Creating Space to Shine {An Exercise Inside}

photo cred by my talented fiance, Paul Blackmore

photo cred by my talented fiance, Paul Blackmore

This past week's theme for me has been all the ways I get to experience the way other's create the space for me to shine. I noticed it in yoga class, at the doctor's office, and at someone's house. It happens all the time! The experiences I have are based on the energy that was created by that person who offered up their time and space.

It's a beautiful thing to really appreciate what kind of magic can unfold in any moment. It's not so much about the yoga class and the poses that I was guided through, it was about the teacher's energy she set before anyone stepped into the room. Stephanie Gilrein is a little angel! Her natural gifts of being present and grounded really allow her to allow us to experience what she's contributing to us.

Normally at a doctor's office I am anxious, but this doctor really took the time to listen, to truly care, to be thorough and understanding, and even went so far as to have her own classical music playing in the room to keep us calm. This experience could easily have gone the other way, but she created a safe place for me, and that's all because of her energy she pours into her practice.

It's so healing to be in another person's home who puts their heart and soul into cooking dinner and setting the space for relaxation and connection. Paul's aunt did just that for us the other day in her own natural way, from the ingredients she used, to the table that she set, and her extra love she extended into making us her own sore throat recipe (which I'll share later). 

If you pay attention, you'll notice all the ways that other people, who are a reflection of you by the way, show up to allow you to shine - to allow you to become present, even if just for a moment, where you can truly find spirit.

When we are present, we are in touch with our creative energies, our gratitude, our sense of love. There are so many opportunities that show up throughout the course of a day to offer you just that, but I find it so beautiful to take notice when other's allow for that to happen for me, or for another.

We are all one in this journey together, and so let's take the time to allow others to shine, to make the world a place filled with love, peace and light! The best way I know of is through yoga practices.

A great exercise to do in order to give that gift to others, and in turn yourself, is by doing breath of glow. Sit in easy pose with your hands in gyan mudra (thumbs and pointer finger to touch) as you focus on your exhale through your nose, and contract your belly to your spine on the exhale. The inhale will become natural, but as you focus on the exhale, with eyes closed, you are making yourself magnetic and offering up giving back to the universe more than you take in. It makes your aura bright and allows you to become present and grounded so you can offer that up for others.

Come to yoga class tonight for more opportunities to shine! For more inspiration on how to cultivate consciousness, visit this page