Healthy Hair Habits to Restore Natural Color + Luster

I read a Hair Health article the other day on the insight blog by Banyan Botanicals, and took some notes to share with you all! I've mentioned in a previous blog post about my love for using Healthy Hair Oil as a treatment once a month, but here are a few more cliff notes on why your hair self care routine is so important to your overall health!

First off, I think we all know that stress is no good for our well being, but do you realize just how detrimental it is to your overall health and hair? Too much stress, not enough sleep, and lack of relaxation practices such as yoga and meditation can really take a toll on your kidneys and liver.

That's why it is recommended in Ayurveda (the yoga diet) practices to incorporate herbs like Brahmi, Bhringaray, Amalaki, Shikai and Aloe to cool, calm and strengthen resistance to stress which helps rejuvenate the liver and kidneys and cleanses impurities from the body which reverse the effects of premature hair loss and graying, promoting natural color and luster to the hair.

These herbs can be found in the Healthy Hair Oil that I rave about. Or you can look for natural shampoos and conditioners like this company (I haven't tried them personally yet).

A few other practices to pay attention to:

-Try not to overwash the hair! Every 2 or 3 days should be fine, or at the very least, every other day. Overwashing can lead to dry, split ends because you're stripping the protective oils in your hair. 

-Be careful in the sun! If you're outside a lot, be sure to work a lightweight leave-in conditioner through your hair after you shampoo and condition - this will keep it nourished. And if you don't put one on when your hair is wet, you can spray Botanical Boost right on dry hair anytime you're in and out of the sun/ocean - it has aloe vera in it!

-Letting hair air dry is best, so as not to apply any unnecessary heat damage, but if you must, again, be sure to add in a leave-in conditioner to add a little extra hydration buffer. I always like AVEDA's Damage Control. 

-Brush hair when dry (UNLESS YOU'RE A CURLY GIRL!!!) to distribute the scalps natural oils through the hair. You can brush it in all different directions for circulation and stimulation to the scalp using a wooden paddle brush to stabilize the magnetic field and protect the hair from breakage - like this one. 

-When coloring the hair, opt for vegetable dyes or semi or demi-permanent color which does not dry out the hair.

-Lastly, and probably most importantly, check in with your diet to be sure you're getting enough calcium and iron. You can find these essential nutrients in green leafy vegetables, sesame seeds, carrots, beets, tahini, milk, fresh yogurt, coconut and sweet juicy seasonal fruits. (All very pitta pacifying) And add cumin, black pepper and turmeric for a little extra nourishment while you're cooking. 

To learn more about the spiritual and energetic approaches to hair self care, check out this article