Digestive Support for your Thanksgiving Feast

Yay, it's here! Thanksgiving week is upon us, as is the start of the holiday season! I'm so excited to eat, drink and be merry (especially coming off a cleanse)! How about you?

Did you know that the Universal Planetary Phase that we're in is Jupiter? Jupiter carries the energy of abundance, signified by food, travel, charity, success, wealth, and faith. We all feel this energy from October 15th - December 5th and it is Divine Synchronicity that Thanksgiving Day falls during this time.

The very significance of Thanksgiving Day is centered around food, about celebrating the abundance that surrounded the Pilgrims when they came to America. {Read more about the traditions and history in this article. } It is a time to stop and appreciate all that we have. To be grateful for our blessings, the love that surrounds us, and the bountiful harvest before us. 

As we sit down to eat this week, let us all be mindful as to how much we take in. In my yoga class I taught last week, we worked on our digestion. Here are some of those self care tools from Naam Yoga Therapy that you can use to properly assimilate and process your food and emotions at home. 

Digestive Mudra (hand position). Use for 1-3 minutes at a time, whenever you need some digestive support. Rub your palms together, creating heat, then place your right palm down on your left inner forearm and your left palm up on your right inner forearm. 

Chant the Mantra Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung silently or quietly to yourself to burn the seeds of disease that start in the digestive tract, to heal you on all levels.

Charge Your Food. Before you eat, be sure to bless the food by giving thanks to all the hands that brought this food to your table. You can rub your palms together to create heat and then place your hands over your food, feeling the healing vibrations coming from your heart and blessing your food with your intentions of gratitude and love, to give it healing properties. Visualize the sun and say to yourself, "OM SHANTI SHANTI".

May you all be enveloped in a blanket of love and light this holiday.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you in one of my classes soon! 

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