Cultivating Consciousness: How to Overcome a Challenging Situation


I remember reading something awhile back that the late Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote which really stuck with me. He said you can always come back to the present moment if you've lost your way and are engulfed in emotional drama, by reconnecting with your intention. At first I didn't really know what he meant by that, but now I understand it to be really very simple - it's coming back to thinking, being, and doing in alignment with your highest self - coming from that source of love / prayer / intention. 

Just like in yoga class, I never understood why we set intentions at the beginning of a class when I first started out, but now I know that an intention is something we would like to achieve by the end of class or throughout the day. It could be anything like being present, being happy, being healthy - whatever is personal and moves us can be an intention. As we practice in class, we focus on our breathing to allow each pose to sink in so that our mind, body and spirit connect as one. We drop in to the present moment with each breath which connects us to our intention, or what our highest self knows will serve us and others. Then we take it off the mat into our daily lives. That is the power of a yoga practice.

What I don't think people realize, is that an intention is the same as a prayer or a thought or a wish, and can be set each day or before each activity or encounter, not just in meditation or yoga or sitting in prayer or church. 

Sending a prayer is an energetic form of healing, whether it be for you or for someone else. I've been so blessed to cultivate this deep relationship with my soul/God through Naam Yoga and Harmonyum Healing Treatments, that in each day and in everything that I do, I find it second nature to offer a prayer - I bless my surroundings all the time. I bless my food before I eat it, I bless my loved ones, I bless my salon, clients, and coworkers before each work day, I bless each blog post I write, most emails, texts and social media posts with the intention to serve the greater good.

Gratitude is another way of using prayer. Each night before I go to bed I thank God for everything that I experienced in that day - finding the good in each moment in my day even if it was hard to, so that I manifest more good in my life. I say "Thank You, God" quietly or loudly for everything that puts a smile on my face in that very moment - when I'm walking, listening to a song, realizing something profound, etc.

It seems easy to make a wish for ourselves, but what about a wish for someone or something else even when you've been wronged by them/it? 

For example, I had a client come into the salon the other day who was unbelievably condescending and controlling. It was easy for me to get sucked into her negative energy and dragged down to her level to complain about her and make her wrong, but you know what? I was able to rise above it by realizing that she needed a prayer - a prayer to let go of her fear and find peace within so that she can be more trusting, allowing, and graceful. I visualized her surrounded in light and sent her this prayer/wish/offering. 

I'm sure there's someone that has hurt you or brings up negative feelings inside you. Can you find it in your heart to pray for them and see them at their best selves? Can you look for something you can be grateful for in them? This will heal you and help you overcome your challenge! Forgiveness is the most powerful form of prayer. 

Since the law of the universe says that whatever you focus on grows, than start to see the good in them or the situation. If you're having a difficult time then I invite you to start to imagine what that situation or person would look like/be like if you could wave a magic wand. When you focus on what you would like the outcome to be, it will be. When you keep focusing on the problem, that problem will keep perpetuating itself. 

When you are connected to your highest self through prayer, you will live your life from this beautiful, positive, loving, forgiving place where you can easily see the good in everything, and co-create your life to align with your dreams, wishes, values, and intentions.

Our life's purpose is to be the Divine made Manifest - that light that you inherently are which can spark the light in everyone you meet, and raise the collective consciousness of all beings. 

You can start receiving the benefits of prayer right now by reciting this one everyday - morning and night, or at least once a day:

"Love before me. Love behind me. Love at my left. Love at my right. Love above me. Love below me. Love in me. Love in my surroundings. Love to all. Love to the universe.

Peace before me. Peace behind me. Peace at my left. Peace at my right. Peace above me. Peace below me. Peace in me. Peace in my surroundings. Peace to all. Peace to the universe.

Light before me. Light behind me. Light at my left. Light at my right. Light above me. Light below me. Light in me. Light in my surroundings. Light to all. Light to the universe."

To further elevate you and your surroundings to a state of positivity and love, I'd love to give you an energy healing session. Please contact me for a consultation.

In Love, and Light,