Humid Hair Fix for Curly Girls!


It's the dead of summer, and us curly girls have had our locks in a ponytail, or this style all season long! But now that Ouidad came out with the Advanced Climate Control line, we really have no excuse!

My frizz fighting routine is as follows (using all Ouidad products, tips/techniques): 

  • Shampoo and condition with Advanced Climate Control.
  • Prime the hair with heat and detangle spray.
  • Rake and Shake with Advanced Climate Control gel.
  • Diffuse the curls (very important to lock in the set!), but let it stay crunchy!
  • ***Don't open/soften/break the cast of the gel on your curls because your style will stay longer since the humidity will soften it on its own!***
  • Finish with Curl Last Finishing Hair Spray. / Spray whenever needed
  • Don't touch it!
  • When out and about, keep your hair in a loose bun to protect from the elements and let it free when you go out!
  • Spray Finishing Mist in between the day to firm up the curls that tend to get soft in humidity.
  • Do a Deep Treatment every 3 weeks!

You go curl!