healthy dressing

Fave Food Finds for Quick, Healthy Meals

Best Dressings While homemade dressings are probably the best, a quick and easy substitute is either Amy's / Annie's (T.J.'s version) or Bragg's brand. They make the best products that include the highest grade quality ingredients, and are readily available at any local natural foods store and Whole Foods.

Pour them on salads and grain bowls to make your veggies sing!

Amy's Goddess is my fave ~ tahini creamy lovin at its finest, or the Shitake Sesame or Balsamic ~ YUM!

We've been loving the Bragg's Ginger Sesame on all our greens lately too!

Love Crunch

As for breakfast, I am a sucker for this insatiable, gluten-free, decadent granola, Love Crunch. There are so many flavors, but my favorite is the raspberry chocolate combo with some almond milk. OMG. Sometimes we sprinkle a little on our smoothie too! SOOO GOOD! It may not be the healthiest because of its added raw cane sugar, but once a week (or twice) is fine I think! ;)

Or you could be a little healthier with this SuperFood Cereal, and trust all the ingredients in it:

Superfood Cereal

Both are available at Natural Food Marts!

Get on it!