Spring Hair in Harmony

Oh my gosh, I had SUCH a cool experience at the latest hair color class I took by J. Beverly Hills a few weeks ago. I mean, this class was designed for me - how could I not pass up this description: "Learn how to customize and personalize every client experience through understanding the art of Feng Shui. Elements of personality are studied to show how you can achieve harmony when creating an overall 'look'". Yes Please!

It truly was so enriching to appreciate what I do from a more spiritual perspective. This is why I love learning about colorsplanets and dosha constitutions! I am all about understanding a person and helping align them with their truest expression of self in through sorts of different modalities. All of these elements can be understood in so many different ways and Feng Shui is one of them, coming from the Chinese approach to finding that balance through nature. 

We learned about the 5 different elements of Feng Shui: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood. I was very familiar with this idea since I studied and practiced Macrobiotics, which is a Chinese Medicine approach to health. Just look at the connections in this vast universe full of wisdom!

In regards to our overall look, we can apply Feng Shui principles, in the same way that we might decorate our home or office. It's a very useful study that can be applied to all aspects of life and health, as we can see in Macrobiotics! 

The idea is to bring harmony, which is the power to make things ONE - to unite the conflicted, bring balance to the unbalanced, flexibility to the rigid, and change to the unchanging. 

In nature, FIRE warms up the EARTH, which supplements METAL, which condenses to WATER, which nourishes WOOD, which fuels FIRE. Thus, the circle of creation / life. We all have these elements within us, but usually 1 or 2 are most dominant, so keeping everything in balance will harmonize us with ourselves and the way we relate to others and the world. 

We realized the significance that we stylists have to impact how others feel about themselves through this art, by customizing the total look for a client with makeup, color, cut and styling advice. It's really pretty powerful. 

My favorite part of class was when we first walked in. The educator, Melissa, had spread out a deck of color cards all over the tables and asked us to get up and walk around the room and note the card we were most drawn to. These cards were from 'The Secret Language of Color Book' (I obviously went home and ordered it right away) and each one of them had a spiritual message. I chose Silver which was all about purification, healing, peace, serenity, good for the kidneys and to release toxicity. As she said, and I believe, "We attract what we need".

We learned about the personality traits of each element and how to apply it to a consultation to figure out how we can harmonize a client's look. They are as follows:


Charismatic and always at the heart of action. They react without thinking and can change their mind quickly. Need room to breathe and create. Do not like to get smothered. (Think red heads!)


Serene and has a genuine concern for others. A giver and healer. Has a hard time receiving compliments. A nurturer, independent and self reliant and a protector of the earth. Think curly, textured hair, and warm golden hues of Gisele.


Factual, intellectual, disciplined and detail oriented. Very neat and organized. Likes to focus on one task before moving to the next. Challenged by change, and has a classic sense of style. Think slick ponytail or bun, vidal sassoon haircuts and silver hair color. 


Always looking to improve themselves, influenced by others, have a tough time with boundaries, are visionaries, good listeners, love to read a wide spectrum of topics, and sure of their words before they speak. Think black or blue hair color.


Adventurous and outgoing, competitive, a great multi-tasker, takes ideas of water types and makes them reality. When overstressed, they turn to nature for solace, are business owners, managers, and leaders and excel in communication. A casual and comfortable attire suits them best. 

Which one are you most dominant in? I found the most connection to Wood surprisingly. 

During the consultation, it is so important for us as a stylist to find out about the client's lifestyle, wardrobe, fitness, personality, past hair styles, and past hair colors to decide the dominant element within them and then balance with a harmonizing element. Fascinating, right?!

Some examples might be: You can soften a FIRE with earth or wood hair or makeup colors of yellows, browns or blacks, and can add texture to a METAL to soften their too structured self with curls or braids. You can liven up an EARTH with some icy blonde or copper red, and can put some structure of metal into a WATER with some geometrical hair cuts / strong fringe and lines.

I think this is helpful for clients to understand the amazing exchange that takes place when you're in the chair, and I also think Stylists should feel empowered to know just how spiritually significant our role is in helping clients feel happy and confident in how they present themselves to the world.

I should also mention that we learned color placement techniques that are oh so trendy right now. If you don't know, do a quick # search on instagram looking for pixel hair and the opal trend . Not sure how I feel about it yet, but maybe I'm just too old! ;)

Here's to all things Spring Trends and aligning you with your true essence.