Best Burgers

Health: Latest Boston Restaurant Rave

Grass Fed, Boston GrassFed in J.P. = YUM!

We recently stumbled upon this awesome spot a few weeks ago and had the best burgers ever!!! If you haven't learned yet from my latest posts, I now eat everything (with consciousness) and am thoroughly enjoying food in all its glory!

With that consciousness in mind, we like to make sure we know the source, keeping it local and of the highest quality ingredients whenever available! This place fit perfectly in with our standards! ;)

All of the beef comes from Maine Family Farms in Portland, Maine, and is raised on a grass fed, vegetarian diet. How cool is it to know exactly where your beef comes from?! (For all you vegan/vegetarians, they do have a veg option as well;)

It's a super cool, hipster spot with all sorts of alternative menu items from 'adult beverage milkshakes' to beet fries and homemade oreos! And they're right down the street from my fave vegan ice cream spot, FOMU, so that's an added bonus!!!

Beet Fries

We indulged in a couple burgers, obvi, which totally hit the spot, some truffle parm fries, beet fries, and you better believe that I took an oreo to-go!;)

Homemade Oreos

I highly recommend hitting up this 'boutique' burger joint, but just make sure you get in on the early rush because the poor stragglers got turned away when they ran out of burgers and fries on a Sunday night at 7pm!

Stay tuned for more 'Best of Burgers' recommendations to come :)!

Til then, check out my other fave restaurant rec's in Boston and Cape Cod.