Summertime Peach Recipes

We have a little fruit orchard at our humble farmhouse right now, consisting of 2 peach trees, 2 plum trees and 2 apple trees - how lucky are we?! Right now, our peaches are bursting with the juiciest, sweetest peaches you can find!

We harvested about 30 peaches the other day, just in time for a bbq. Peaches are energetically cooling and sweet - perfect for balancing pitta in summer months. So, what to make?

I chose peach crumble bars  from the sweet pea kitchen blog for dessert, which took about an hour to make, using up pretty standard baking ingredients from the kitchen, and yielding 24 bars. The homemade peach bellinis from Ina Garden were a little labor of love, and set the tone for a sweet addition in a mason jar, perfect for the lazy summer afternoon. I got about 8 drinks out of this one batch, and it took about 30 minutes to make since you have to really sieve with some patience!

They were both a hit, if I do say so myself. The crumble bars are not healthy, by any means, but I always choose healthy substitutes when I can - ie, spelt flour, coconut sugar and vegan butter. 

I keep on thinking I could just slice up some peaches and toss it with some coconut cream and chopped mint for a healthy-ish dessert. Or, just the peach on its own is sweet enough! And what about peaches and greens?! The options are endless.

Thank you God for the providing us with the perfect foods in every season!