How to Embrace + Celebrate your Curls

Last year I taught a Curly Hair Workshop called a, "Curls Night Out Event" where I work at Salon 700. I offer private Curly Hair Styling Lessons to clients, but this was a group setting which offers so much more! We had such a fun time learning about each other's curls, how to care for them, embracing them, and celebrating them with simple tips and tricks!

The best way to learn how to do your hair is for you to do it yourself with some guidance from yours truly!;) You could watch me do it all day on you, but without practice and some feedback from me, you'll never know what little tweak you could do to make a huge difference! Usually it's poor sectioning, not enough product usage, or wild 'shaking' that I see as some common styling mistakes (stay tuned for a separate post on that one soon).

We started off the night by doing a 'group consult' where I went around the room and asked each lovely lady what her favorite thing about her hair was, what she had a hard time with, or disliked about her hair, and what she would like it to look like.

Based on each consult, we learned about different curl patterns, textures, styling tips, and products to use to achieve a desired look. By allowing everyone to discuss their curls, it created a sense of community where we can all support each other and empathize with the challenges us curly girls face. I've also created a Cape Cod Curly Girl FB group page to add to that, so feel free to join if you aren't already a member!

Here's what we experienced: 

-Christine told us she wears her hair blown out all the time because she can't stand the tight curls around her face. I told her I'd show her a trick to stretch out those curls, so that's what we focused on with her, and she was so grateful! I taught her how to smooth or soften a tight curl pattern around the hairline by pulling the hair straight with her hands towards the ends when it is almost dry, while spraying Ouidad's Finishing Mist in so she could 're-set' the curls to achieve a looser look.

-Claudia wanted to bring out her natural wave, and she was so excited to find out there was so much curl in there! We made her very loose wave pattern have lots of texture and definition by showing her how to do Ouidad's Rake and Shake method using Ouidad's Define and Shine Cream Gel, and everyone had major beach wave envy! Including me!

-Another challenge a client faced was due to her blunt bob hair cut. She wasn't able to get the volume and curl she wanted because her hair was too heavy. She needed a Carving and Slicing hair cut to remove weight and create movement in the hair (which we did later), but I showed her how to take the top sections in very thin sub sections to create more curl to the root, and how to slide duckbill clips in to lift it even more. She was so happy to see more curl and to feel empowered to do it herself.

-One high school girl came in with her hair flat ironed, but wanting to embrace her curls and clueless as to how to do it. Here's a helpful curly transition post for those of you struggling with the same issue. She had resorted to doing this because she had no idea how to take care of her very thick, tight curls - I empathized with her because I know all about those dreaded teenage years of curl struggle. I told her she would have to start doing Ouidad's Deep Treatment every 2 weeks for at least 6 treatments because her curls would continue to collapse or expand when she styled them curly because of a lack of protein, and that's why she had been caught in a vicious cycle - unhealthy curls that don't look good when curly, only to straighten them to make the hair look somewhat good, but damaging it more each time by doing this - the endless loop! It was a good scenario to witness though because we all learned the importance of keeping the hair in good condition! 

If you or your curly hair friends are interested in learning more about how to master your curls, this is a great opportunity! I also recommend bringing in all your curl products from home so we can go over why those may or may not be best for your hair, and you can have the option to swap with your friends!

Please let me know if you'd like to schedule a "Curls Night Out Event" with 4 of your friends! Til then, you can take a look at my Curl Cures page for more info!

You Go, Curl!;)