Raise Your Vibration to Attract Your Soul Mate <3 {It works I promise!}

I am writing to you all as I sit here bursting with joy and love, and floating on cloud nine here in the beautiful Azores, with a dazzling ring on my finger and handsome fiance (!) by my side, to tell you that we just got engaged last night over a romantic dinner overlooking the gardens of the luxurious Terra Nostra hotel in Furnace, Sao Miguel. 

If you haven't heard our love story yet, you can read this post here. Paul is my soulmate, my other half, my heart's delight and desire. He is a true reflection of the love within my heart, and our relationship is the Divine Manifest. I am so grateful that God brought him into my life at the most perfect moment. I am so grateful to learn more about love and to radiate our love outward into the world. I tell him how grateful I am everyday and he does the same. I am so grateful that he is such a mindful, conscious soul, and that he is so in tune with me. I could not have dreamed up a better man to share my life with!

I feel so much gratitude overflowing because I have so many angels in my life who have helped me to receive this blessing. There have been so many things I had to prepare for to bring me to this moment. I had to learn how to love, first and foremost. I learned this from my parents, my friends, my yoga teachers and healers, and my self love/self care practices.

I remember when my brother and his wife got married, I told everyone that their wedding was so special because their love radiated far and beyond the room. It was palpable. I knew I wanted that for myself someday. I just had to keep doing what I was doing - raising my vibration to love. 

My spiritual teacher, Dr. Levry, says that are experiences are only a result of our vibration level - our energy field. When we raise our consciousness, and open our hearts to love, the blessings come pouring in. I remember my Spiritual coach asking me years ago if I felt that I was deserving of love. She told me to raise my arms in a v shape over my head each morning and look up to God saying, "I AM deserving of Love".

We are all more than deserving. It is our birthright. We are Love. We came from love and it is our duty here on earth to give love to everyone, most importantly ourselves! 

We attract what we are, so the more you love yourself, the more you will attract someone who loves themselves, and who can ultimately love you. We cannot love others if we don't love ourselves, which means accepting all of who we are and forgiving everyone, including ourselves first. 

A powerful prayer to open the heart is to place your hands over your heart - left on your heart and right over it as you repeat the words, "I AM" for 11 minutes each day. I AM is a mantra that connects you to the love that's always in your heart so that you can be that love and experience that love always.

Thank you for joining me on this beautiful journey of love. May you nourish your relationship with yourself and others to experience the bliss that I am right now!