Restaurant Rave Round UP {In My Travels}

Local Urban Kitchen Hello Fellow Foodies!

I've eaten some seriously tasty food this past month while traveling to 3 wedding weekends in a row! From L.A. to New Hampshire, to the Jersey Shore, there's some great quality, mindful eating practices going on out there so I thought I'd share the few I've stumbled upon!

There's a new(ish) talk of the town in Venice, CA called Gjusta. It's the sister restaurant to the other famed Venice hot spot, Gjelina. It's exactly what you'd expect to find in the oh-so-cool and trendy streets of the west side of L.A. I went there two days in a row for breakfast and found myself in my usual overload of excitement when it comes to wanting to eat everything on the menu, so it was hard to decide! I ended up going with the Multi-Grain Waffle with berries, butter and maple syrup divine one morning, and the next a.m. went with the granola bowl and a slice of the daily quiche special. I'm sorry to report that I did not take any pics because I was really present to the whole experience ~ taking a number before placing the order, finding a standing spot at the breakfast bar and people watching all the overall wearing, grungy, bo-ho inspired coastal dwellers.

In New Hampshire, I found the cutest, most down to earth little cafe in Manchester that was bustling with local love! We went there for breakfast and I was super inspired by their story and what they are giving to the community! Purple Finch Cafe believes in: offering a healthy alternative to dining out, in a well balanced diet, in providing genuine personal attention in customer service (which was very obvious), striving to be the best, in creating a family atmosphere (also obvious), and sourcing local, organic, fair trade ingredients! Their spinach, feta and fried egg wrap was completely satiating! Their love for what they are creating there filled me with so much love and light that it carried me through my day! That's what it's all about after all, isn't it?!

Out of all the breakfast spots I tried, this one just may take the cake when it comes to offering a real farm to table experience. As soon as we walked in, we were aware of the local produce, the organic healthy options, the farm style touches of mason jar glasses, handmade wooden tables and chairs, and vibrant employees! We indulged in super seed pancakes, crab cake benedict, pumpkin protein smoothies, and quinoa porridge. You could tell that everything was made with love, and everything that's made with love will heal you, as my spiritual master teaches us. If you're ever on the Jersey Shore, be sure to find the Local Urban Kitchen! You just may want to hang out there all day like I wanted to!!! :)

As always, when you have a healthy relationship with food, your inspiration and appreciation for the food that you find and the restaurants where you dine will reflect back all that love you have for yourself! Menu planning, shopping wisely and cultivating a healthy relationship with food are all part of self care and healing that I can help you create if you'd like to schedule a diet assessment with me.

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