Do you want to FEEL and look your best?


As a hairstylist, it's my job to keep my clients looking and feeling their best.

When I see a client for the first time, often we have a lengthy consultation talking about the likes and dislikes of her hair, but that first appointment doesn't always lead to addressing all the things she desires.

It's just a starting point.

From there, the hair and our relationship evolves. I get to know what does and doesn't work, and how she feels about what she thinks she wants, etc.

I can give all my recommendations to helping her achieve the desired look, but its ultimately up to her to follow through.

I can't tell you how many times clients complain about dry, frizzy hair and when I ask if they've been doing their deep treatments, they look at me sheepishly and say, 'no'.

In my mind, I'm thinking, 'I told you to keep it up every 2/3 weeks, right? And I recommended the right shampoo/conditioner combo and styling regimen, but you're buying products at can I help you if you don't listen/follow through? Why invest the time and money with me if you're not all in?'

Have a plan.

It's not enough for me to do their hair, give them a product prescription and hope they'll come back when they think they need a freshening up. No, it's my job to say, 'you should be back in 4 weeks for your color touch up - would you like to book your next visit now?'

It's my job to say, 'since you're not doing the treatments at home, let's add that to your service next time.' And when it comes to them not using the correct product/styling protocol, I may recommend they come see me for a weekly blowout/curly style.

Schedule yourself.

If you don't schedule your next appointment when you leave any appointment, the likelihood of you keeping up with your program is slim to none. 

Keeping up with your hair is just a starting point. What about your chiropractor visits? Your dentist/doctor/dermatology appointments? Or your personal training, energy healing/massage, or nutrition/health/life coaching/therapy sessions?

If you desire success in your health, wellbeing, self care or whatever it may be - the first step is to make an appointment! The next step is to make another appointment when you leave that appointment!

We need each other.

We can try to do everything on our own, but the truth is, it does take a village. You need your hairstylist, your dentist, your whatever, so you can look and feel your best! Don't skimp on these services because they may seem frivolous - you're worth the investment of your time and energy!

Wherever you put that attention, the energy flows and that's what helps you lead a successful and fulfilling life.

Put it in the calendar!

There are so many tools/ways to keep yourself organized with your appointments as well as your daily/weekly tasks. There's the old school pen and paper planners, google calendar and all different kinds of apps to help, so there's no excuse! I just got my new 2018 weekly planner and am so excited to start using it!

I'm not just talking about scheduling appointments here, I'm talking about scheduling dates with friends, trips, yoga classes, and all of the above, and more.

If you don't schedule yourself first, you're setting yourself up for failure.

Sounds kinda harsh, but really is true. So many people believe they have to take care of other things before themselves, but just like on the airplane, in the event of an emergency, you must put your mask on before anyone else's.

How can you help someone else if you can't help yourself first? 

If you don't give yourself the love and attention you deserve, your 'well' will be empty when you go to give to someone else. I promise you it's not selfish. It's self love. Self worth. Self care.

And as soon as you start putting yourself first, everything else will fall into place, because you'll be vibrating at a higher frequency - one that attracts love.

So be sure to make time today, or this week, to schedule the appointments that have been neglected, and get back on track with your self care, because I care about you!