Evolve: Trusting.

Boston Charles RiverLast week I was fumbling around in an 'ego' (edging God out) driven state of mind, and now I'm singing a new tune! It's always so much easier said than done, but letting go really is the only way to live. I get so caught up in trying to 'figure everything out' ~ to have the perfect schedule, to push myself to be somewhere else, longing for something else, so that I can finally 'get there', and all the while missing out on the beautiful gift of this day! It's literally just a choice. A choice to stop pushing. To stop trying to figure it out. To stop making myself so busy! Just stop. It's that easy. And once I did, I found myself in a beautiful place (albeit just for a day, but it was still an a-ha moment to say the least!). A place of just enjoying! Everything is perfect exactly the way it is. That's my mantra this week, and what I'm trying to cultivate.

I'm trusting in the fact that I will be supported. My favorite affirmation that I took home with me from a sunday celebration at Reverend Michael Beckwith's Agape church in Culver City, CA years ago, hangs on my mirror everyday. I've started to affirm aloud each day and I really think it's helping me get out of my ego mind and into my heart:

Agape ChurchIt's all too easy to compare ourselves to others when the internet and social media bombard us with successful and glamorous portrayals. It's easy to compare myself to another persons style, their clothes, their life, their body, their relationship status, etc. etc., but that just creates separation and more anxiety that's driven to push and do more! Just "Be where You Are.", is the lesson I learned from last week's post as I was going through a karmic cleanse. "Be Who you Are". Be yourself. I believe that all the comparison just leads me to more intensity, more stress, more unnecessary separation from joy! We're meant to be joyful. To enjoy the gifts of the day!

I have to constantly remind myself to not get worked up over how it's all going to work. How I'm going to pay my bills for my new life in Boston. If I'm going to be happy at my new salon. If I'm going to find love. If I'm going to be able to do the things I want to do ~ to travel, to see my friends, to buy the clothes I want. I have to just TRUST that I will have all that I need. I AM taken care of and supported by the universe, by God, and I'll never have it all 'figured out' ever! There will always be something I'm unsure of. If it's my job and my new apartment now, then it will be my future relationship, my kids, my house, my blah blah blah, whatever. You get the picture. There's always going to be something we're worried about, but why worry? It's absolutely pointless and a waste of energy. This is what I'm trying to release.

I pray for joy, for peace, for support, and for all the wonderful blessings that come into my life. I'm trusting my path. Trust equals Faith and Faith lies in our heart center, where our emotions are stored. All emotions will be restored when we have Faith. It's a Kabbalistic Principle. So here's to faith, to trust, to letting to and to enjoying the day!

Wahe Guru!