Delicata Squash Recipe


I don't think I can say I'd ever had delicata squash until the other day, which is surprising because I love squash so much! Kabocha squash, butternut, acorn - those are at the top of the list, but now delicata may just take the cake!

We grew it this past summer in our front garden, along with cucumbers, tomatoes, basil and watermelon. This is called companion gardening by the way - my husband has a bit of a green thumb in case you haven't realized that yet!

We harvested about 30 squash in September, and so I immediately searched a delicata squash recipe and couldn't wait for a cooler, cozy night to be the perfect time to test it out. O.M.G., it will be a regular roaster in our repertoire this fall, that's for sure!

The Minimalist Baker is my go-to for all easy, healthy, fun dishes - anything from watermelon margaritas to green tea lattes and 1-pot curry bowls, she has you covered! So, it was no surprise that she had a beautiful Delicata Squash Bake.

We went to our favorite market in Orleans - Pheonix Fruit, and picked up the other ingredients we didn't have growing in our yard - pomegranates and tahini, and improvised with the all magical ACV (apple cider vinegar) once I got home to realize I didn't have any lemons!

This dish is the perfect vegetable side to your dinner table. It is rich and satiating though, so take that into consideration. We had it alongside french onion soup, and while we didn't have a star protein dish, the tahini in this bake served as enough protein as it is ground sesame seeds.

You can check out the recipe on her blog here.

It's super quick and easy to make - takes 25 minutes to roast the squash, and about 5 minutes to prepare the sauce. Be sure to check out my quick and easy way of opening pomegranates here to help with the process.