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Summertime Self Care Solutions

Summertime Self Care Solutions

Well, it's official, summer is upon us! As the sun reached it's highest point last week, marking the Summer Solstice, and the full moon pulled down towards us, we had a chance to align with the yin and yang within us and surrounding us. As we transition into the summer season, let's all remember to dance with this delicate balance.

Curly Cures: Why You Should Buy This for Your Curls

Curly Cures: Why You Should Buy This for Your Curls

Hi fellow curly girls!

So many of my curly clients are good about doing THE most important part of their curl care routine at home – the Deep Treatment, but many have all different kinds of excuses.

Some just forget, some don’t have time for it, some don’t have a blow dryer, some say they can’t be bothered with it.

I must reiterate the importance of why you can’t ignore this crucial step! Ouidad’s Deep Treatment is the foundation of her entire system! If your curls aren’t in proper condition, they won’t perform at their best..

Hair: Keratin or Kinky?

Keratin Hair I get this question all the time, “Should I consider doing the brazilian blowout/keratin treatment on my curls?”

My answer is this: If you don’t want to wear your hair curly, then yes! If you like your curls, then I would advise against it!

There’s always going to be some ‘new and improved’ smoothing system out there on the market! There’s the old school Relaxer, the Japanese Straightening, the Bio Ionic, the Brazilian…take your pick, they are all “Re-Texturizing’ Services, meaning they are going to change the chemical structure of the protein bonds within the cortex of your cuticle! Breaking those bonds will alter your curl pattern ~ there’s no way around it!

Even if the products used are gentler versions of these chemical formulations, the heat from the flat irons used to drive the chemicals into the inner part of the hair shaft, create the physical change….much like blow drying your curls would. Only, when you go to shampoo your hair again, the residue still remains…It takes time for the effects to wear off, and the problem is, it varies from head to head, so there’s no real clear answer as to how long the Brazilian lasts….It could last 4 weeks, or years!

I personally tried the Global Keratin smoothing system a few years back when I wanted to rock full on bangs! It was a fun change because if I wanted my bangs to be heavy and straight, I really couldn’t have the tight curls throughout the rest of it, unless I wanted to step back into the early ‘90’s…

The keratin treatment stretched out my curls so I had that 'beachy wave' look I so desired! Win/Win, until the treatment started to fade a month later... I was left with tangle, broken hair, which I had never experienced before. This lasted for about a year…until Ouidad (my guru) told me to start doing Deep Treatments to break up the keratin!

Makes total sense! Duh!! Obviously the "Queen of Curl" would have the magic wand!;) The Deep Treatment is designed to fortify the inner part of the cuticle, to fill in the porosity and bring back elasticity to the hair by way of gently heating it up under a hood dryer with a plastic cap on, to trap the heat (no heat styling tools here!). Over time, the opening of the cuticle, allows for the keratin residue to seep out, and the wheat protein and amino acids of the deep treatment to take its place. Slowly, but surely, my dulled out ‘beach waves’ were replaced with fortified, bouncy, shiny curls again!

I wouldn’t go down that route again, and I speak from my own experience, and from the many heads that sit in my chair complaining about the same struggles, when I advise against the Keratin Treatments out there. Unless you’re one of those girls who blow dries your hair straight everyday, you will most likely be like all the others who complain that what they hoped would be the answer to their dreams of luscious locks, is in fact more damage, flat, dull, lifeless hair.

Moral of the story, just embrace what you have!