My 5 minute makeup routine


I've been using the same makeup routine since 2008 when I had a makeup consultation at MAC. I always wonder about these girls who spend SO MUCH TIME on their faces before they go out. Why does it take them so long?

Maybe its because I'm a rule follower. Maybe its because I know a thing or two from working for a makeup artist. Maybe its just intuitive to me because I'm a hairstylist.

Whatever the case may be, there are 7 steps ladies! And they don't take long! Whether you're doing your day or night face, it's the same approach.

Foundation. There are so many different kinds out there from sheer to matte, and liquid to powder, so depending on how much coverage you need, pick your poison. I personally use a semi-matte mineral based foundation by Jane Iredale that I love, but in the summer I might use this. I apply it with the handi brush in small circles all over my face - this takes about 10 seconds. 

Bronzer/Blush. After I apply my foundation, I accent the high points of my face with either a bronzer for summer or a soft pink blush in fall/winter/spring. Choose your blush/bronzer color based on the underlying color in your face - are you more of a peach or a deep rose? Do you have warm or cool tones in your skin? I have light pink tones, so that's why I choose dusty rose pressed powder to dab on my cheekbones. Some might prefer a cream blush if they have drier skin/like a dewier glow. I smile as I do this step so I can clearly see where I'm to apply it on my cheekbones. When I use bronzer, I sweep it like a W on my face - cheekbones, nose, forehead and chin. 

Eyeshadow. When you apply your shadow, start with a lighter tone in your palette and sweep across the whole lid using a wide eyeshadow brush. Then in the crease, create a v shape in the outer corner to about half way into the crease using a more contoured brush. Then, if you have an even lighter shadow than the first, you can sweep just under your eyebrow arch to highlight the eye area (ideal for nighttime). Your palette is determined by your eye color - choose colors that are complimentary. Blue eyes = neutrals/pinks/light browns. Brown eyes = golds/browns. Hazel eyes = plum, golds, metallics. Green eyes = plums, pinks. I personally use benefit cosmetics big beautiful eye kit, but you might try to find a triple set at jane iredale, I love that for the highlight aspect!

Eyeliner. Again, depending on your eye color, choose your color. I like a soft pencil, but some people might like more drama with a liquid eyeliner. Some choose to go on the inside of the eye lid on the bottom, and play on the outside of the top lid line. I only do the bottom lid, on the outside of the inner lid, and I drag it a little past so I have a longer outer corner of my eye. Try out all looks and see what works best for you. I find that if I put liner inside my lid and/or on the outer top lid, it makes my eyes looks smaller. I use a soft brown pencil for my blue eyes - MAC costa riche.

Eyebrows. I can't tell you how important the brows are! But first, get them shaped perfectly! My girl in Boston is the best, but I also had some great ones in LA! The fuller the better though! Depending on your hair color (light, medium or dark), choose the right shade for your brows. I like a shadow with an applicator brush, but some people might like a gel /mascara wand application for more drama. Shading your brows gives them more depth and contour so your eyes really pop! There's no right or wrong way to apply, just fill in your brow shape and keep on going til your satisfied! My brow artist makes her own shadows, so I buy from her in blonde, but there are a bunch out there to buy, like this!

Mascara. I can't live without my mascara! The ends of my lashes are light, so without mascara, you can't see the lengths and volume! I'm a die hard MAC zoom lash mascara user in black. Some people might like a little less drama and opt for a brown, but why not go for the drama in black!? I say always.

Lips. Depending on how much drama you're going for (day or night?) you might want more coverage, which would mean a liner, a lip stick and a gloss. Or for more of a daytime (sheer) look, just gloss will do. That's what I do - I pretty much use the same gloss all the time in a cool soft mauve color (Jane Iredale Beach Plum) - again working with the coloring in your cheeks for the right shade. 

And that's it! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and you're golden! Please be sure to choose good quality products for your skin because it absorbs into your blood! I trust Jane Iredale's products, so have a look around and see for yourself! And let me know how it goes! For more color advice, check out this post.