Making Meditation Part of Your Everyday Life {Practical tips inside!}

Meditation and yoga is now being acknowledged by many doctors as THE best healing tool, because everything starts in the mind. Our subconscious thought patterns dictate the way we think, feel and act. Everything starts with a seed and grows and manifests into fruit - whether it be beautiful and ripe, or rotten, it all starts from the same place. 

Dis-ease in the body is a result of a negative subconscious thought pattern that can grow like a weed in your garden and take over all the good stuff. Meditation helps us get to the root of that weed and yank it out because when we are aware of what does not serve us, we can let go of it. Because our world is so noisy and distracting, we often cannot listen to our inner voice that may be telling us something isn't working, but when we quiet ourselves and go within, we can cultivate a relationship with that inner voice / our higher self and co-create our lives to be filled with love, peace and light.

Meditation and yoga are tools that remove the root cause of any imbalance, disturbance or dis-ease. Instead of covering up the symptoms of a dis-ease with medicine, and fixing the 'problem', we can actually become more intentional and less reactive to situations that don't serve us as we cultivate a mindful practice.

Many people don't know what meditation is actually supposed to feel like, and they question whether they're doing it right or wrong, they don't trust that it's actually making a difference in their lives, or they just can't seem to find the time to do it. I'm here to tell you that it is THE most important thing you do in your day! There is no right or wrong, the very act of meditating with intention puts everything in motion.

There are so many forms of meditating, and so many different styles of yoga, but the one that I practice and am trained to teach is called Naam Yoga. The reason I love it is because we use mantra (sound therapy), mudra (hand positioning) and breathing techniques to directly connect us to opening our hearts and establishing new positive subconscious thought patterns through spiritual and energetic movements. 

Mantras (means mind projection) are repetitive code sound currents that act like a phone number to dial directly to the guidance we seek. As we repeat these sounds, our tongue activates certain acupressure points in the mouth that opens our pineal and pituitary gland to raise our consciousness and open ourselves up to blessings.

Mudras are like antennas that act as sign language to our angels helping them direct us. Each finger and part of the hand correlates to meridians in the body, and our hands are an extension of our heart which sends the signals to our physical, spiritual and emotional bodies. 

Breath work controls the mind. When we breathe, we get out of our heads and into our hearts. Breathing can alkalize the blood and break up stagnation in the emotional and physical body. Breath is life force - without it we have nothing. What we breathe in can be directed to heal, and what we breathe out can energetically and physically clear out toxins and obstacles that stand in the way of our well being. 

It is recommended to sit for at least 11 minutes to 33 minutes per day to center ourselves and cultivate a relationship within that is positive and loving. If you can't find 11 minutes a day to do this, you can use your tools throughout the day when you're driving, standing in line at the grocery store, when you lay down to sleep, your morning commute, walking - anytime you can access it.

For example, when I'm in the car driving to work, I am chanting mantras. If I'm in the passenger seat, I might choose to do some breath work or place my hands in a mudra (see below). If I'm standing in line I will use my breathing techniques, or if someone is taking up a lot of negative space, I may use a cooling, cleansing breath that neutralizes that energy (see below). 

Below are some of the tools I use regularly throughout the day:

  • Sitali Pranayam: Through a curled tongue, inhale completely then exhale through the nose. If you can't curl your tongue, you can sip in air like you're sucking a straw through the center of your mouth or the side if you're in public ;). This is a wonderful cooling breath!
  • Tattva Mudra: To ground myself, I will place all 5 fingertips together as my fingers are outstretched pointing away from my body - thumb creating the bottom of a triangle facing towards me at the naval point. 
  • Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung Mantra: Repeat over and over again to purify your aura and bring healing in. Anytime in the car or on a walk etc.

For more self care practices, click here.

I offer hands on harmonyum energy healing sessions where I design a customized meditation practice for you based on what you're looking to achieve in your life. If you're interested, please let me know. Til then, I hope you can enjoy some of these tools above!