Martha's Vineyard vegan

Evolve: Feed your Soul

Oak Bluffs, MVIt's amazing what a little day trip can do for the soul. One of my all time favorite things to do is explore a town or a city and find healthy, alternative, funky veg friendly spots, pop into some shops, take a nice walk or a bike ride and soak in the beauty of creation that surrounds me. This is exactly what I did in Vineyard Haven, Martha's Vineyard, MA while my new bf :) made me feel like I was Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman as he went off to work and brought me along to play for the day! Swoon!

First on the agenda for my source of fun: FOOD! Oh my amazingness at Blissed Out! I'm telling you ~like attracts like, and it pops up all around me now!

Blissed Out, Vineyard Haven, MVI rounded the corner and poof ~ Blissed Out appeared! It's the only healthy vegan cafe of its kind on the whole island, and it just happened to be less than a block from our hotel!

The owner and I bonded over the excitement of fresh off the dehydrator raw vegan macaroons and curly hair talk! You never know who you're supposed to meet ~ just as she was a treat to me, I was a little treat to her with my curly hair expertise:)! Wahe Guru!

Blissed Out, Martha's Vineyard

Blissed Out, Martha's VineyardAfter my basking in bliss moment of enjoying these little food delights outside on the bench in the warm sun, I wandered into an art gallery and found myself enchanted by an array of greeting cards.

Ingrid Goff-MaidoffAs I was taking pictures of these inspiring quotes, I was drawn to a unique poem just as the woman who created it approached me. Our eyes locked and it was as if I was instantly taken to another life that we must have shared together ~ it was so obvious that we had known each other somewhere! It was such an awesome experience! We both agreed we had a soul connection. I thanked her for her bright light in my life that day and felt so blessed to be able to really experience the love that surrounds us always.

Ingrid Goff-MaidoffA simple smile or a thank you can instantly brighten a persons day and life. I am so grateful for her. She is such a gift to the world with her creative spirit expressing her talent through her art form. It filled me with so much gratitude for the Creator and for all of our unique gifts and talents that make this world go round.

Emily DickinsonMy inspiration continued to bubble over even more as I stumbled into more art galleries and enjoyed the beauty of the artists' perceptions, their talents and their gifts. I became overwhelmed with inspiration in art, in creation, in life, in love, in joy and in pleasure. It made me realize that all we have to do is look around, and open our eyes. Beauty is everywhere, from the food I ate that day, to the art work, the written quotes and poems, my bike ride in nature, and my time spent with my newfound bf.

My heart was fluttering with inspiration and motivation to keep writing and blogging, to keep aligning with my gifts and talents, and to feel at peace knowing that we all have a unique set of gifts and talents that expresses the light within us, which contributes to the collective beauty in this life that surrounds us.

We are all ONE and we are all LOVE. What we experience is what we are putting out there. Everything is a mirror that only multiplies as we keep attracting more of the same, raising our vibration one person at a time through an attitude of gratitude, a jolt of inspiration and a smile of joy.

So keep on shining!