Get grounded and set your intention for Fall

i love this time of year, when the expansive energy of the summer starts gathering for fall. it's that settling, grounding energy that has me feeling ready to re-group and feel refreshed and ready for new beginnings.

now that i've had the chance to let go and relax, my own guiding light is paving the way for my future. i've become incredibly mindful in everything that i do, without judgement and with compassion. i've set clear intentions and been grateful for all that i've been experiencing, even if at times i felt uneasy and unsure.

some significant thoughts that i've picked up along the way that i'd love to share with you are:

"we will keep coming back to burn off karma until we each feel love, peace and light in our hearts. our purpose in life is to spread that light to everyone."

this simple statement has been a revelation for me in my newfound mission in life - spread your light...that's all. which gives way to the second statement that supports my mission:

"give back. teach what you know. share your light."

i feel so incredibly blessed to have connected with the many mentors in my life who have taught me the tools that i now have within me, to help others in various capacities. i only have one option, and that is to continue to spread that light, and i hope you all will spread yours too.

we are all such unique beings with many different talents and gifts, and if we just stay connected to that simple fact, we will all live an abundant, fulfilled life, even if current situations don't make sense at the time.

"don't waste a single day. get out and do something fun, creative, invigorating - anything that brings you joy."

consider how you're expending your energy. i find this point fascinating. we all get so caught up in the instant gratification of technology and our energy can easily be sucked.

try to set your intention each morning to prioritize your life - how will that energy be spent? maybe with loved ones? maybe exercising? maybe eating healthy? maybe being a little naughty? maybe writing? drawing? putting on a super fun, fabulous outfit? making yourself look your best? or maybe indulging in being cozy and comfy? it's your choice.

don't consider anything else like finances, etc. if it's of utmost importance for you to spend your energy a certain way, than it is your prerogative and all that you value - trust in that.

as far as relationships go, "we should not enter into relationships to get. we should enter to give."

use your word to uplift others. your voice, your touch, your compassion has the ability to heal all. we all have the power to share our hearts with others.

once you understand that our purpose in this life is to spread our light, we will reach the hearts of everyone here on earth and collectively raise our vibrations to all experience love, peace and light.

have a beautiful weekend!