The basic structure of your diet + a dressing recipe

what an amazing cooking class/lecture i had the pleasure of experiencing this weekend! my macrobiotic counselor hosted a 'fresh start program" outside of boston, in newton on saturday. he is truly amazing on all levels - spiritually and intuitively attuned to living a life that is whole and complete. if you ever get the chance to catch him in boston or on the road, i highly suggest it - you will feel inspired and centered in no time! check out his website @

it's easy to lose your direction in regards to health and the best way to re-establish your intentions for yourself is through food.

i'm a firm believer in the eastern world's approach  of preventative health care. yes, there's a place for western medicine as well, but the cleaner we are, the more sensitive/intuitive our bodies become - speaking to us about what works and doesn't almost immediately.

my friends and family think it's crazy that if i have a few carob chips, or salsa or tomato sauce (anything acidic), i will end up with a blood blister on the inside of my cheek - just like that.

it freaked me out at first, but when i figured out what triggered it and why, i now am so grateful for my bodily functions to alert me of what it doesn't like. i still have the free will to eat it and understand what the ramifications will be, but the fact that my body can discharge/detox that fast is truly a blessing.

if it didn't happen that way, it would happen down the road, manifesting in other ways in the forms of tumors, disease, etc.

bottom line, being a clean, mean machine is pretty awesome!

with that being said, it is so important to be satisfied with our daily meals, so that we don't feel the need to eat things that don't serve us.

we need to stay on that road and realize that the things that don't work for us need to be let go.

we are re creating a healthy environment as we head down this road, and the things we used to do or eat, may not fit into that mold, and we have to be okay with it and embrace the new.

it's a challenge, to say the least, but it helps to have a structure within that journey.

the key ways in keeping that essence alive is by sitting down to at least one whole grain meal per day.

grains attract vegetable dishes, and the more we eat healthfully, the more we crave it, in turn decreasing our desire for sweets, flours, etc.

another way is to sit down to a satisfying bean dish a few times per week.

as long as it's cooked correctly, it will not give you gas. it will help improve liver function, creating younger looking skin, and will lower cholesterol.

the structure of my meals are based around whole grains, vegetables and beans.

it's meatless monday today so maybe you can try a meat free dinner tonight?

i'll be making brown rice, pinto beans with carrots and onions, and a vegetable dish.

remember to make enough for leftovers for your lunch tomorrow!

i always have some on hand and can whip up a quick dish - today i reheated last nights soup and added a light salad with a yummy sesame seed dressing!

dressings make everything more fun!

here's the recipe:

1/2 c. water

1/3 c. sesame seeds

1 tbs brown rice vinegar

1 tbs shoyu

3 tbs chopped scallions

1 tbs lemon juice

i'll let you know what i do with tomorrow's leftovers.

hope to have inspired you in sticking to your intentions of taking care of yourself through food and a good mental attitude, to respect your body and inner voice of your soul!