boston, or now the Cape, is being connected to the yoga community.

This community could be a number of different things for you - the gym, music/art classes, running club, walking/hiking club, different meetup groups, etc.

Feel fully recharged

Feel fully recharged

I can't believe what one month away in a different country can do for the soul! Talk about feeling recharged!

It's one thing to take a 2 or 3 week vacation, but it's another when you're setting up your new home in a different world for a full month! It takes awhile to de-program your natural ways of being, and soften into the sweet spot of feeling fully recharged. 

I'm so grateful to have had that experience, and want to share with you the main reasons why.

This is THE most important thing to do for happiness!

This is THE most important thing to do for happiness!

I've had lots of emails land in my inbox and discussions with clients pertaining to this topic of finding your life's purpose lately, so I feel I should share my thoughts and tips on the matter. If you've been following my blog for awhile, you will know that I have been one to move around a lot to figure out the best fit

Cultivating Consciousness: THE Ultimate Cure-All

Cultivating Consciousness: THE Ultimate Cure-All

Many clients ask me, while I’m giving them their head massage at the shampoo bowl, if I am also a Massage Therapist. It makes me smile, because as soon as I became a Hair Stylist, I started thinking how I’d LOVE to also do massage work.

Cultivating Consciousness: How to Attain Unlimited Happiness

Cultivating Consciousness: How to Attain Unlimited Happiness

I had the pleasure of cutting the hair of an extremely enlightened soul last week, who's energy is magnetic, who brings a smile to my face instantly, who makes me laugh for no reason and who shares such simple wisdom with me every time we meet (and who also happens to do amazing healing work here on Cape Cod - she gave me a Rising Star Healing treatment about a month ago and it was so balancing!)! Meet angel friend, Alicia Matthewson. 

During our convo, I was sharing with her some concerns I had about a friend/client who is going through a transition time in her life where lots of change was happening around her.

Alicia's response was so simple ~  Ask her to ask herself, "What gives her meaning everyday"?

Finally Free of Neck and Back Pain!

chiropractic care I am so excited to share with you that I have finally turned the corner in my corrective care regimen with my chiropractor! I shared some insight on the benefits of chiropractic care in this post, but have more to add to that recipe today!

I took a yoga class called "Relieving Tension in the Neck and Back" while at our local LoveYoga Festival (more tips from the fest here) this summer and had a huge a-ha moment!

Get this ~ one of the most common reasons why people have back or neck pain is because they haven't actually been willing to LET IT GO! What a concept! Seriously though, letting go of something that sort of defines you is a scary thought! What's on the other side? Who will we be when that pain is gone? What is the real subconscious thought pattern that is perpetuating that stressor, or manifestation of pain? Honestly, if you sit with that it's kind of crazy to think that we hold on to stuff because it's comfortable. We've gotten so used to it!

Because I believe that everything in our physical world starts with the seed (thought), it makes sense that affirmations would help with letting go of the pain! I read an AMAZING e-book called "Heal Your Back Now" based on Kundalini yoga applications, and it explains the metaphysical aspect of each vertebra and what has been the reason for your pain on a very subconscious level. For instance, the neck area is generally a place where people are too rigid or controlling in life. The middle back pain indicates a fear of trouble in one's environment. The lower back pain suggests there may be an unequal exchange of power and energy and feelings of being unsupported.

Since there was a list of specific affirmations for each vertebra, I had my chiropractor write down which ones he was working on for me. Based on that, I wrote down all the affirmations and started saying them every morning and every night for about 21 days.(the time it takes to establish a new habit)

Coupled with getting a harmonyum treatment from my friend, to address the body of pain and calm the nervous system, I have finally LET GO of the pain!

I also upped my fish oils and turmeric supplements to help with inflammation, started taking joint support and rubbing joint balm and essential oils on my neck, knees and ankles to help. I realized after the fact, that this was all happening when I was in my Saturn Period which affects your bones and joints! HA!

So there you have it, as my chiropractor always says, pain in the spine is a result of 'thoughts, traumas, and toxins". I highly recommend getting adjusted, getting a harmonyum treatment (from me!), and looking at the metaphysical aspect of your pain ~ from an ayurvedic and Divine Spiritual Wisdom perspective, because health is a state of well being in the mind, body and spirit!

I can help you balance your health through these principles! The quickest way is by scheduling a hands on healing treatment.

In good health!



How to Avoid Getting Burnt Out in the Service Industry

Self Care Practices hanging in Salon 700 break room! Being a service provider, whether it be a hair stylist like me, a personal trainer, a wedding photographer, wedding coordinator, massage therapist, nail tech, esthetician, dental hygenist, waitress, bartender or any other profession where providing a personal service to someone, can be quite draining to say the least!

I've definitely learned the hard way by pushing too hard, being a perfectionist, over exerting my energy, spreading myself too thin, hustling to further my career and burning the candle on both ends, so I'm here to share a few tips I've found through my yoga and self care practices that are very helpful in keeping yourself in harmony in whichever service capacity you're in.

Service is the greatest act of love, spiritually speaking. When we serve, we offer our gifts and talents to another, sacrificing our own needs in place of someone else's. When we exchange this act of love, it is so important to keep our energy field strong so as not to let our energy get drained. Our energy field is also known as our electromagnetic field, or aura, which extends out by 9 ft in all directions.

When we share the same space with someone, both energies are merging into one, so if one's energy field doesn't have contained boundaries, the other's can over power and pull the loving energy right out of that person, dragging them down and depleting them of their source of love. When this happens we feel emotionally unstable, exhausted, irritable, vulnerable, or 'burnt out', etc.

Here are 10 self care practices that can help immensely!!

1.Start your day with one simple yoga pose to keep your electromagnetic field completely balanced. You can do it for 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. t's called Star Pose and is 2 parts. The first part is separating your feet as wide apart as possible and your arms straight out from your shoulders - palms up or facing forward. If you do the 3 minute segment, you'll do this for 1 minute and the second part for 2. If you do 5 minutes, you'll do this for 2 minutes and the rest for 3. Or if you do 10 minutes, you'll hold this for 4 minutes and the rest for 6. For the second part, you bring your feet to touch and clasp your hands above your head with your arms straight and over the ears for the remaining time. You can do this pose to triple mantra or RaMaDaSaSaSaySoHung to really strengthen your aura so that challenges steer clear of you.

2. Another aura cleansing technique you can do between clients is to sweep your arms up and over your head. Start with your arms down by your side and palms turned out. Inhale through your nose as you raise your arms straight up, but don't touch the hands, instead, push the energy down by turning your palms down, fingers loosely splayed, and pointer fingers and thumbs creating a loose triangle between both hands all the way down to where you started, as you exhale through your mouth. Do this 3 times in a row after your client. You will immediately feel your slate wiped clean. It's amazing and so worth it if you can take a moment to yourself in between clients!

3. Something else I try to do with each client is to BLESS them. You can do this a few minutes before your client walks through the door or sits in your chair if you have the time, or just do your best to figure out how you can mentally bless them during your time with them. I personally bless my clients while I'm shampooing them. I mentally say: "Love before ____, Love behind _____, Love at _____ left, Love at _____ right, Love above _____, Love below _____, Love in _____ ." Then repeat by replacing the word Love with Light. A powerful and simple prayer. You can also do this before you enter your place of work too. Sometimes I"ll say the Love and Light prayer for Salon 700 as a whole...all co-workers and clients included. It really sets the energy so that we all are operating from a place of love. You can do this prayer for anyone at any time to let love in!

4. I've also found that taking advantage of any 15-30 minute + opening to go for a walk will really shift your day! Instead of going out for a smoke break, a coffee run, or to chat on the phone, just take a walk around the block and enjoy the fresh air, the trees, etc. Dust that aura off!

5. It's also so important to have healthy food prepared for you that you can actually sit down to! In the salon industry, us stylists are notorious for eating whenever we have literally one minute--stuffing our faces with whatever we might have or see on hand! Time is money and we don't want to schedule a 15-30 minute lunch break when we could be doing a blow out or a mens cut etc...well, maybe you should ask yourself what your time is worth? A few extra dollars, or self care (which equals self love), well being, and peace? It's SO worth sitting down to a meal to ground your energy! If you can prepare it before you come in to work, perfect! But if you can't, make sure you give yourself a few extra minutes to pick something up before you get to work, that way you won't set yourself up for poor choices when you're 'hangry' ;)

6. I've also realized the value of quiet. I used to be one to 'chat it up' with my client so I could 'entertain' them as I was doing their hair. Now, I welcome no conversation. I will always talk about their hair, ask how they're doing with their styling routine, what they're using for products, etc., but I will not make up small talk if they don't initiate it. By talking with them briefly about their hair, I've opened up the floor for conversation, so they feel they can talk to me, and I'll gladly respond and engage, but I won't push the conversation or talk about other nonsense, because it is a waste of energy, and can be unprofessional! Conserve that energy when you can because you know you'll get a big talker at some point in your day!

7. I also take advantage of less stimulation during my drive to and from work. I listen to mantras in the car on the way to work to set the tone for the day, but on my way home from work, I sit in silence and breathe deeply - inhaling for 10 seconds, holding for 10 seconds and exhaling for another 10 seconds to really calm the nervous system and decompress.

8. Once I get home, I take a warm shower to ground my energy, do abyhanga body massage with oil, and get cozy with a cup of herbal tea -- chammomile, skullcap, rose or lavender are ideal. Many people will go out for drinks with their friends after work or chat on the phone to 'blow off steam', but you've just been exerting so much energy exchange throughout your day and it's time to put that energy into you!

9. Take advantage of your days off to give yourself some services: Chirporactic adjustments (read more to find out the benefits!), Massages, and Yoga are so important! to balance your nervous system, ground your energy and give yourself some love.

10. Another simple breathing exercise to do whenever you feel overwhelmed or overworked is to breathe in through your nose and hold the breath as you mentally say, "Light of Light" three times. Then exhale through the nose. Be careful not to feel faint while holding the breath this long! I do this sometimes while I'm diffusing a client's hair. You can access it anytime you have a quick moment to just let go of stress.

Lastly, be gentle with yourself and let your gifts shine in your work!

I hope you can utilize some or all of these practices in your life, and if you could use a little assistance, I'm here to help by giving you custom yoga and meditation practices, hands on healing, and menu planning tips! Please feel free to let me know how I can help you!




3 Ways to Get in a Good Mood!

Love Yoga Fest 2014 This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending our community's very own yoga festival, right here on Cape Cod! The girls from Love Live Local created Love Yoga Fest and brought some seriously amazing energy for us all to enjoy! Thank you Love Live Local girls ~ Jen, Amanda and Kate, you're such a gift to us all!

The reason yoga festivals are so fun for yogis, is because you get to experience a renowned teacher from different parts of the country! I was so excited to take Daniel Orlansky's class because it's been awhile since I've practiced Kundalini! Even though I have my own study book on Kundalini Kriya's from my Naam Yoga Teacher Training, and can access it at any time, I still like to be a student and receive the teachings, and practice as well! He was such a gift and a fountain of wisdom! He merged many different ancient teachings of kundalini and buddhism into his class and allowed me to experience such joy in being completely present! Aaahhhh....

My favorite part of class was when we did 4 minutes of SHAKING! I used to warm up with this same type of shaking in my Naam yoga classes in L.A., and have also incorporated a variation of shaking on my back in my own meditation practices in the past, but  had forgotten just how powerful it is, how healing, and how FUN it can be!

I instantly felt lighter and brighter, and it inspired me to share with you this easy exercise, along with a couple other tips to get you in a good mood, instantly!

They are:

1. Shake for Health!

In Naam Yoga, we lie on our backs with our arms and legs outstretched towards the sky and shake our ankles and wrists as hard, but as relaxed as we can, for anywhere from 3-11 minutes. Our hands and feet radiate so much light in and out of our body naturally, so by doing this practice we are bringing in, and distributing all that life force to the nooks and crannies inside ourselves, to heal anything, and strengthen the immune system. Whenever we shake, we break up stagnation and allow our energy to flow, much like an acupuncture session.  Try shaking to the mantra, 'shri ram jai ram, jai jai ram' (track 1 on this cd) for 3 minutes every day for 40 days and enjoy complete bliss in your life!

When we did our shaking in this past weekend's class, we were standing ~ also equally as fun and invigorating! Closing your eyes and relaxing your entire body, start shaking up and down as your knees bend, to allow the shake to happen. Let your jaw shake, your shoulders shake, let everything flop around without censoring yourself. It feels awkward and strange, but you can literally feel the tension falling off. It's moving your lymphatic system so that dis-ease gets pushed out (this is why rebounding exercise has so many health benefits). It's the first thing an eastern medicine doctor or ayurvedic practitioner would suggest a patient to do if they were ill. It's that powerful! Apparently there's a whole book written about this healing modality, which I cannot wait to read! It's called, "Shaking Medicine", by Bradford Keeney. 

2. Do Alternate Nostril Breathing.

For 11 minutes, close your eyes and inhaledthrough the left nostril, closing the right nostril with your right thumb. Then exhale through the right nostril, closing the left nostril with your pinky. Then inhale through the right and exhale through the left with the right thumb on the right nostril again. Alternating like that for 11 minutes brings balance to the emotional body. It's like wiping a slate clean. Try it out to feel calm and centered immediately.


Another way to restore joy is by clapping. Yep, that's right, good old fashion clapping. It's a Naam Yoga Therapies technique that works wonders and only takes 3 minutes! I was reminded of this one while at a concert this past weekend. After each song ended we clapped, and I couldn't help but bring awareness to the energy that's created when we do so. When we clap, we literally break up stagnation. Our hands are an extension of our heart so by clapping, we break up the 'funk' that gets in the way of our naturally happy, loving heart that's so full of joy. Once it's broken up, we radiate love and light! Try clapping continuously for 3 minutes and try to tell me your mood didn't lift! It might feel strange doing it, but you will be smiling from ear to ear when you're through. :)

Try one or all and GLOW on friends <3 !

For more mood lifters, click here.




Why the First Thing you Do in the Morning is SO Important

the seed There is a SEED in everything that's created. Each day we have a blank slate, an opportunity to create anything that we want, so why not make it the most beautiful flower, the best tasting fruit possible?

For instance, if I eat a muffin for breakfast, I will likely make poorer food choices throughout the course of the day. If I turn on my computer first thing in the morning and check my email, I am instantly setting myself to have emotional set backs by not giving to myself first. If I sleep in too late, I will be lethargic and lazy all day.

Conversely, if I have a glass of hot water with lemon after tongue scraping and brushing my teeth, my body is gently cleansed and ready to invite in the desire for nourishing foods. Maybe I'll start my day with oatmeal, a smoothie, or ezekiel toast with avocado or almond butter, and I will likely feel great throughout the day and make good food choices.

Instead of turning on the computer or dialing into my smartphone first thing in the morning, which can create chaos or emotional turmoil, I can choose to set the tone I want for the day to feel at peace and in harmony by getting outside and going for a walk. You may choose to sit in meditation and do breathing exercises or practice yoga or any other type of exercise as well. Either way, you're 'feel good vibes' will radiate with you throughout the course of the day rather than feeling like you're just trying to 'keep up' or 'get through' the day.

According to Ayurveda studies, we should be out of bed by 6am. For me, it's more like 8am, but it definitely shouldn't be past 10am! The hours from 6-10am are the Kapha dosha time where we feel the heavy weight of the earth's energy. That's why it's best to get up and out before that weight bears down on us and makes it harder! If we endure that weight, it will drag around with us all day making us less productive and prone to emotional drama. For me, I get really groggy and weird if I lay in bed too long ~ I have strange dreams and experience that 'swimming' feeling which is the influence of the water element also associated with Kapha. I find that even though I sleep til 8, going for a walk or exercising, or practicing yoga before 10 still combats that heavy energy, so it's best to get moving early on!

I've been following my fellow Naam Yoga teacher and friend on her youtube channel and loved her video talking about planting the SEED for your day with words of affirmations. If the first thing you say is "Today is a Great Day', so it will be. Once you start becoming mindful to how you co-create in your life, you will be excited to wake up and see what you are capable of experiencing! Do you want to have joy, love and peace, or chaos, emotional rollercoaster rides and stress? It's up to you, so set your intentions clearly in what you say and what you do.

I hope these tips help you. There are so many self care practices that can be adapted into your life to create more love and peace, but just take it one day at a time. See how your world starts to shift in no time! Read the Formula for Success Starts with the Seed for more understanding on these energetic planetary influences.



Finding True Love

Current Quarterly I can hardly wait to write about this topic of finding true love! As many of you probably know by now, I have found my one true love, and we are celebrating one year together, today!!! :) <3

It's hard to believe that one year ago today, I was having lunch with a friend before the photo shoot that would change my life (magazine page pic from above), talking about how I felt like I was going to meet someone soon. Little did I know, I would meet that certain someone in just a few hours! I'm telling you, all the cliches are true ~ 'you know when you know', 'it happens when you least expect it', and 'timing is everything'.

I knew the moment I saw him and shook his hand. I can still feel that feeling as if it were yesterday. It was like there was a glow surrounding him, and us, I felt an undeniable pull towards him, but on a very subtle level. It was a calm knowing. That's how it works. You really do know when you know. There's no questioning, no game playing, no censoring who you are, just a seamless connection of 2 souls mirroring one another.

I had been single for 3 years before I met Paul. I was feeling really discouraged about how and when I was going to meet that special someone. I had been doing all the things I was supposed to ~ practicing self care and self love, but it still felt like it was taking forever, and I questioned whether I should be doing something else, something more.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself those few years though. I traveled to Spain, to Mexico, England and France, I did all my weird self care practices on my own, I spent time with friends and family and worked on my business. I truly believe that you have to do all the things that you love, because the more you do, the more love you fill in your heart, the more happiness you feel, and the more you manifest more of that into your life.

The other half of that is to find your hidden blocks to love. Figure out your patterns of what you keep attracting into your life and find that common denominator. For me, I realized through Landmark Education, my life coaching sessions, many books and resources, and the lessons I learned as I was working on my meditation practice, that I subconsciously didn't believe that love relationships worked out, that I didn't accept or love myself completely, and that I didn't feel like I was worthy or deserving of love. These were deeply rooted in my subconscious, but the more I discovered them, the more I was able to shift them.

I started affirming that I was deserving of love everyday in my meditation practice, I did my meditation practice religiously, and I kept on falling in love with my  life I was creating which all led me to the most perfect man for me.  But here's the thing, we came into each other's lives when the time was right. We both had to have the time to ourselves to nurture our souls and raise our vibration to love. If I had known what was to come, I would have kept on doing what I had been doing but without the worry of whether I was on the right path. If I could've told myself anything from the future, I would say, "Trust your path and enjoy every day doing what you love, there's no need to worry, the best really is yet to come!!!"

I tell my single friends to take each challenge or set back as an opportunity to learn a lesson. The more you gain awareness, the more you can elevate that to love. Give it to God. Let it go. Re-train your subconscious thought patterns by using mantras of love towards yourself. Believe that you ARE worthy of a loving, happy, harmonious relationship. The more you say it, the more your subconscious mind will believe it.

I remember saying to myself after a few weeks of dating, that, 'if anything, this gives me hope.' I really want my single friends to believe that you are getting closer and closer to your true love. You are. Trust me. Just look for the lesson so you can flip what you're projecting to the universe!

Everything comes to us in Divine timing and order. Paul came to me exactly when I was ready. I remember wondering why I was still single, but now I can look back and know that I wasn't truly ready.

I will tell you this though, I had a distinct feeling when I moved into my apartment last May, that I was going to meet someone soon. I even said a prayer that first night asking for that special person to come into my life. I also clearly remember telling my mother one week before I met Paul, that I was ready for a relationship. She said, I'd really like that for you too, and I said, well, pray for me mom. And she did. That was my declaration to the universe. I clearly asked for what my heart desired, and I got what I asked for ~ the perfect yang to my yin ;).

When you're ready, you will know, and if you've found yourself single for awhile, you're probably not really ready yet, and that's okay. Dedicate this time to finding yourself, to loving yourself and to forgiving and accepting all of you.

In the meantime, I think this is a great resource for finding love, because it will ONLY come to you when you cultivate self-love and have moved through your blocks. I highly suggest you download the audio/video and do the workbook exercises. It seems to be the compilation of all the things I worked on in different mediums!

Keep the faith alive! The 3 principles of faith are: if it comes to you, it's from God. If it's from God then it's good for you. If it's good for you, what is the lesson.

The man of your dreams is waiting for you, you just have to open your heart and align with your true self and life's calling.


Happiness Is: Planting an Herb Garden

Herb Garden If you haven't realized yet from my previous posts, I'm spending most of my free time getting into the gardening world of growing our own food, by way of my boyfriend's expertise, and it's SO awesome! There's nothing fresher than picking your veggies and eating them straight away! Not to mention it's like meditation in action ~ connecting me to the whole of life, love and creation! I feel like it should be doctors orders if you're looking to de-stress and live more peacefully. A prescription of yoga, meditation and gardening should clear up any dis-ease!!! ;)

If you're new to this world like I am, you may find it helpful to check out these simple tips for creating an herb garden. I had an herb garden on my patio when I lived in L.A. years ago and I feel it's the first step in the direction of growing your own food to inspire you and connect you to the process of it all.

Herb Garden

First off, decide which herbs you want to grow. Some we have been growing by seed and others we bought as little seedlings at Matt's Organic Farms in Dennisport. We have a few different varieties of rosemary, oregano, parsley, thyme, lemon verbena, basil, mint, sage, chives, and cilantro.

Herb Garden

Planting them in planters is fun and easy, but first block the hole at the bottom with a rock to help drain out the water, but keep the soil from coming out, and preventing pockets of air that can cause molding.

Herb Garden

Next, add your potting soil to the pot (organic, obvi, like pictured below, bought at New Farms in Orleans) and create a hole to transfer your seedlings. Make sure to break up the roots at the bottom by pulling them apart in an outward direction so that when you place it in the soil the roots are already spreading out and connecting to the soil.

Then, cover the soil with a handful of compost to benefit the roots by slowly releasing food into the soil.

Organic Compost

Finally, give them a dense watering and leave it for a few days to dry out so the roots have time to spread out and grow before you water again.

That's it!

Super easy and super fun! Herbs make every dish sing!!! Have fun!


Happiness: Yoga Helps EVERYTHING in Life!

1908166_10152830848245743_7101419277925198616_n Yoga has been my savior in life. It has helped me to really get in touch with my soul ~ what it needs, what it wants, who it is, what works for it and what doesn't. Yoga helped me meet my soul!

Prior to practicing yoga, I had been operating on auto-pilot my whole life, just reacting to every moment, every circumstance. Now, I feel, I flow, I love and I grow, with grace.

I remember awhile back, my friend telling me that I needed to work on my hugs. What a simple concept, but such an obvious metaphor for where I was in life!

Yoga helps you love yourself and therefore love all things ~ good and bad. It's not so much the practice on the mat ~ the sun salutations or the poses you can or can't get into that are working for you, it's the whole process. It's getting there.

It's being uncomfortable with sweating, with the person next to you grunting or groaning, with the hard to hear teacher, with the unknown cues that are being called out, with the thoughts of your hair being frizzy, your clumsy vinyasa, the nausea, the unbearable heat and smells of subway or starbucks wafting in through the windows next door. All of that IS your yoga practice!

So many clients say to me that they'd love to try yoga but they'd prefer doing home practices first before going  to a group class. They want to know what they're doing so they feel comfortable with the poses, so they can 'warm' up and not be embarrassed being 'unflexible'. Here's a little secret ~ if you can't touch your toes, it just means you feel the pose before the person who reaches beyond their toes does! Flexibility has NOTHING to do with yoga!!!!

Every yoga practice meets you where you're supposed to be. For instance, I started my yoga practice with kundalini, which then evolved into Naam, to Power Yoga, to my now favorite grounding, more restorative, more of a slow flow style vinyasa class.

Your practice evolves as you evolve. It's one in the same. It mirrors wherever you are. When I first started I was really into breath work and chanting with mantras (more energetic based). I needed it at that time to really get into meditation, to activate my intuition, and to open my heart quickly. I became very connected to the ethers then, but just when I needed to get grounded, Power Yoga showed up for me, making me stronger and more connected to my body and the strength I needed on the mat.

Now, I practice being balanced in my slow flow vinyasa style which is somewhere in the middle of power and kundalini, just as I've found with my eating habits that have swung from strict macrobiotic vegan, to ayurveda, to this new moderate place of enjoying a little bit of everything.

I hear so many clients and friends talk about how they want to find their soulmate, or their life calling / career, or just less stress and chaos in their lives, and I say to them, DO YOGA!!! Seriously. It works! Just get on the mat. I promise you, it will take you wherever you want to go in life. Your life is waiting for you, so what are you waiting for? Sign up for a class already!


Some tips to get you started are below:

~Find a teacher you connect with / love!

If you're in the Cape Cod area, I recommend taking the amazing Mary Catherine Starr's efficiently taught, well balanced class at either Centerville Yoga, Power Yoga of Cape Cod or Orleans Yoga and Pilates.

I also recommend Leigh Alberti's awesomely grounding style of teaching at Power Yoga of Cape Cod.

Tracy Peterson's a good place to start with at Centerville Yoga.

Rhia Cataldo's spirit soaring style at Power Yoga of Cape Cod or Glow Yoga.

Jill Abraham's inspiring and motivational class at Power Yoga of Cape Cod.

Michele Damelio's Kundalini and Naam fusion at her home in West Barnstable.

~Use Props! Don't be afraid! I always use a block to bring the floor closer to me in any hamstring or hip opener pose! Blankets or bolsters work nicely too for seated meditations or restorative, yin style poses. Straps also help you bring your legs closer to your body or help to open your shoulders.

Lastly, open yourself up to getting comfortable with the uncomfortable! I remember when I first started practicing Power Yoga, that I would cringe knowing that my hair was getting wet with sweat or that I was overheating immensely, but now, I just let it happen...much like I let lots of other things happen in life. I tell ya, it's a miracle what starts shifting for you when you just show up to a yoga class!

Namaste and Sat Nam Yogis!




Happiness: What gets in the Way of Your Joy?

Cape Cod This past weekend I was happy to rely on my Landmark Education tools when I found my emotions getting the better of me! It happens sometimes doesn't it? We get all caught up in our emotional bodies, but it's important to check in with what is really going on, and do the work!

It's so easy for us humans to 'be right' about something, or to try and 'look good', or 'be dominated' by or try to 'control' another! Our way is always the best way, isn't it?

So, we set ourselves up for disappointments or resentments inevitably because we have our own way of seeing the world and don't realize that other's have their own way too. But here's the thing, none of it means anything. Sounds harsh and kinda sad doesn't it? That was the big driving point in the Landmark Forum though - that we all have our own 'baggage' aka karmic influences that we carry around with us throughout the course of our lives, and what's ultimately happening is our baggage meeting others' baggage, rather than the real truth of you! People are only responding to their own karma - it has nothing to do with you! How sad! Landmark teaches us how to become truly PRESENT to WHAT IS in any given moment. That means, non attachments of emotions and perceptions! Just pure nothingness, or oneness, or love ~ the very essence of being!

It's so hard to grasp that concept because we want to put a label on that 'state of being', and make it mean something, don't we?

As my emotions grabbed hold of me, I was able to quickly shift my world when I checked in with this notion: what if I just dropped 'being right' about how I felt? Then what's left? Nothing. Love. Everything. What a waste it is to not spend every given moment we have in joy and gratitude for being alive!

This doesn't mean ignore. This means drop the nonsense. Tune into what's really energetically there ~ LOVE. And what you will find is that you will learn a lesson if you can accept the challenge. As soon as you turn any challenge into an opportunity to search for how you can be grateful for it, you will learn the lesson you're supposed to and it will elevate you along your path. We are here to evolve as spiritual beings, so anytime you get caught up in emotions, ask yourself to drop being right about something, or drop trying to look good, or drop being dominated by others or trying to control others.

Once you drop what's preventing you from experiencing joy and life, you will open up to receive so many more blessings, I promise! Take responsibility for your life, and choose happiness! I am always immediately overwhelmed with gratitude for the spiritual growth I gain whenever I'm in the midst of a perceived 'challenge' and so I urge you to always look for gratitude even in the darkest of times, because that's when you'll receive double the blessings! It's a Universal Law!

Or better yet, sign up for a Landmark Forum near you, so you too can learn invaluable tools for living a fulfilling life!


Happiness: Gardening 101 ~ Seeds and Sprouts!

Companion Gardens I am learning SO MUCH  about this organic gardening business, and HOW COOL it is to grow your own food!!! There really is nothing better than picking fresh kale and herbs for your meals and being so closely connected to the life force!!! I cannot wait for the little sprouts that are coming up, to be ready to eat in the coming months!

Last week, I posted about my newfound joy of gardening, and so I thought I'd share with you what we've been up to this week in the garden. First, we tended to some serious weeds (when I say serious, I mean it)!!! And when that was all over, we got to the fun stuff!

Here's the recap:

~Right now we have 3 raised beds out front, with snap peas, carrots, radishes, lettuce and beets sprouting.

~In the main garden in the front, we have planted peas and beans along the edges so they will grow up the fence. We have kale, chinese cabbage, arugula, spinach (pic above), rows of onions and garlic, borage (an edible flower that produces essential oil that is high in omegas, attracts and feeds beneficial insects and bees, and promotes growth, vigor, flavor and overall health of neighboring plants, like tomatoes, which are the most susceptible to disease) and more lettuces that I just transplanted from indoors today (photo below)! :)

~Along the side of the house, we have wild flowers (hairy vetch and sunflowers among them) growing that we planted to attract birds, butterflies and pollenating bees. We also have a long raised bed that's still covered in cold frames to help the baby kale, parsley, thyme, and cilantro to start sprouting.

~We sprayed our fruit trees (Peach, plum, mulberry bushes, blueberry and cherry) for winter moths with an organic, naturally occurring bacteria, called Captain Jack's Dead Bug Concentrate.


~The asparagus started growing!

~And we harvested some more kale, chives and cilantro!!! :)

All in all, a very fulfilling, grounding, joyful way to spend the sunny days together! We'll update you with more from the garden as it progresses, but til then be sure to sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know when we host farm to fork dinner parties and/or gardening/ cooking workshops!

Happy Spring!




Happiness IS: Spring Seeds in the Garden

20150413_110528 Gardening is my newfound source of joy, thanks to my bf who says our yard (which is entirely a garden) is "his labor of love".

It's so amazing how your heart whispers to you what it wants through images or feelings, and one of the best way to find out what it's telling you is by creating a vision board! Years ago I created one and started to see that my heart had interest in learning how to garden because it was showing up in the pictures I cut out! Little did I know it would manifest itself through my boyfriend!

When we first met last summer, I would help him out in the yard, not really knowing what I was doing, (check out this post) but by the time fall came around and we had 'fall cleanup' duties, I started to understand his mastermind systematic organic gardening amazingness! (I seem to learn that way--by dissecting and following it back to the beginning, rather than understanding it at the start) Now that we're in spring, I'm seeing it from the very beginning, and it's SO COOL!

First of all, there's SO MUCH TO KNOW!!!! And it's a LOT of work! But being one with the earth, is where you find so much connection to life itself!


We started by planting seedlings indoors, at the beginning of March, and placed them under a 'grow lamp' inside the house until the little babies grew to be able to graduate to bigger pots, and finally, to the raised beds outside.


We also used 'cold frames' outside when there was still snow on the ground! We shoveled the snow off the hardened, winter soil, churned, cleaned it off, and spread it flat, then covered it with window frames to trap the heat from the sun so that the soil warmed up on the inside. Once it was warm (you can tell because when you take the frame off, steam comes off), we planted seeds. :)


Thus far, we've planted beets, carrots, peas, lettuces, we have a thriving kale and parsley winter garden already, we've planted all sorts of herbs, edible flowers, wheat grass (the top pic), which is almost ready to harvest, and much much more!!

There will be lots to share in the coming months as our organic garden progresses, (he wins blue ribbons for his veggies, folks!) but what I've found so far, is that I'm completely connected to the universal Spring energy of planting seeds!

Digging my hands in the dirt, feeling one with the earth, watching and feeling it literally thawing out helps me understand what's going on in our bodies and in the energy surrounding us. It's just so amazing, and has taken me to a new level of consciousness and awakening!

I urge everyone to get out there and dig in the ground, listen to the birds, feel the warmth of the sun and the wind on your face. There's nothing like being out in natures elements! It helps me appreciate life itself ~ from the seed to my fork to my body, there's so much 'love tending' that happening!  Being that close to the source, it's as if I am one with the universal forces of the creation of life, and it's such a blessing!

Spread your love to your local farmers, and go organic and non- GMO as often as possible!

If you're interested in being invited to our summer series of farm to fork dinner parties, please sign up to receive a notification in your inbox by clicking here.

Happy Earth Week everyone!



Happiness Is: Learning to Embrace Slowing Down

purple passion plant Thank God for this place in my life, for showing me how to achieve balance and teaching me to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. I don't know about you, but I'm much more comfortable with the doing, rather than the non-doing!

For most of my life, I've been pushing and pushing to do things the way I think they 'should' be done, and getting really carried away with it when I thought I was doing so much 'good' with my self care practices. {I talk more about it in this post.} Self care took on a whole new life of its own and I lost myself in the mix, until these past couple years since I dug myself out of the 'rabbit hole,' and back to my heart's harmony.

I finally did all the work I needed to (for now), to be able to manifest this time in my life, where I am finally grounded, finally doing less, and finally enjoying my life in each day and each moment! So why is it that I struggle with this place?! It took a lot of programming to get me to be the way I was, and it will take a lot of de-programming to let go of those old habits/thoughts I guess...

I'm so quick to beat myself up if I didn't go for a walk, or if I've been eating too much chocolate lately, or I'm sleeping in too late, or I'm not doing much at all! Why do we always need to DO!? Self care is oh-so important, but so is balance and flow, grace and ease!

I'm trying to be okay with things just as they are, because everything does ebb and flow, and who knows how long I'll be able to have luxurious sleep in sessions! (hello future babies!) And chocolate isn't the end of the world if I'm also eating kale, right?! The house doesn't have to be perfectly decorated, or cleaned up...things can be just as they are; we don't need to keep chasing them and cleaning up after ourselves. What's the point? Where are we trying to get?!!! That is the question.

I keep reminding myself that it's quite alright to do yoga when I feel like it, rather than beating myself up if I don't go. It's also much more enjoyable to get to go for a walk then trying to cram one more thing into my day. I also get excited to go to work when I have 3 days off in a row, even though I beat myself up for all that free time, thinking, 'come on Kate, you can do one more shift per week' can't you!? But ya know what, it's so much more lovely to have time and space for me to do...NOTHING! Quality of life is everything, and if we simplify, we can eliminate that need for MORE.

This is my work now ~ refraining from 'working' on anything and just 'being', or mastering not mastering...HA!

Do you have a hard time relaxing, or enjoying precious time? Ahh, life and the endless human suffering of always looking for more, and never being satisfied with what is...keeping in mind that Buddha found everything in nothing, not endless distractions from our soul, attachments and expectations...now that is where we find God, and that is enlightenment folks! ;)

Sat Nam and Wahe Guru!


Happiness: Spending Money, Spiritually Speaking

new jettaI was currently in the market to buy a car, and found myself pondering the process in a very spiritual manner. I LOVED my audi, but it was a lease, and the 3 year term came to an end. I've never leased before, and did not plan on doing it again for many reasons, which left me with a fresh new start of thinking about what a car means to me.

I've realized I'm really not a car person at all. I have preferences from what I see on the road, but I don't know anything about the ins and outs of these machines. It's merely just based on style/fashion sense. That being said, does it make sense for me to invest lots of money into something I don't really care that much about?!

I started thinking about the exchange of money and what I learned from my spiritual studies in Naam Yoga and the Universal Forces of Kabbalah ~ that money is the physical form of an exchange. Anything that I want to receive, I have to give something up to get it. Whatever we place value on, is where we direct our energy, and so the more we put our energy into something, the more it manifests.

For instance, I love learning. I have no quams whatsoever about spending money on workshops, books, or trainings that pertain to hair, health, or evolving as a person. I spend lots of money on good quality food, self care products, creating a happy home and traveling to gain inspiration and stimulation from the beauty of life and culture!

I feel that it's important to always align with your intentions in every area of life. My intentions for my life are to live fully, and experience all of my hearts desires. I wouldn't want to sacrifice them for something that I really don't have that much enthusiasm for. The Law of Attraction suggests that wherever you place your attention, the energy flows to it, so keep focusing on what you desire and it will come to be!

I choose to focus my energy on my hearts desires, not things that don't have much meaning to me (a car). Everyone has different values, but mine are not so much rooted in material things. (Probably why I have no problems with Spring Cleaning!)

One of the exercises I loved doing with my Spiritual Coach was to discover my 5 personal values during a meditation. It came out to be: love and connection, inspiration, health/self care, learning/gaining wisdom, and travel. I wrote it down on a little piece of paper and I keep it in my wallet so I can be reminded of what my higher self desires/needs on a daily basis.

Shopping and making decisions of where to spend your money is a very spiritual process and reminded me of staying true to my values. What are yours?

To add to that, it brings up the point of how, spiritually speaking, we should be donating 10 percent of our income (tithing) to a source that teaches us and guides us down our path of enlightenment. Wherever and whenever we give a gift of a donation, whether it be time or money, it is our energy showing gratitude for teachings that help us to evolve and navigate through life. It is the highest form of love, and perpetuates more love and miracles in our lives.

I encourage you to sit with this concept of values and love, the act of giving back, and the exchange of energy (your money/ time) makes.

I ended up going with a 2006 Jetta from a private cash sale off of Craigslist (that was a first!) that my boyfriend coordinated and researched for me!

And with that I say THANK YOU for showing your love and acceptance for allowing me to contribute to you. I value my time and energy to give back to the world through this blog of all that I've learned and practiced in my life to inspire others to live their best lives!


Happiness: Spring Cleaning Chore. Less is More!

Living the Simple Life I went for a massage the other day, and in the waiting room, a book on the table was calling my name! I felt the pull to go to it, pick it up, look at it, touch it, read about it. It was called, "Living the Simple Life". I don't know why I got the strong pull to it, but I went home and immediately ordered it on Amazon ~ I had to have it! It's so inspiring and I highly suggest it as we head into Spring Cleaning mode!

Ever since traveling to the Azores with one small backpack, and embracing this winter wonderland we are having in our cozy home, I've been awakened to the idea of 'Less really IS More'!

I always acknowledge the concept of, 'the bigger the bag, the more stuff you put in it' as I go through my days editing and purging at the things I don't need. I have a knack for letting go with great ease. (Maybe because I've moved so many times and always get rid of the excess, or maybe it's just my nature!?) Accumulating more just leads to more clutter and more stuff which equals less room for life to move in and out freely!

I love the studies of Feng Shui, and being in touch with energies and life force. We must keep our channel open so we don't get stuck and stagnate! Much like our diet, and our bodies, we must constantly try to keep the pathways open to let good energy in and bad energy out. Spring is the perfect time to give this some attention.

I've been thinking about material items, my home, my car, my work environment, my calendar and how it does or doesn't serve me, and what I've realized is this:

A simple, small home is all I need ~a happy, harmonious space to call home. My kitchen essentials. My comfy bed and a place to store my clothes. My bathroom/cleanliness routine and a few beauty essentials (aka hair and skin products and some makeup). A few seasonal wardrobe essentials. A safe, cute car to get me to and fro (my new jetta!) Wholesome, simple food/meals that I rotate weekly. Plants, books, a journal and pen and a sanctuary to have quiet contemplation in to enjoy these things. Time to get outside in the great outdoors. A yoga class or two or three per week. These are my essentials. I don't need anything more (except of course, my wonderful relationships, my life's purpose, travel and inspiration) and I don't want anything less, because these are the things that serve me. Yours might be completely different. We are all on different scales and vibrating at different energetic levels.

With the spring approaching, I cannot wait to do some Spring Cleaning!!! With every season change, the opportunity to re-evaluate and to rid myself of what no longer serves me is so liberating! Just like with the full moon, let go of what you do not need. You may even consider doing a cleanse!;)

Keep room for what's truly important, and the rest is just stuff! Why hold on to it?! The less empty your cup, the more there is to receive. Ebb and Flow. Receive and Give. Lighten up. Travel Light. Be free!

Our projects starting this week include sweeping through every corner of our home and letting go of what we don't need/don't use/ what doesn't serve us and giving them away/hosting a yard sale.

I always tell my clients what they need for hair products and I keep it really simple, yet so many of them want to accumulate more! Maybe they're product junkies, but they will always come back to what works, while their bathrooms are overflowing with half used bottles. You only need a styling and a finishing product, shampoo and conditioner people! Forget the other stuff!

You only need 3 weekly rotating meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner stocked in your kitchen with those ingredients. Get rid of everything else! Seriously! Why do you have canned goods from years ago? Or old bottles of sauces that you never use? What about all those nasty tupperware/missing lids and mismatching bowls taking up too much space! Do you really need 3 different sets of saucepans? Just keep what you use!

When you pack up your winter wardrobe to break out the summer, please do yourself a favor and get rid of the clothes that you didn't wear this season, unless it's a staple/statement piece that is timeless, you know you won't wear it next year! And do the same when you unpack that summer wardrobe. Are you really into that shirt from 3 seasons ago that you haven't worn the past 2? Let's be real, do not hang it back up in your closet just to take up more space. (That's my fave question ~ 'c'mon Kate, let's be real, are you really going to wear that?/use that, etc.")

I've even gone so far as to 'unsubscribe' from every email I don't want to see popping up in my inbox anymore, or any catalogue that gets mailed to the house. I've been deleting folders left and right and have also gone from 400+ to under 100 contacts in my phone! Phew! I feel sooo much lighter already!

As my Naam Yoga Spiritual Master always says, "Simplicity is Divinity. Divinity is Simplicity".

You find Everything in Nothing. The more stuff, the more clutter/distraction from your inner voice.

This was everything I brought with me to the Azores for 2 weeks ~ I could've taken 1/3 of it!:


I cannot believe that I've actually cultivated living this simple life after lots of letting go of the 'rat race' I felt I was in a few years ago. I love having the space for spontaneity and relationships, but I also get a little uncomfortable with such an open calendar! I find myself wondering how I'm going to fill it, so I'm trying to embrace receiving this opportunity to just live and be present. Each day is a practice of just showing up to life. I hope you can contemplate what does and doesn't work for you in your life as your move forward into Spring.

Many blessings to you on the first day of Spring. May you plant seeds to manifest your hearts desires during this universal Sun period!




Happiness: Why you're feeling 'The Winter Woes'

cape cod snow stormAs I sit here writing, it has been snowing non-stop now for the past 12 hours or so. (This was last Thursday) We have at least a foot of snow on top of the already accumulated 3-5ft drifts and banks all along this sandbar we call Cape Cod. (Thank God it's starting to melt!) Farmers Almanac predicted it would be a bad winter, but I don't think anybody could have prepared for the relentless snow we've been having.

I'm not complaining however, I think it's actually really beautiful, and it is winter after all, so why not bask in the snow days and cancelled work / excuse to stay at home in your pjs and watch marathons of Downton Abbey and House of Cards?!

I mean!

The only thing that's cramping my style is not being able to get outside and go for my daily walks! I've blogged about it many times, but it is so important to get outside in nature and 'dust off your aura', de-clutter your mind, ground yourself, and re-invigorate / re-inspire your soul! It's tough to do that when you're slipping and sliding on the streets, or without a plowed and salted sidewalk however! Thus, the hibernation / stagnation ensues.

Yoga classes help, but the energy is heavy this time of year, and everybody is going within. We are all plopping down on the couch, feeling less inspired and restless!

Do not fear because once the first day of Spring hits, we will enter into the Universal Planetary energy of Sun!!! Yay!!! For the 53 days prior to March 20th, we are under the influence of Saturn, which is why we feel that heavy energy that makes us want to go within, isolate, withdraw, feel fearful/ not playful and experience delays or setbacks.

Saturn forces us to clean up our karma, as I've mentioned before. It's the Divine Mother showing us all that is not working for us, teaching us lessons so we can contemplate and move forward with new seeds of intention to plant for the upcoming Sun period.

cape cod snow

Hopefully this will give you a little peace of mind when you're feeling the 'winter woes' as we all have been. Rest assured, everything ebbs and flows, and we will be on the up and up, collectively, very soon!

As much as we resist this heavy energy, we should try to learn to embrace it! If we align and flow with the laws of nature, we can start to appreciate staying in doors for a few months because there is inner work to do, just as there is much to do during the other seasons and planetary energies. For instance, during the summer, we are under the universal energy of Mars ~ a very active, magnetic time of year where we accomplish a lot! And during the spring / Sun period, we experience a renewal, a time to focus on our health, and feel inspired and creative! There has to be a yang to the yin, it's just the way things work...so allow yourself to do less, to hibernate, relax and slow down to take care of yourself.

Just as we have a universal planetary calendar year, we also have personal planetary calendars as well. The 53 days before your birthday, just like the earth's birthday of the first day of spring, is your Saturn period, so you may recognize that time of year to be challenging to you on a personal level. Anytime we are under the energy of Saturn, we must pray, we must go within, we must listen and take time to really consider the lessons we are handed. If we don't, the patterns will just keep repeating themselves in different ways, until we learn from them.

Journaling helps. Walking helps. Meditation and Yoga are essential. Reading spiritual books help. Whatever you do, just breathe and remember that with every challenge comes double the blessings, and everything ebbs and flows. Embrace it and allow it. Or just hit the slopes! (I may just try that next year--or at least start snow shoeing!;)

Sat Nam!