How to Use Essential Oils in your Daily Life

Have you tried using essential oils to enhance your health or home care? Have you always wondered what it does or how it works, or how to even begin to bring it into your life? I'm with ya - I was always curious about implementing it into my life but it always seemed so overwhelming to me - too many uses for one oil, or when and how to use it?!

I was first introduced to it by my yoga teachers Lemia and Joshua at the Naam Yoga Center in L.A. They study with the Wisdom of the Earth oils and bring it into their daily self care and yoga therapy practices. Since I was always so intrigued, we set up a workshop for them to come into my home with a group of my friends a few years ago and learn how it related to my yogic studies of Divine Spiritual Wisdom. 

We learned what our primary and secondary planets were and what the health susceptibilities are for each, and then which oils would benefit us. That was a great way to start incorporating oils - using them almost as a multi-vitamin based on our unique makeup.

For instance, here's a list of the oils we learned about and their suggested usages:

  • Rosemary. Has a yin/yang energy. Good for lice, candida, the heart and digestion
  • Black Cumin. yin/yin energy. Good for the immune system, fever blisters (herpes)
  • Mexican Lime. yin/yang energy. Can be used to purify water. Is a pH balancer, anti-addiction and mood lifter.
  • Mugwart. yin/yin energy. Removes blocks
  • Rosehip Seed Oil. Helps acne scars
  • Rosa Ruviginosa. Helps the liver and skin.
  • Lavender. Calms the skin and burns.
  • Davana. yin/yin. Helps with menstrual pains.
  • Laurel Leaf. Good for digestion, uplifting, lymphatic system tonic.
  • Turmeric. Happy Belly, mood enhancer, liver balancer, antioxidant
  • Violet. Calming 

This medicinal grade oil can be taken internally or applied to the skin (bottom of the feet) so that it is infused into the blood stream. Because oils are super concentrated flower essences (5,000lbs of rose petals make 1oz. of rose oil!), they can be used like medicine would be to treat ailments. So whether they are used as a preventative means or as needed, you should make friends with them. 

I use oils primarily as aromatherapy. I put the oil in my air diffuser to sleep with at night, depending on what I need. Lavender usually - to calm my mind and help me fall asleep. Or, Rose to cool me down emotionally or physically, and to lighten my mood. I used Cinnamon the other night to boost my immune system, and Eucalyptus while Paul had a cold last week as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral. I also use it when I give Harmonyum Healing treatments - either Myrrh or Frankincense or Rose typically.

If I'm not using it for aromatherapy, I use it medicinally. I've used the oregano oil as a throat gargle to help heal canker sores or a sore throat. I also place tea tree oil on a q-tip swab and insert it into my ear if I feel an earache coming on. Paul also uses tea tree oil as a scalp remedy weekly to help soothe and deep clean. 

The oils we've collected all sit in the little handmade cabinet featured above that Paul made out of wine boxes and a cork as the knob. Inside it right now we have the following (uses included listed next to them as a directory;):

  • Lavender. Calms mind and skin
  • Cypress. Assists breathing, a good throat gargle, helps tense muscles, supports blood flow
  • Eucalyptus. Promotes clear breathing / a decongestant. Good for sore muscles. Used as an anti-bacterial or anti-viral, insect repellent or for a pet wash for fleas.
  • Frankincense. Promotes healthy immune system, cellular health, reduces scars and stretch marks.
  • Lemongrass. Promotes healthy digestion, aching muscles and purifies and tones skin.
  • Myrrh. Cleanses throat and mouth, soothes skin, promotes smooth youthful complexion, good for emotional balance and well being.
  • Oregano. A cleansing agent, good for healthy digestion and respiratory function. Heals canker sores and sore throat.
  • Sandalwood. Smooths skin and reduces scars and blemishes. Enhances mood.
  • Ylang Ylang. Balances hormones, promotes healthy skin and hair. Lifts mood while calming
  • Clove. Antioxidant, cardio health, promotes healthy teeth and gums
  • Rose. Balances moisture in skin, reduces skin imperfections, promotes even skin tone and healthy complexion. Emotionally uplifting.
  • Cinnamon. Promotes circulation, healthy immunity, promotes oral health. alleviates sore muscles 

All of these oils are organic and come from good sources!!! We have some oils from Cape Herb Shop in Brewster, or our local organic market, or DoTerra or YoungLiving. Be sure to always buy organic, first and foremost!

Those are the main ways we use oils, but there are plenty! Try one on for size and see how if feels. It's just a little love from nature and a little self love practice that we can all use here and there! :)