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Lifestyle Lessons: Have your Vacation, and Eat Well too!

Cayman Island Happy HourSpring break and weekend celebrations are upon us as summer approaches! Yay! Vacation eating can sometimes be challenging if you don't have a rough plan so I'll show you what a week (or two) away looks like for me: Luckily our family stays in a condo while we vacation (I highly recommend this over hotels) to Grand Cayman each Christmas! We can minimally, but efficiently, stock our kitchen (life saver!) for breakfast, lunch and snacks!

For those 2 weeks I lived off of:

Mary's Gone Crackers

Mary's Gone Crackers with hummus or guacamole for our happy hour snacks on the beach.

For lunch on the balcony ~A Quinoa and Bean (Eden brand) salad with steamed or blanched kale, carrots or squash, with cucumbers and avocado.

Tofu ScxrambleA tofu scramble with chopped veggies, tamari and olive oil.

Oatmeal for breakfast with raisins, honey and almonds.

Ezekiel toast with almond butter for breakfast or a snack.

Cayman RestaurantsWe ate out almost every night, and I chose either salmon or a white fish dish requesting that it be sauteed or baked in olive oil (stressing no butter, milk or cream) with veggies or rice, or a vegetarian pasta dish with olive oil and garlic.

A couple nights, I imbibed on some champagne with fruit, or a skinny girl margarita (still can't decide if it was worth it).

Tulsi Tea

I took care of myself by drinking tulsi tea with lemon and ginger after dinner when I got home, or ordered ginger or peppermint tea at the restaurant to help with digestion (especially if we were eating out late).

Cayman ChristmasI drank warm water with lemon when I woke up, had a daily stretch/yoga sesh and walk (finding sandcastles and people watching), and a good night's sleep.

It's a lifestyle folks, and a daily journey of checking in with what works and what doesn't for your highest and best self! Trust yourself and the process! Each day aim to move in the direction of health ~ each day adds up!

Cayman CoconutsCheers to Vacation!