Hair Help: HairRx

Editorial hairI like to give my clients 'Hair Prescriptions'! All too often, I have clients who want their hair to grow really long, but yet they trim it every 4-6 weeks! Why?! I know they're following 'The rules', but the reality is that your hair grows 1/2inch per month, so unless your stylist is super careful about literally 'dusting' the ends (less than 1/4inch) then you're safe, but unfortunately most stylists are known for being 'scissor happy'. What I usually look for is whether the ends are splitting or breaking. Lots of times, especially if your hair is fine, it grows to a fine point as it gets longer and you lose that strong visual length line. Basically what's happening is the hair is just getting weaker the older it gets. Think about it ~ about 6 inches from the root of your hair strand is about one year old hair. So, you can guestimate just how old your hair is if it's well past your shoulders...That being said, it's been exposed to lots of outdoor elements ~ wind, sun, chemical processes, brushes, combs, clips, you get the picture...

blonde hairYou need to keep the hair strong! The only way to feed (nourish/strengthen) your hair is to put life back in it with protein bonds ~ they reconstruct the inner part of the cuticle, plumping it up and giving it elasticity, shine and body. You don't have to keep cutting the ends if you're feeding it with proteins! (Something a stylist should never say if they ever want to keep a client!;). In all honesty though, your hair will lose it's shape after about 10-12 weeks (depending on how long it is) and then you will need to reshape it, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to sacrifice length! Shaping just addresses the internal body of the hair. You can't live without us, sorry!;). We need to see you at least 4 times a year!

So, you can relax in keeping your locks long! But make it a priority to do bi-weekly protein treatments and use the proper Hair Prescription provided by your stylist! We are like a doctor/therapist, ya know;)

curly hairThere are so many products out there on the market, but my favorite protein builders are :

*Ouidad's Deep Treatment along with her Nourishing Shampoo and Melt Down Mask. She's also recently packaged her in salon treatments for at home use ~ the salon series is amazing!! Ouidad's products can be used on all types of curl patterns, even straight! (Most people have some what of a bend to their hair anyways...) I especially like the omega 3 and mediterranean bay leaf treatments!

I also like Pureology's Essential Repair Line ,

and Kerastase Resistance Force Architecte line.

Don't forget, we have in salon treatments that are always worth taking advantage of as well!

There's always the good ole fashioned home remedies to turn to for all you hippie dippy types!;):

My amazing "Life Coach", Sivan blogged about her Ayurvedic approach to healthy, strong hair in this article.

And if you missed my GLOW workshop last year, here's what I shared with the group from a yogic approach to healthy hair:

Use a warm oil treatment to enhance hair growth: use jojoba, olive or coconut oil as the base oil – warm the oil. Add 25 drops of pure essential oil - peppermint or rosemary for dry hair or basil oil for oily hair. Wash your hair slightly and then add the oils and massage your scalp to increase circulation and stimulate hair growth.

Rinse using a tonic of sage tea mixed with 1 Tbsp. of apple cider vinegar to support hair growth.

Supplements to take: gotu kola to stimulate hair growth, or silica, and biotin, B vitamins, zinc along with plenty of legumes, nuts, grains, eggs and fish. Daily tea of rosemary, nettle and horsetail.

There you have it ~ your Hair Rx. For a more customized program, see your stylist and do what she says:)


Hair Help: The Best time to cut your hair + how to avoid frizz, thinning and gray!

yoga mudraIt's a New Moon, which is a great time to bring new energy into your life, and to cut your hair if you're looking to grow it! Bet you didn't think there was a spiritual significance to the divine essence of your hair!! But energy is everything!!!

Hair is literally an extension of your electromagnetic field (aka aura). I'm not sure what that says about me, being that my hair is kinky curly, wild and thick! I do have some insight into it though now that I understand doshas in Ayurveda studies. Thick hair represents a Kapha type person. Curly, fine hair is a Vata trait, and thinner (which I don't have), gray or light colored hair (starting to gray! Ah!) are Pitta characteristics.

If you are experiencing dry, frizzy hair or are balding or thinning, check in with this article to see where you could counteract the imbalance of the root cause!

Reduce gray hair by using a yoga mudra therapy exercise ~ rub your nail beds together (leaving out the thumbs) for 15 minutes per day (you can break it up into 5 minutes, 3 times a day). The nail beds hold lots of prana (life energy) and stimulates the sunlight fluid to produce new cells and return your hair to its natural pigment.

Cut your hair during the new moon period if you are looking to grow it long. While the moon waxes during those two weeks, you create space for new energy to take its place when you release it. Conversely,  if you are trying to maintain the same length, then trim it during the waxing moon (two weeks after the full moon) which is a time to let go.

Your hair will be happy in no time!


Curly Cures

My first and most significant challenge in my life, was dealing with my crazy head of curls--they came out of nowhere! I was born with thick, dark, straight hair until about age 9. Here's me, at 3, pictured above.

While living in Florida, my hormonal changes began to make my hair frizzy, dry and kinky.  My family figured it must have been the humidity, in combination with all the chlorine from the swimming and diving I was doing.  My mom took me to all the best salons, but I was left with getting bad haircut after bad haircut, and was teased at school by kids calling me 'Einstein'. It was so sad, but so true. The good news is that this shaped me into the girl I am today without cramping my style!

Throughout my growing pain years of pre adolescents, high school, and college, I experimented with every product out there without much success. My mom felt so bad for me that she was about ready to write to Oprah to enter me into her makeover contest. She was willing to pay anything at that point, to make my hair look good, because she was feeling guilty as to how amazing her hair had been looking! She tried her best to blow dry it out straight, but unfortunately I was left with what looked like a combination of a christmas tree /broom because we didn't have any fancy flat irons or products to help smooth it out back then. I'm still not sure which look was worse--crazy nappy 'Einstein hair', or christmas tree /broom hair?

I spent the next 10 years or so with my hair in a tight bun or pony tail to try and conceal this huge mop! We tried all different types of stylists, but they all made a big deal about how unmanageable it was, and had no idea what to do with me, unless they chemically straightened it--the way they did for ethnic hair textures. I finally gave into it a few times, only to be left with tons of breakage, because my hair wasn't strong enough to hold up against that intensity.

It wasn't until I was 21 years old, that I found Ouidad products--the only cure for the curls!!!

Climate Control Gel then became my new best friend, and is the one product I would take with me to a deserted island! (okay, maybe I'd let me hair naturally dread up so that I could embrace being an island girl, but you get the picture...)

The U.P.S. delivery truck guy became my other best friend, delivering my Ouidad order whenever I needed. He personally gave me his cellphone number in case I ever missed his delivery time, so that I could call him and hunt him down on the streets of Charleston, SC. My product orders were very important; If I didn't have enough product, I couldn't go on--seriously, it was that dramatic. Still, I wore my hair up in a pony tail or half up a lot, because I lacked the styling finesse. I was only dwelling in the 'managing' phase at this point.

Here's a pretty standard college hair shot of me  (on the left):

Post college, I dabbled in a couple different career directions for two years before realizing that my whole life was consumed by my hair! Reading about hair and beauty secrets in magazines and online was, and is still, my favorite pastime. I soon became so good at blow drying my own hair straight, that my friends would ask me to style their hair too.  Clearly it was time for me to head into the beauty industry, but how? I had never entertained the idea of going to hair school before, and my parents definitely didn't foresee that in my future while they were paying my college tuition!

But, I followed my heart and picked up a pair of shears for the first time, and am now a Ouidad Curly Hair Expert at Ouidad Salon in Santa Monica, CA--go figure! caters to all types of waves and curls, making them shiny, lively, manageable and beautiful!

I was given a head full of crazy hair, and can now master the art--literally doing curls in my sleep! And my hair looks pretty amazing, if I do say so myself...see below ;)

Now, go let your natural texture free!

In hair and happiness,


Re-invent yourself this Fall

Happy Fall Equinox and Harvest Full Moon everyone! Are you all riding the healing waves of transformation along with me?

Fall is my most favorite time of the year! I always loved going back to school, being a creature of routine and structure, and I still carry it through in my adult years. It's a time for me to re-group, get re-inspired and breathe fresh new life into my being, which is exactly what I've been up to this September!

If you recall, my last post was a celebration of my birthday, acknowledging my year and summing up my Saturn period. Check it out here: Since then,  I have set intentions for the new year ahead, and have been basking and shining bright in all the glory of my Sun period!

During your sun period, you are supported with light and abundance for the 52 days from your birthday. These last few weeks, I have revamped my hair craft, eaten at some amazing vegan restaurants, and let the waning moon carry away all that no longer serves me in my life.

Fall is the perfect time to freshen up your look, from your hair, makeup, wardrobe and body. It's also a great time to do a cleanse and drop those few pounds!

According to Eastern Tradition as seen in Ayurveda and Macrobiotic practices, the fire energy of summer is hot and expansive. We are naturally drawn to cooling foods and drinks while we're playing and having fun, which include more sugary, mucus forming ingredients. It is only natural then, that when the season breaks to fall, our energy becomes more stable, rooted and grounded with the earth element. Detox occurs at this point because we need to release all the toxins and over load that these foods and drinks have had on our kidneys and liver. This is why colds and flu come about at this time, because the mucus needs to escape somehow. If we support the process properly though, we can have a smooth transition and be in sync with the laws of nature. We need to look to grounding foods and styles of cooking to assist in the process.  Cooking with seasonal vegetables, limiting raw foods, and incorporating more soups and stews is aligned with the seasonal change. Check out for more information on how to align with the fall season.

Are you interested in the latest hair trends? I had an amazing opportunity to attend ArrojoExpo in NYC last weekend to become inspired and expand my craft for the art of hair dressing. It's NYC Fashion Week for the HAIR world! Check out the looks: IMG_4369

The collection included the 'Modify' Men's collection, which is a new take on the 1960's British pop culture of a leaner, longer, harder edged textured look. The current street style of longer on top, shorter, disconnected sides and back, are slowly transitioning into this new look.

The 'Bob Nouvelle' was one of my favorite looks! While in Paris this spring, I noticed women wearing chic one length hair styles and bold lip color and was so excited about it, that I started inspiring my clients to rock this new look, and voila!--it was on the runway at this show! The classic shape is modernized with a slight graduation in the back and free flowing movement around the face with edgy fringe--I love it!


I also got certified in 'The American Wave'--a new texture service, bringing back all shapes and sizes of curls, from the beach wave to the high wire, creating permanent texture in the hair again is here to stay!

My other favorite looks I saw from NYC subway stations to the runway show was all different variations of pastel colors in the hair--from turquoise to violet to canary yellow, the latest trend is seen in a color blending/melting type of technique. I'm loving this look! It's kind of wild, but it's definitely being worn not just in fashion magazines! My favorite look was a brunette faded from a rich brown at the root to a gold middle into dark brown ends.

While in NYC, I got to catch up with an old friend and scouted out some yummy veg restaurants!

My favorite was v-note on the Upper East Side! So good! Butternut Gnocchi for Appetizers and a Pistachio Lemon Truffle Root Vegetable Crepe in a Cashew Cream...whaat!? Followed by a Chocolate Peanut Butter Ganache with ice cream!? I mean, come on!

I also HIGHLY recommend juice press on Madison and 92nd AMAZING. I ate here for most of my meals on the go--so healthy and delightful! My morning started with their raw oatmeal with a jam topping!


While the moon continues to wane for the next two weeks, make the intention to leave behind all that weighs you down. Create the space to design a life you love by aligning your actions with what touches, moves and inspires you! I know I am!

A suggested meditation for you to allow your desires to manifest is to sit in easy pose with your hands in prayer pose  at your heart center with the fingers interlaced except for the pointer fingers. Chant: Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Jio for 11min. You can download the cd and chant along as you listen to track 4 here:

In love, peace and light.

May you all take good care of yourselves and feel the support of the earth during this beautiful season of change!

Sat Nam.