Healthy Habits: Routines + Rituals

I had an amazing girls getaway in Vermont last weekend. it was nourishing and rejuvenating on many levels - the foliage had perfectly peaked and we leisurely meandered into country stores and farms as we explored Manchester. As you slow down, you get to connect with life - nature, each other and yourself. 

One of the many meaningful conversations we had was when we were talking about my nightly routine. It's funny to think about how we all have our little 'quirks' that nobody sees in the day to day life, but when you're spending the night together, your bound to get a peek into each other's little worlds. I think it's so special to be able to share those moments with each other because you can appreciate each other a little more.

Anybody who is close to me knows that I LOVE my night time routines, but my friend was in awe of it because she hadn't witnessed it for herself. She was so excited to see how excited I naturally got about the process and as we were talking about it she proclaimed just how much she wants to have that be a part of her life. She is somebody who doesn't have much of a routine and the thought of something like this really intrigues her. Her heart is yearning for it.

So it made me realize that this is a great topic for some who are trying to create a healthy, happy lifestyle for themselves. Having a routine, or a ritual is part of our self care practices. Self care equals self love, so incorporating these practices helps us to really get in touch with ourselves, get to know what we need, tune in to what's going on and realize that if we can't take care of ourselves, we can't take care of anyone else. 

The wedding ceremony I went to back in the summer in Santa Barbara reminded me of the importance of having these sacred moments together. The officiant (Paul's amazing Aunt Ann) bestowed her blessings upon the couple, calling upon the significance of their rituals together, saying never to let these rituals go - to keep them in their daily lives so their commitment to each other and their intentions can continue to ground them in their love and union. 

I was so moved by that because it's so true - the simple daily rituals that we tend to in our own lives and the lives we build with someone else is the glue that keeps the love candle burning. Whether it's your own self love candle, or your relationship love candle, tending to that fire, or that garden in your heart(s) comes from your commitment to showing you care for yourself or another by these practices, these routines, these rituals.

So begin by incorporating one ritual that you commit to each day and see how it always brings you back to that space of love, peace and light. Naturally, it will begin to evolve into other rituals, but this becomes your new norm - what you crave, what you can rely on - that unconditional love that's always in your heart.

Here's a list of some of my daily rituals to get your juices flowing:

  • Hot water with lemon first thing in the morning
  • Dry Brushing my body before my nighttime shower
  • Abyhanga (Self Oil Massage) in the shower using Ayurveda Oil Blends
  • My skin care morning and night routine using Evan Healy Skin Care Products (I Love!!)
  • My gratitude list and prayers before bed
  • Daily exercise (walk and/or yoga)
  • Tea time after dinner

I hope you already have a routine that you didn't even realize was a ritual, but enjoy it and be grateful for these tools! If you don't have one yet, you will soon be on your way by checking out my list above, or discovering your own. You can browse through my Healthy Habits Blog Category as well for more inspiration.

May you be blessed!