My top 10 self care tips


I dieted for years.

I was always trying the latest and greatest diets throughout my college years - Atkins, South Beach, The Zone, to name a few, to try and keep my overindulgences in check.

I learned a lot with those diets, but it wasn't until I started to learn about eating clean and organic that things started to really shift.

I love eastern practices in regards to health. It makes so much sense - preventative care, rather than reactive/medicinal care. Food has the power to heal everything! 

That's why I turned to Macrobiotics and Veganism when I was dealing with an annoying skin rash and some other health concerns. 

I saw just how amazing those diets are in healing oneself, but it was all consuming and totally overwhelming to keep up with.

It was hard for me to try and get back into the 'real world' of eating, after 5 years of it, but I craved the days when I used to love eating chips and guac, drinking margaritas, eating pizza, and burgers at a bbq, etc.

Even though there are plenty of 'healthy alternatives' to all those 'comfort cravings', I just wanted to be able to let go and enjoy the real deal in any given moment, without suffering from crazy reactions.

The more clean my diet became, the more I was sensitive to anything I ate that was 'foreign' to that diet.

Enter Ayurveda.

Ayurveda helped me steer away from those eating styles into  a diet that was designed for my specific constitution. Slowly I started to come back to my healthy weight and more joy in my surroundings.

The thing is that I LOVE FOOD.

I wanted to be able to enjoy it fully and completely, but still take care of my health!

Ayurveda helped me start to do that.

Now I've developed my own unique health style that aligns with my values, but I can rely on all the practices I've learned along the way.

I decided to create a health coaching program because I want to help people with the struggles that I once faced. 

I've finally worked out a way to 'have my cake and eat it too' with my own approach to self care, and have found a sustainable practice I can rely on to support me in my health and wellbeing.

Curious to know what works for me?

Here are my top 10 basic practices I implement everyday:

  1. Hot water with lemon upon waking.
  2. A simple breakfast - see options here.
  3. Drinking Shakeology, and snacks like a piece of fruit or couple handfuls of nuts or a macrobar.
  4. Drinking water off a 40oz thermos all day
  5. Daily movement - walk, yoga, workout
  6. Quiet time + breathwork in the car or otherwise.
  7. Abyhanga (self love oil) massage + dry brushing for circulation + detoxification
  8. Sleep by 10/10:30 (because ayurveda + circadian rhythms)
  9. Prayer before bed + before meals + gratitude all day
  10. Triphala (a little miracle supplement)

Try one each day and see for yourself just how good you can feel. Before you know it, it will all be second nature! If you need more personal guidance, feel free to contact me for a consultation.