carrot juice

LifeStyle Lessons: Carrot Juice Cures

Lakewood Carrot JuiceAfter a weekend of lots of beans (black bean burger for dinner and the next morning huevos rancheros with refried black beans!), fried fish, fried sweet potatoes, and bread, my digestion was feeling pretty sluggish to say the least! Ugh! I was feeling heavy and SO full of food that you can imagine just how thankful I was  to find that there was carrot juice in my bf's fridge! I remember a Macrobiotic teacher telling me once that drinking warm carrot juice will move things along, as well as massaging the intestinal track! The reason being that a carrot is a root veg and has a yang (macro term) quality, which means it pulls everything down (rooting you) to contract the expansive (yin) energy. So, I did just that and it was a miracle! AAahhh! I felt so much better in no time and I didn't have to go to the extent of making the detox drink I often turn to.

All you need is pure, organic 100% carrot juice (Lakewood is a great brand) warmed on the stove top, not so that it's boiling but so it's warm like soup. Drink and enjoy the benefits of relieving a sluggish digestion! It's probably best to keep one of these bottles in the fridge at all times, just in case! ;)

Wahe Guru!