Feel fully recharged


I can't believe what one month away in a different country can do for the soul! Talk about feeling recharged!

It's one thing to take a 2 or 3 week vacation, but it's another when you're setting up your new home in a different world for a full month! It takes awhile to de-program your natural ways of being, and soften into the sweet spot of feeling fully recharged. 

I'm so grateful to have had that experience, and want to share with you the main reasons why.

There's no doubt that travel really pushes you out of your comfort zones and opens your heart and mind to look through a new lens.

I think it's so important to do if you want to evolve and enrich your life.

Having a chance to soak up a different culture and slow down to a new pace, all while adjusting to different routines really helped me shift and re-assess the ways in which I, and the people around me live.

I really appreciate:

Their lifestyle. What I love about the Azores is their laid back European lifestyle (hanging out at cafes / no take away containers), combined with an island vibe (a no hurry, casual, beach swept pace).

The beauty. My eyes are literally spoiled from the most beautiful views I took in at every moment. From the lush green to the pasture mountains with rainbows and turquoise colored coast lines, it is truly spectacular. 

The simplicity in their food and cuisine. They cultivate all their food on the island. Pretty much everything you eat there is from there, so it's literally farm to fork - from the freshest fish, to cabbage and bananas.

The healing qualities of nature. The hot springs, the fresh air, the ocean, the sunsets, the sunrise, the microclimates. It's no wonder people are so happy there, there's no stress with all of nature's therapy right in your backyard!

The people and community. The warmest, kindest, most generous, welcoming, happy people I've come across. And you know why? Because they have a strong sense of community!

I really appreciate how they all look out for one another and offer their gifts and services to the community. They're not trying to 'keep up with the jones'', they're looking for ways to lend a helping hand.

And since they have this strong sense of community and purpose in their lives, they can SLOW DOWN and ENJOY their life. They're not trying to 'get somewhere', they're present in their day and living their life NOW.

It's really inspiring and I hope we can all try to get back to the basics and simplicity of life within our own surroundings, because after all, 'Simplicity is Divinity'. 

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