Get Happy!

Get Happy!

OMG, I am loving all things Christmas right now! The lights, the cheesy movies, the cookies and the music!

This past weekend my husband and I went to the annual Holiday on Cape Symphony Concert and it had me grinning from ear to ear! It’s so fun that we’re creating these traditions together, as this was our second time attending.

It’s the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit, and I noticed 2 things that gave me so much joy that I wanted to share with you.

An Exercise to Calm your Emotions

An Exercise to Calm your Emotions

I was just looking through my photos on my phone and realized there was a lot of celebrating that went on during my Venus period! We all have our own personal planetary phases throughout the year that last 52 days at a time, and each one offers a different energy/experience, according to my yoga studies.

Which Yoga is Right for You?

Which Yoga is Right for You?

I remember a fellow yogi friend of mine explaining that yoga is like ice cream, there are so many flavors! She's so right! But most people in our country think of a Vinyasa practice when they think of Yoga. Probably because that's how the media and yoga clothes companies etc. portray it, and most studios offer this style of yoga. I think it's because it appeals to the fitness enthusiast who wants to get a sweat on while doing some sort of meditation too. And that's great! Whatever gets you to yoga!

Creating Space to Shine {An Exercise Inside}

Creating Space to Shine {An Exercise Inside}

This past week's theme for me has been all the ways I get to experience the way other's create the space for me to shine. I noticed it in yoga class, at the doctor's office, and at someone's house. It happens all the time! The experiences I have are based on the energy that was created by that person who offered up their time and space.

Raise Your Vibration to Attract Your Soul Mate <3 {It works I promise!}

Raise Your Vibration to Attract Your Soul Mate <3 {It works I promise!}

I am writing to you all as I sit here bursting with joy and love, and floating on cloud nine here in the beautiful Azores, with a dazzling ring on my finger and handsome fiance (!) by my side, to tell you that we just got engaged last night over a romantic dinner overlooking the gardens of the luxurious Terra Nostra hotel in Furnace, Sao Miguel. 

Cultivating Consciousness: How to Overcome a Challenging Situation

Cultivating Consciousness: How to Overcome a Challenging Situation

I remember reading something awhile back that the late Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote which really stuck with me. He said you can always come back to the present moment if you've lost your way and are engulfed in emotional drama, by reconnecting with your intention. At first I didn't really know what he meant by that, but now I understand it to be really very simple - it's coming back to thinking, being, and doing in alignment with your highest self - coming from that source of love / prayer / intention. 

A Daily De-Stress Tip

A Daily De-Stress Tip

A few nights ago, I came home from a very busy, long day of work around 8:30. Since I had been 'on the go', I didn't even feel tired yet, but knew that once I sat down, it would be hard for me to get back up.

So, I decided to go ahead and start my nightly ritual early so I could get cozy and relax for a good night sleep.

Since I've been practicing meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda for the past few years, I am now very in tune with my mind, body, spirit connection to know what I need, and to look for ways to care for myself, but I still hear many people complaining about stress and how they have no idea how to manage it!

Manifest Your Desires with This Approach

Manifest Your Desires with This Approach

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season spent with loved ones, and in good cheer!

Isn’t it so interesting that the holiday season is always filled with parties and relationship dynamics – whether good or challenging, that can sometimes leave us feeling emotional?

The reason being, is that the universal period from December 6 through January 26 is ruled under the planetary energy of VENUS. Venus rules relationships, music, the arts, parties and emotions. It’s a positive energy of love.

Cultivating Consciousness: THE Ultimate Cure-All

Cultivating Consciousness: THE Ultimate Cure-All

Many clients ask me, while I’m giving them their head massage at the shampoo bowl, if I am also a Massage Therapist. It makes me smile, because as soon as I became a Hair Stylist, I started thinking how I’d LOVE to also do massage work.

Cultivating Consciousness: How to Attain Unlimited Happiness

Cultivating Consciousness: How to Attain Unlimited Happiness

I had the pleasure of cutting the hair of an extremely enlightened soul last week, who's energy is magnetic, who brings a smile to my face instantly, who makes me laugh for no reason and who shares such simple wisdom with me every time we meet (and who also happens to do amazing healing work here on Cape Cod - she gave me a Rising Star Healing treatment about a month ago and it was so balancing!)! Meet angel friend, Alicia Matthewson. 

During our convo, I was sharing with her some concerns I had about a friend/client who is going through a transition time in her life where lots of change was happening around her.

Alicia's response was so simple ~  Ask her to ask herself, "What gives her meaning everyday"?

3 Ways to Get in a Good Mood!

Love Yoga Fest 2014 This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending our community's very own yoga festival, right here on Cape Cod! The girls from Love Live Local created Love Yoga Fest and brought some seriously amazing energy for us all to enjoy! Thank you Love Live Local girls ~ Jen, Amanda and Kate, you're such a gift to us all!

The reason yoga festivals are so fun for yogis, is because you get to experience a renowned teacher from different parts of the country! I was so excited to take Daniel Orlansky's class because it's been awhile since I've practiced Kundalini! Even though I have my own study book on Kundalini Kriya's from my Naam Yoga Teacher Training, and can access it at any time, I still like to be a student and receive the teachings, and practice as well! He was such a gift and a fountain of wisdom! He merged many different ancient teachings of kundalini and buddhism into his class and allowed me to experience such joy in being completely present! Aaahhhh....

My favorite part of class was when we did 4 minutes of SHAKING! I used to warm up with this same type of shaking in my Naam yoga classes in L.A., and have also incorporated a variation of shaking on my back in my own meditation practices in the past, but  had forgotten just how powerful it is, how healing, and how FUN it can be!

I instantly felt lighter and brighter, and it inspired me to share with you this easy exercise, along with a couple other tips to get you in a good mood, instantly!

They are:

1. Shake for Health!

In Naam Yoga, we lie on our backs with our arms and legs outstretched towards the sky and shake our ankles and wrists as hard, but as relaxed as we can, for anywhere from 3-11 minutes. Our hands and feet radiate so much light in and out of our body naturally, so by doing this practice we are bringing in, and distributing all that life force to the nooks and crannies inside ourselves, to heal anything, and strengthen the immune system. Whenever we shake, we break up stagnation and allow our energy to flow, much like an acupuncture session.  Try shaking to the mantra, 'shri ram jai ram, jai jai ram' (track 1 on this cd) for 3 minutes every day for 40 days and enjoy complete bliss in your life!

When we did our shaking in this past weekend's class, we were standing ~ also equally as fun and invigorating! Closing your eyes and relaxing your entire body, start shaking up and down as your knees bend, to allow the shake to happen. Let your jaw shake, your shoulders shake, let everything flop around without censoring yourself. It feels awkward and strange, but you can literally feel the tension falling off. It's moving your lymphatic system so that dis-ease gets pushed out (this is why rebounding exercise has so many health benefits). It's the first thing an eastern medicine doctor or ayurvedic practitioner would suggest a patient to do if they were ill. It's that powerful! Apparently there's a whole book written about this healing modality, which I cannot wait to read! It's called, "Shaking Medicine", by Bradford Keeney. 

2. Do Alternate Nostril Breathing.

For 11 minutes, close your eyes and inhaledthrough the left nostril, closing the right nostril with your right thumb. Then exhale through the right nostril, closing the left nostril with your pinky. Then inhale through the right and exhale through the left with the right thumb on the right nostril again. Alternating like that for 11 minutes brings balance to the emotional body. It's like wiping a slate clean. Try it out to feel calm and centered immediately.


Another way to restore joy is by clapping. Yep, that's right, good old fashion clapping. It's a Naam Yoga Therapies technique that works wonders and only takes 3 minutes! I was reminded of this one while at a concert this past weekend. After each song ended we clapped, and I couldn't help but bring awareness to the energy that's created when we do so. When we clap, we literally break up stagnation. Our hands are an extension of our heart so by clapping, we break up the 'funk' that gets in the way of our naturally happy, loving heart that's so full of joy. Once it's broken up, we radiate love and light! Try clapping continuously for 3 minutes and try to tell me your mood didn't lift! It might feel strange doing it, but you will be smiling from ear to ear when you're through. :)

Try one or all and GLOW on friends <3 !

For more mood lifters, click here.




Finding True Love

Current Quarterly I can hardly wait to write about this topic of finding true love! As many of you probably know by now, I have found my one true love, and we are celebrating one year together, today!!! :) <3

It's hard to believe that one year ago today, I was having lunch with a friend before the photo shoot that would change my life (magazine page pic from above), talking about how I felt like I was going to meet someone soon. Little did I know, I would meet that certain someone in just a few hours! I'm telling you, all the cliches are true ~ 'you know when you know', 'it happens when you least expect it', and 'timing is everything'.

I knew the moment I saw him and shook his hand. I can still feel that feeling as if it were yesterday. It was like there was a glow surrounding him, and us, I felt an undeniable pull towards him, but on a very subtle level. It was a calm knowing. That's how it works. You really do know when you know. There's no questioning, no game playing, no censoring who you are, just a seamless connection of 2 souls mirroring one another.

I had been single for 3 years before I met Paul. I was feeling really discouraged about how and when I was going to meet that special someone. I had been doing all the things I was supposed to ~ practicing self care and self love, but it still felt like it was taking forever, and I questioned whether I should be doing something else, something more.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself those few years though. I traveled to Spain, to Mexico, England and France, I did all my weird self care practices on my own, I spent time with friends and family and worked on my business. I truly believe that you have to do all the things that you love, because the more you do, the more love you fill in your heart, the more happiness you feel, and the more you manifest more of that into your life.

The other half of that is to find your hidden blocks to love. Figure out your patterns of what you keep attracting into your life and find that common denominator. For me, I realized through Landmark Education, my life coaching sessions, many books and resources, and the lessons I learned as I was working on my meditation practice, that I subconsciously didn't believe that love relationships worked out, that I didn't accept or love myself completely, and that I didn't feel like I was worthy or deserving of love. These were deeply rooted in my subconscious, but the more I discovered them, the more I was able to shift them.

I started affirming that I was deserving of love everyday in my meditation practice, I did my meditation practice religiously, and I kept on falling in love with my  life I was creating which all led me to the most perfect man for me.  But here's the thing, we came into each other's lives when the time was right. We both had to have the time to ourselves to nurture our souls and raise our vibration to love. If I had known what was to come, I would have kept on doing what I had been doing but without the worry of whether I was on the right path. If I could've told myself anything from the future, I would say, "Trust your path and enjoy every day doing what you love, there's no need to worry, the best really is yet to come!!!"

I tell my single friends to take each challenge or set back as an opportunity to learn a lesson. The more you gain awareness, the more you can elevate that to love. Give it to God. Let it go. Re-train your subconscious thought patterns by using mantras of love towards yourself. Believe that you ARE worthy of a loving, happy, harmonious relationship. The more you say it, the more your subconscious mind will believe it.

I remember saying to myself after a few weeks of dating, that, 'if anything, this gives me hope.' I really want my single friends to believe that you are getting closer and closer to your true love. You are. Trust me. Just look for the lesson so you can flip what you're projecting to the universe!

Everything comes to us in Divine timing and order. Paul came to me exactly when I was ready. I remember wondering why I was still single, but now I can look back and know that I wasn't truly ready.

I will tell you this though, I had a distinct feeling when I moved into my apartment last May, that I was going to meet someone soon. I even said a prayer that first night asking for that special person to come into my life. I also clearly remember telling my mother one week before I met Paul, that I was ready for a relationship. She said, I'd really like that for you too, and I said, well, pray for me mom. And she did. That was my declaration to the universe. I clearly asked for what my heart desired, and I got what I asked for ~ the perfect yang to my yin ;).

When you're ready, you will know, and if you've found yourself single for awhile, you're probably not really ready yet, and that's okay. Dedicate this time to finding yourself, to loving yourself and to forgiving and accepting all of you.

In the meantime, I think this is a great resource for finding love, because it will ONLY come to you when you cultivate self-love and have moved through your blocks. I highly suggest you download the audio/video and do the workbook exercises. It seems to be the compilation of all the things I worked on in different mediums!

Keep the faith alive! The 3 principles of faith are: if it comes to you, it's from God. If it's from God then it's good for you. If it's good for you, what is the lesson.

The man of your dreams is waiting for you, you just have to open your heart and align with your true self and life's calling.


Happiness: Yoga Helps EVERYTHING in Life!

1908166_10152830848245743_7101419277925198616_n Yoga has been my savior in life. It has helped me to really get in touch with my soul ~ what it needs, what it wants, who it is, what works for it and what doesn't. Yoga helped me meet my soul!

Prior to practicing yoga, I had been operating on auto-pilot my whole life, just reacting to every moment, every circumstance. Now, I feel, I flow, I love and I grow, with grace.

I remember awhile back, my friend telling me that I needed to work on my hugs. What a simple concept, but such an obvious metaphor for where I was in life!

Yoga helps you love yourself and therefore love all things ~ good and bad. It's not so much the practice on the mat ~ the sun salutations or the poses you can or can't get into that are working for you, it's the whole process. It's getting there.

It's being uncomfortable with sweating, with the person next to you grunting or groaning, with the hard to hear teacher, with the unknown cues that are being called out, with the thoughts of your hair being frizzy, your clumsy vinyasa, the nausea, the unbearable heat and smells of subway or starbucks wafting in through the windows next door. All of that IS your yoga practice!

So many clients say to me that they'd love to try yoga but they'd prefer doing home practices first before going  to a group class. They want to know what they're doing so they feel comfortable with the poses, so they can 'warm' up and not be embarrassed being 'unflexible'. Here's a little secret ~ if you can't touch your toes, it just means you feel the pose before the person who reaches beyond their toes does! Flexibility has NOTHING to do with yoga!!!!

Every yoga practice meets you where you're supposed to be. For instance, I started my yoga practice with kundalini, which then evolved into Naam, to Power Yoga, to my now favorite grounding, more restorative, more of a slow flow style vinyasa class.

Your practice evolves as you evolve. It's one in the same. It mirrors wherever you are. When I first started I was really into breath work and chanting with mantras (more energetic based). I needed it at that time to really get into meditation, to activate my intuition, and to open my heart quickly. I became very connected to the ethers then, but just when I needed to get grounded, Power Yoga showed up for me, making me stronger and more connected to my body and the strength I needed on the mat.

Now, I practice being balanced in my slow flow vinyasa style which is somewhere in the middle of power and kundalini, just as I've found with my eating habits that have swung from strict macrobiotic vegan, to ayurveda, to this new moderate place of enjoying a little bit of everything.

I hear so many clients and friends talk about how they want to find their soulmate, or their life calling / career, or just less stress and chaos in their lives, and I say to them, DO YOGA!!! Seriously. It works! Just get on the mat. I promise you, it will take you wherever you want to go in life. Your life is waiting for you, so what are you waiting for? Sign up for a class already!


Some tips to get you started are below:

~Find a teacher you connect with / love!

If you're in the Cape Cod area, I recommend taking the amazing Mary Catherine Starr's efficiently taught, well balanced class at either Centerville Yoga, Power Yoga of Cape Cod or Orleans Yoga and Pilates.

I also recommend Leigh Alberti's awesomely grounding style of teaching at Power Yoga of Cape Cod.

Tracy Peterson's a good place to start with at Centerville Yoga.

Rhia Cataldo's spirit soaring style at Power Yoga of Cape Cod or Glow Yoga.

Jill Abraham's inspiring and motivational class at Power Yoga of Cape Cod.

Michele Damelio's Kundalini and Naam fusion at her home in West Barnstable.

~Use Props! Don't be afraid! I always use a block to bring the floor closer to me in any hamstring or hip opener pose! Blankets or bolsters work nicely too for seated meditations or restorative, yin style poses. Straps also help you bring your legs closer to your body or help to open your shoulders.

Lastly, open yourself up to getting comfortable with the uncomfortable! I remember when I first started practicing Power Yoga, that I would cringe knowing that my hair was getting wet with sweat or that I was overheating immensely, but now, I just let it happen...much like I let lots of other things happen in life. I tell ya, it's a miracle what starts shifting for you when you just show up to a yoga class!

Namaste and Sat Nam Yogis!




Happiness: What gets in the Way of Your Joy?

Cape Cod This past weekend I was happy to rely on my Landmark Education tools when I found my emotions getting the better of me! It happens sometimes doesn't it? We get all caught up in our emotional bodies, but it's important to check in with what is really going on, and do the work!

It's so easy for us humans to 'be right' about something, or to try and 'look good', or 'be dominated' by or try to 'control' another! Our way is always the best way, isn't it?

So, we set ourselves up for disappointments or resentments inevitably because we have our own way of seeing the world and don't realize that other's have their own way too. But here's the thing, none of it means anything. Sounds harsh and kinda sad doesn't it? That was the big driving point in the Landmark Forum though - that we all have our own 'baggage' aka karmic influences that we carry around with us throughout the course of our lives, and what's ultimately happening is our baggage meeting others' baggage, rather than the real truth of you! People are only responding to their own karma - it has nothing to do with you! How sad! Landmark teaches us how to become truly PRESENT to WHAT IS in any given moment. That means, non attachments of emotions and perceptions! Just pure nothingness, or oneness, or love ~ the very essence of being!

It's so hard to grasp that concept because we want to put a label on that 'state of being', and make it mean something, don't we?

As my emotions grabbed hold of me, I was able to quickly shift my world when I checked in with this notion: what if I just dropped 'being right' about how I felt? Then what's left? Nothing. Love. Everything. What a waste it is to not spend every given moment we have in joy and gratitude for being alive!

This doesn't mean ignore. This means drop the nonsense. Tune into what's really energetically there ~ LOVE. And what you will find is that you will learn a lesson if you can accept the challenge. As soon as you turn any challenge into an opportunity to search for how you can be grateful for it, you will learn the lesson you're supposed to and it will elevate you along your path. We are here to evolve as spiritual beings, so anytime you get caught up in emotions, ask yourself to drop being right about something, or drop trying to look good, or drop being dominated by others or trying to control others.

Once you drop what's preventing you from experiencing joy and life, you will open up to receive so many more blessings, I promise! Take responsibility for your life, and choose happiness! I am always immediately overwhelmed with gratitude for the spiritual growth I gain whenever I'm in the midst of a perceived 'challenge' and so I urge you to always look for gratitude even in the darkest of times, because that's when you'll receive double the blessings! It's a Universal Law!

Or better yet, sign up for a Landmark Forum near you, so you too can learn invaluable tools for living a fulfilling life!


Happiness IS: Spring Seeds in the Garden

20150413_110528 Gardening is my newfound source of joy, thanks to my bf who says our yard (which is entirely a garden) is "his labor of love".

It's so amazing how your heart whispers to you what it wants through images or feelings, and one of the best way to find out what it's telling you is by creating a vision board! Years ago I created one and started to see that my heart had interest in learning how to garden because it was showing up in the pictures I cut out! Little did I know it would manifest itself through my boyfriend!

When we first met last summer, I would help him out in the yard, not really knowing what I was doing, (check out this post) but by the time fall came around and we had 'fall cleanup' duties, I started to understand his mastermind systematic organic gardening amazingness! (I seem to learn that way--by dissecting and following it back to the beginning, rather than understanding it at the start) Now that we're in spring, I'm seeing it from the very beginning, and it's SO COOL!

First of all, there's SO MUCH TO KNOW!!!! And it's a LOT of work! But being one with the earth, is where you find so much connection to life itself!


We started by planting seedlings indoors, at the beginning of March, and placed them under a 'grow lamp' inside the house until the little babies grew to be able to graduate to bigger pots, and finally, to the raised beds outside.


We also used 'cold frames' outside when there was still snow on the ground! We shoveled the snow off the hardened, winter soil, churned, cleaned it off, and spread it flat, then covered it with window frames to trap the heat from the sun so that the soil warmed up on the inside. Once it was warm (you can tell because when you take the frame off, steam comes off), we planted seeds. :)


Thus far, we've planted beets, carrots, peas, lettuces, we have a thriving kale and parsley winter garden already, we've planted all sorts of herbs, edible flowers, wheat grass (the top pic), which is almost ready to harvest, and much much more!!

There will be lots to share in the coming months as our organic garden progresses, (he wins blue ribbons for his veggies, folks!) but what I've found so far, is that I'm completely connected to the universal Spring energy of planting seeds!

Digging my hands in the dirt, feeling one with the earth, watching and feeling it literally thawing out helps me understand what's going on in our bodies and in the energy surrounding us. It's just so amazing, and has taken me to a new level of consciousness and awakening!

I urge everyone to get out there and dig in the ground, listen to the birds, feel the warmth of the sun and the wind on your face. There's nothing like being out in natures elements! It helps me appreciate life itself ~ from the seed to my fork to my body, there's so much 'love tending' that happening!  Being that close to the source, it's as if I am one with the universal forces of the creation of life, and it's such a blessing!

Spread your love to your local farmers, and go organic and non- GMO as often as possible!

If you're interested in being invited to our summer series of farm to fork dinner parties, please sign up to receive a notification in your inbox by clicking here.

Happy Earth Week everyone!



Happiness Is: Learning to Embrace Slowing Down

purple passion plant Thank God for this place in my life, for showing me how to achieve balance and teaching me to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. I don't know about you, but I'm much more comfortable with the doing, rather than the non-doing!

For most of my life, I've been pushing and pushing to do things the way I think they 'should' be done, and getting really carried away with it when I thought I was doing so much 'good' with my self care practices. {I talk more about it in this post.} Self care took on a whole new life of its own and I lost myself in the mix, until these past couple years since I dug myself out of the 'rabbit hole,' and back to my heart's harmony.

I finally did all the work I needed to (for now), to be able to manifest this time in my life, where I am finally grounded, finally doing less, and finally enjoying my life in each day and each moment! So why is it that I struggle with this place?! It took a lot of programming to get me to be the way I was, and it will take a lot of de-programming to let go of those old habits/thoughts I guess...

I'm so quick to beat myself up if I didn't go for a walk, or if I've been eating too much chocolate lately, or I'm sleeping in too late, or I'm not doing much at all! Why do we always need to DO!? Self care is oh-so important, but so is balance and flow, grace and ease!

I'm trying to be okay with things just as they are, because everything does ebb and flow, and who knows how long I'll be able to have luxurious sleep in sessions! (hello future babies!) And chocolate isn't the end of the world if I'm also eating kale, right?! The house doesn't have to be perfectly decorated, or cleaned up...things can be just as they are; we don't need to keep chasing them and cleaning up after ourselves. What's the point? Where are we trying to get?!!! That is the question.

I keep reminding myself that it's quite alright to do yoga when I feel like it, rather than beating myself up if I don't go. It's also much more enjoyable to get to go for a walk then trying to cram one more thing into my day. I also get excited to go to work when I have 3 days off in a row, even though I beat myself up for all that free time, thinking, 'come on Kate, you can do one more shift per week' can't you!? But ya know what, it's so much more lovely to have time and space for me to do...NOTHING! Quality of life is everything, and if we simplify, we can eliminate that need for MORE.

This is my work now ~ refraining from 'working' on anything and just 'being', or mastering not mastering...HA!

Do you have a hard time relaxing, or enjoying precious time? Ahh, life and the endless human suffering of always looking for more, and never being satisfied with what is...keeping in mind that Buddha found everything in nothing, not endless distractions from our soul, attachments and that is where we find God, and that is enlightenment folks! ;)

Sat Nam and Wahe Guru!


My Meditation Journey

Star Pose, Naam Yoga Teacher TrainingHere's the thing, people think meditation is some end result, when in fact, the cultivation is the meditation! Watching the breath. Watching the thoughts. Being uncomfortable. It's all part of the journey! And guess what? The ebbing and flowing is part of it too! As well as the yoga asana (postures) which prepares the body and mind for the cultivation of awareness. ie meditation. Yoga is meditation. Meditation is yoga. Mindfulness is meditation. Mindfulness is awareness.

When I first started my practice I was completely overwhelmed!! My spiritual teacher had given me an hour and a half long practice to do in the morning, and a half hour to do in the evening for 120 days! Coupled with that, I was deep in my Macrobiotic Mania of cooking every healing dish for the day to bring to my 10 hour work day. It was exhausting, to say the least! But it was sink or swim survival time! If I ever wanted to move past the areas that I felt stuck in, I needed to do the work! I needed to put myself first! Self Care is paramount folks!

My meditation practice consisted of specific breathing exercises, combined with mudra therapy (hand positioning) and mantra (repetitive prayer/chanting). The breathing, or as we(yogis) call it, pranayam, stills the mind. When you follow your breath, the mind stops thinking. It's a universal law! Try it. Watch your breath fill your belly, then your lungs, then your chest. Hold for a moment and watch it deflate from your chest first, your lungs and then your belly. As you continue this 3 part breath, you will notice your thoughts fall away. But then you'll be thinking about your thoughts falling away, and then you'll bring yourself back to the breath again and again. It's normal for the mind to wander ~ it's all part of meditation! :)

The different breathing patterns 'prescribed' to me helped me to become more clear and grounded in my life, while the mudra therapy was designed to help me communicate with my angels that I needed to find my life's calling. The ways in which you position your hands, act as antennas for the unseen realm ~ it's the language of the astral world! The specific mantras reinforced aligning me with my soul's purpose, by way of re-wiring my thought patterns. Mantras are the fastest way to meditation ~ it literally changes your thoughts so that you can have the life your heart desires! Whatever goes on in our mind will be manifested in our physical world! The repetition of sound vibration along with the place of where your tongue meets your upper palette, is continuously stimulating different nerve endings in your brain to re-wire your thought patterns to ones of which you are working on. It's a divine science!

Meditation practices raise your energetic vibration so that you vibrate LOVE. So that you are your best version of your highest self! All that does not serve you will start to melt away, and you will be aligned with your heart ~ with love, positivity, joy and peace. You will be more open to receive the gifts of abundance, because you will be in tune with the universe.

Meditation is not a destination. It is the journey of life. Watch your life shift as a result of dedicating the gift of this practice! Give yourself 11 minutes minimum each day for breathing, hand positioning and/or mantra. Remember it takes 40 days to neutralize a pattern, another 40 days to negate it, and another 40 days to replace it. My first meditation practice was 120 days long, and I was myself!

Sat Nam!



Is there a geographical cure for the elusive 'search'?

Santa MonicaMoving is always on my brain. Where to settle? Where to plant some roots? These are the incessant questions that consume my brain! What am I looking for you ask? To have it all in one place! To have my family nearby (but not too close), to have warm sunshine conducive to outdoor living and activity (but season changes), to have a vibrant, energetic lifestyle of young (ish), creative, successful people who have an edgy style (but not too cool for school), who enjoy their life by going out to cool/'sceney' restaurants, who have open, cultural perspectives on life and a zest for 'living it up', a healthy lifestyle environment filled with many healthy restaurants and markets, a city filled with events and festivals, and lots of things to do and see at any given time of the year! Is that too much to ask??

It seems as if I had it all in L.A., but my family was on the opposite coast! Too far for me to feel connected I concluded. Not to mention the fact that I longed for a walking city type of environment, rather than the jam packed traffic mobs of the sprawling metropolitan that is L.A. I also failed to mention that while I loved the weather, I craved the momentum of seasons changing. The grass is always greener philosophy at it's finest!

So, here I am thinking Miami might be the answer! Or Boston. Or NYC...aaahhh! Which to choose?!

As you all know by now, from my previous post, I came back to my New England roots and have been in this paralyzed type state of being for about a year and a half now. I'm as anxious as ever to get out and spread my wings in the world, but too afraid to leave the comforts of home, knowing that that inevitable longing may very well creep up on me.

I recognize that the fact that I'm single is probably playing a role as to why I feel the need for family comfort. I'm filling a void. But I also don't want to live my life based on where my family is. I also acknowledge that there's a time and place for everything in life, and maybe this is the time in my life where I need the support and love from my family! So many things to consider...

But my heart wants to feel the energy and be inspired by my surroundings! I feel limited and suppressed when I'm not. How do I find the balance between two completely different entities? How do I make them both happy? It's like mothering two children within! One wants an ice cream and the other wants a cup of soup! This is the analogy from the work I was so fortunate to do with my spiritual coach in regards to my business and nutritional areas of my life. She helped me manage my relationship with food in this way.

We confirmed that my heart desires a lot! I have the energy of Uranus in my planetary make up, which brings about a vastness! It wants to be anywhere and everywhere! Story of my life...

I just love so many things!!!! I liken it to my excitement and overwhelmingness of being at a healthy, innovative restaurant where I want to eat everything on the menu! What's a girl to do? Obviously, I can only have one meal...but I want so much more!!!! That desire is so strong and pulls me in so many directions, but I have to keep myself in check and only give the inner children what they need in this moment. Recognizing that all of my hearts needs will be met in due time is my yoga practice off the mat.

There is no space in time and no time in space in the spiritual realm, but here in the physical world, we are faced with limitations and conditions. I am trying to cultivate being in the present moment to ground myself, to find God, my inner spirit, my own truth and guidance, rather than getting caught up in the wanting of something more. It's a great challenge of mine, but I'm trying to find that balance point where I can find freedom and love!

Sat Nam!