How to find the right Hairstylist

If you're in the market for a new hair stylist because you're either not getting the love from your present stylist, you've just moved and are developing your 'team', you're looking for a change, or just haven't met your match yet, I'll let you in on a secret that will reveal whether they're the right fit for you.

There are many things that make a stylist great, but that doesn't always translate to the right one for you. What I've found as a client and stylist myself, is that the styling (blow dry or curly) aspect is the most telling. You can find out all the other elements in this post, but the reason why I think the styling is the clincher, is because you can really get a taste of how that stylist operates.

Does she/he give you a good shampoo? Does she/he manage your hair in a confident way? Do you like what you see as they're styling? Do you like the finished results? If you answer yes to any of these, chances are you'll like how they color and cut your hair too! 

The reason why is that the art of styling is at the very basis of hair design. This is the first module we master in Cosmetology school - how to work with the round of the head using elevation, and how to approach hair like fabric - does it need tension, how much should be rough dried, which tools to use, etc. As a stylist, we can also learn about how the client's hair reacts and what the client is particular about during the blow out. A good blow out makes a person feel their best and can establish trust between the stylist and client. 

If you're a client, I recommend booking in a blow out at a salon you're interested in. If you like the salon, but didn't enjoy your blow dry experience, book in with another stylist until you do, or try another salon. Booking blowouts will also give you a chance to scope out salons and see where you'd like to do business. (You'll love our team at Salon 700!)

If you're a stylist, I suggest booking in blowouts at other salons to master your craft. By doing so, you'll pick up things you want to implement, or things you definitely don't want to do during your own services. It's a great way to expand on what you can offer. Maybe you'll discover that you like how she/he offered a service to you, how they do/don't talk to you, what kind of a shampoo they give you, how professional they are, etc. All of these elements will allow you to grow as a stylist. You deserve to sit in the client's seat too, not only for pampering, but for evolving. 

If you're a stylist and you're not strong in styling skills, you must practice, practice, practice until you are. It's at the very foundation of how you do everything - from cutting, to color placement, to up-styling, to confidence, professionalism, business strategies, and more. If you haven't mastered this core foundation yet, you can book in a mentoring session with me here

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