Priming Your Curls to Perfection

I am loving working with primers when I style my clients curls! I used to go straight for the styling products because I felt that the hold was diluted if I put a primer in first, but after attending the Art of Curl Class by Ouidad last month, I was re-inspired by styling and working with all the different products Ouidad has to offer.

As our instructor said, 'when you plug your address into GPS, you're given 1-3 different routes to take, right?' There are many ways to get from A-Z, and so with styling your curls, you can have a little fun and switch up your same old styling routines!

Yes, the Ouidad family of products can be overwhelming, but if you consider the season, your latest new haircut/style and incorporating/replacing/interchanging one product as you run out, you can change it up with ease.

The different primers that Ouidad offers depend on your curls textures, curl pattern and condition. I'll break them down for you here:

Botanical Boost. This award winning product is perfect for fine textures, looser curls, and hair that tends to collapse/flatten. Spray it in damp hair before you use your styling product to 'boost' your curls, giving it a dose of aloe vera and vitamin E. Mist it on day 2/3 hair, after a workout or after the beach to re-hydrate and re-coil your curls.

Moisture Lock. This super lightweight, yet super moisturizing leave in conditioner is designed for coarser, tighter curls that are thirsty. One quarter sized amount worked between your hands and then combed through your ends creates a perfect palette to then rake and shake with your climate control gel or tress fx gel. 

Whipped Curls. This luxurious heavier leave in conditioner really smooths and coats your curls in protein and moisture. Perfect for coarser textures, classic curl patterns and damaged hair to keep the frizz under control and the hair in prime condition. Work a quarter sized amount through hair like conditioner, then style as usual with your choice of styling product.

HydraFusion Cream. This product can be used alone for a soft style without any hold, but also used like a leave in conditioner to elongate tighter curls and soften coarse textures. I love it used alone, but used before climate control gel, you can really define, smooth and control your crazy curls. 

Silky Souffle Setting Cream. My new favorite primer for tight, kinky, coarse curls. This can be used interchangeably with the Hydrafusion Cream, but what I like about this one is its a little heavier. It really calms your curls and infuses it with oils that seem to seal in moisture so the hair feels instantly healthier! Can be used alone, raked and shaked into sections, or before climate control gel as a leave in conditioner - working a quarter sized amount through the ends.

Advanced Climate Control Heat and Detangle Spray. The latest and greatest primer for summer! Spray this on before you style your curls to protect against heat damage, to smooth down frizz and add extra shine. Perfect to take to the beach or pool. Can be used interchangeably with Botanical Boost or any of the other primers. It is lighter but still locks in moisture and locks out humidity!

There you have it. Try a new primer today and see what a difference it can make in your curls condition and expression!