The Benefits of Beach Yoga {+ a meditation for rejuvenation}

The Benefits of Beach Yoga {+ a meditation for rejuvenation}

As some of you may know, I've been leading a FREE Naam Yoga class on the beach once a week this summer. I started doing it because I felt it was a Divine responsibility of mine to start teaching my community the healing powers of Naam, and I needed to get some practice in.

Making Meditation Part of Your Everyday Life {Practical tips inside!}

Making Meditation Part of Your Everyday Life {Practical tips inside!}

Meditation and yoga is now being acknowledged by many doctors as THE best healing tool, because everything starts in the mind. Our subconscious thought patterns dictate the way we think, feel and act. Everything starts with a seed and those grow and manifest into fruit - whether it be beautiful and ripe, or rotten, it all starts from the same place. 

A Daily De-Stress Tip

A Daily De-Stress Tip

A few nights ago, I came home from a very busy, long day of work around 8:30. Since I had been 'on the go', I didn't even feel tired yet, but knew that once I sat down, it would be hard for me to get back up.

So, I decided to go ahead and start my nightly ritual early so I could get cozy and relax for a good night sleep.

Since I've been practicing meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda for the past few years, I am now very in tune with my mind, body, spirit connection to know what I need, and to look for ways to care for myself, but I still hear many people complaining about stress and how they have no idea how to manage it!

How to Avoid Getting Burnt Out in the Service Industry

Self Care Practices hanging in Salon 700 break room! Being a service provider, whether it be a hair stylist like me, a personal trainer, a wedding photographer, wedding coordinator, massage therapist, nail tech, esthetician, dental hygenist, waitress, bartender or any other profession where providing a personal service to someone, can be quite draining to say the least!

I've definitely learned the hard way by pushing too hard, being a perfectionist, over exerting my energy, spreading myself too thin, hustling to further my career and burning the candle on both ends, so I'm here to share a few tips I've found through my yoga and self care practices that are very helpful in keeping yourself in harmony in whichever service capacity you're in.

Service is the greatest act of love, spiritually speaking. When we serve, we offer our gifts and talents to another, sacrificing our own needs in place of someone else's. When we exchange this act of love, it is so important to keep our energy field strong so as not to let our energy get drained. Our energy field is also known as our electromagnetic field, or aura, which extends out by 9 ft in all directions.

When we share the same space with someone, both energies are merging into one, so if one's energy field doesn't have contained boundaries, the other's can over power and pull the loving energy right out of that person, dragging them down and depleting them of their source of love. When this happens we feel emotionally unstable, exhausted, irritable, vulnerable, or 'burnt out', etc.

Here are 10 self care practices that can help immensely!!

1.Start your day with one simple yoga pose to keep your electromagnetic field completely balanced. You can do it for 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. t's called Star Pose and is 2 parts. The first part is separating your feet as wide apart as possible and your arms straight out from your shoulders - palms up or facing forward. If you do the 3 minute segment, you'll do this for 1 minute and the second part for 2. If you do 5 minutes, you'll do this for 2 minutes and the rest for 3. Or if you do 10 minutes, you'll hold this for 4 minutes and the rest for 6. For the second part, you bring your feet to touch and clasp your hands above your head with your arms straight and over the ears for the remaining time. You can do this pose to triple mantra or RaMaDaSaSaSaySoHung to really strengthen your aura so that challenges steer clear of you.

2. Another aura cleansing technique you can do between clients is to sweep your arms up and over your head. Start with your arms down by your side and palms turned out. Inhale through your nose as you raise your arms straight up, but don't touch the hands, instead, push the energy down by turning your palms down, fingers loosely splayed, and pointer fingers and thumbs creating a loose triangle between both hands all the way down to where you started, as you exhale through your mouth. Do this 3 times in a row after your client. You will immediately feel your slate wiped clean. It's amazing and so worth it if you can take a moment to yourself in between clients!

3. Something else I try to do with each client is to BLESS them. You can do this a few minutes before your client walks through the door or sits in your chair if you have the time, or just do your best to figure out how you can mentally bless them during your time with them. I personally bless my clients while I'm shampooing them. I mentally say: "Love before ____, Love behind _____, Love at _____ left, Love at _____ right, Love above _____, Love below _____, Love in _____ ." Then repeat by replacing the word Love with Light. A powerful and simple prayer. You can also do this before you enter your place of work too. Sometimes I"ll say the Love and Light prayer for Salon 700 as a whole...all co-workers and clients included. It really sets the energy so that we all are operating from a place of love. You can do this prayer for anyone at any time to let love in!

4. I've also found that taking advantage of any 15-30 minute + opening to go for a walk will really shift your day! Instead of going out for a smoke break, a coffee run, or to chat on the phone, just take a walk around the block and enjoy the fresh air, the trees, etc. Dust that aura off!

5. It's also so important to have healthy food prepared for you that you can actually sit down to! In the salon industry, us stylists are notorious for eating whenever we have literally one minute--stuffing our faces with whatever we might have or see on hand! Time is money and we don't want to schedule a 15-30 minute lunch break when we could be doing a blow out or a mens cut etc...well, maybe you should ask yourself what your time is worth? A few extra dollars, or self care (which equals self love), well being, and peace? It's SO worth sitting down to a meal to ground your energy! If you can prepare it before you come in to work, perfect! But if you can't, make sure you give yourself a few extra minutes to pick something up before you get to work, that way you won't set yourself up for poor choices when you're 'hangry' ;)

6. I've also realized the value of quiet. I used to be one to 'chat it up' with my client so I could 'entertain' them as I was doing their hair. Now, I welcome no conversation. I will always talk about their hair, ask how they're doing with their styling routine, what they're using for products, etc., but I will not make up small talk if they don't initiate it. By talking with them briefly about their hair, I've opened up the floor for conversation, so they feel they can talk to me, and I'll gladly respond and engage, but I won't push the conversation or talk about other nonsense, because it is a waste of energy, and can be unprofessional! Conserve that energy when you can because you know you'll get a big talker at some point in your day!

7. I also take advantage of less stimulation during my drive to and from work. I listen to mantras in the car on the way to work to set the tone for the day, but on my way home from work, I sit in silence and breathe deeply - inhaling for 10 seconds, holding for 10 seconds and exhaling for another 10 seconds to really calm the nervous system and decompress.

8. Once I get home, I take a warm shower to ground my energy, do abyhanga body massage with oil, and get cozy with a cup of herbal tea -- chammomile, skullcap, rose or lavender are ideal. Many people will go out for drinks with their friends after work or chat on the phone to 'blow off steam', but you've just been exerting so much energy exchange throughout your day and it's time to put that energy into you!

9. Take advantage of your days off to give yourself some services: Chirporactic adjustments (read more to find out the benefits!), Massages, and Yoga are so important! to balance your nervous system, ground your energy and give yourself some love.

10. Another simple breathing exercise to do whenever you feel overwhelmed or overworked is to breathe in through your nose and hold the breath as you mentally say, "Light of Light" three times. Then exhale through the nose. Be careful not to feel faint while holding the breath this long! I do this sometimes while I'm diffusing a client's hair. You can access it anytime you have a quick moment to just let go of stress.

Lastly, be gentle with yourself and let your gifts shine in your work!

I hope you can utilize some or all of these practices in your life, and if you could use a little assistance, I'm here to help by giving you custom yoga and meditation practices, hands on healing, and menu planning tips! Please feel free to let me know how I can help you!




My Meditation Journey

Star Pose, Naam Yoga Teacher TrainingHere's the thing, people think meditation is some end result, when in fact, the cultivation is the meditation! Watching the breath. Watching the thoughts. Being uncomfortable. It's all part of the journey! And guess what? The ebbing and flowing is part of it too! As well as the yoga asana (postures) which prepares the body and mind for the cultivation of awareness. ie meditation. Yoga is meditation. Meditation is yoga. Mindfulness is meditation. Mindfulness is awareness.

When I first started my practice I was completely overwhelmed!! My spiritual teacher had given me an hour and a half long practice to do in the morning, and a half hour to do in the evening for 120 days! Coupled with that, I was deep in my Macrobiotic Mania of cooking every healing dish for the day to bring to my 10 hour work day. It was exhausting, to say the least! But it was sink or swim survival time! If I ever wanted to move past the areas that I felt stuck in, I needed to do the work! I needed to put myself first! Self Care is paramount folks!

My meditation practice consisted of specific breathing exercises, combined with mudra therapy (hand positioning) and mantra (repetitive prayer/chanting). The breathing, or as we(yogis) call it, pranayam, stills the mind. When you follow your breath, the mind stops thinking. It's a universal law! Try it. Watch your breath fill your belly, then your lungs, then your chest. Hold for a moment and watch it deflate from your chest first, your lungs and then your belly. As you continue this 3 part breath, you will notice your thoughts fall away. But then you'll be thinking about your thoughts falling away, and then you'll bring yourself back to the breath again and again. It's normal for the mind to wander ~ it's all part of meditation! :)

The different breathing patterns 'prescribed' to me helped me to become more clear and grounded in my life, while the mudra therapy was designed to help me communicate with my angels that I needed to find my life's calling. The ways in which you position your hands, act as antennas for the unseen realm ~ it's the language of the astral world! The specific mantras reinforced aligning me with my soul's purpose, by way of re-wiring my thought patterns. Mantras are the fastest way to meditation ~ it literally changes your thoughts so that you can have the life your heart desires! Whatever goes on in our mind will be manifested in our physical world! The repetition of sound vibration along with the place of where your tongue meets your upper palette, is continuously stimulating different nerve endings in your brain to re-wire your thought patterns to ones of which you are working on. It's a divine science!

Meditation practices raise your energetic vibration so that you vibrate LOVE. So that you are your best version of your highest self! All that does not serve you will start to melt away, and you will be aligned with your heart ~ with love, positivity, joy and peace. You will be more open to receive the gifts of abundance, because you will be in tune with the universe.

Meditation is not a destination. It is the journey of life. Watch your life shift as a result of dedicating the gift of this practice! Give yourself 11 minutes minimum each day for breathing, hand positioning and/or mantra. Remember it takes 40 days to neutralize a pattern, another 40 days to negate it, and another 40 days to replace it. My first meditation practice was 120 days long, and I was myself!

Sat Nam!



What brings me back to balance

I finally have a stocked kitchen again! YAY!! Who knew just how much I would crave grocery shopping, unloading my bags, and making a mess in the kitchen until I didn't have one to do it in! As you know, I have been in a transition of moving, and so I hadn't really placed myself anywhere until just about a week ago. See post: While it was fun eating out every day, it sure didn't lend a grounding effect for me, as much as I do love all my healthy, vegan restaurants in LA!

Having already lived here, I had my favorite spots to frequent, but in a pinch, I type in 'vegan' in the yelp app search and see what's surrounding me. It's also helpful that you can find a Whole Foods or natural food store pretty much anywhere these days and get something on the run. This all sounds pretty great, huh? Easy to get sucked into this routine, but it doesn't have the grounding effects I need!

All this eating out could quickly become an 'easy' habit, and even if the restaurant choices are the best case scenarios, it will still never compare to my own cooking! Not to say my cooking is nearly as good, but it's my own energy being poured into the food and therefore has healing, and loving benefits that you just can't get from a mass producing kitchen, let's face it!

I was craving the ritual and relationship I have with my cutting board, my knife, my little routine of having some leftovers in the fridge, and planning my day ahead, that I couldn't wait to make a Trader Joe's and Whole Foods grocery run! It's amazing how important this ritual has become for me, now that I've learned how to cook for myself--It grounds me and brings me into harmony! Ideally, I like to cook dinners for myself 4/5 nights a week so that they can turn into lunch leftovers, which then frees me up to enjoy going out the rest of the week--win/win:)!

Just unpacking my grocery bags made me smile! Now, when I open the refrigerator door or the pantry door, I can have freedom to make whatever I feel like! it's so inspiring and exciting to have my vegetable/fruit bowl filled up, my array of leafy greens in the fridge, and tupperware filled containers of leftovers just waiting to be eaten!:)

I'm always brought back to balance when I make my 'go-to' Macrobiotic and Ayurvedic healing dishes: Nishime, Kinpira (see below photo), and Kitchari to name a few.

Just look at how grounding this meal looks!:


Cooking for myself brings me back to balance, into a state of harmony and peace. This is what happiness means to me!

The other 2 most important elements of balance for me are a daily yoga/meditation practice, and daily walks! I'm starting to realize just how important being grounded really is, and how ungrounded I can become! Now that I've adopted this yogic/healthy lifestyle, I'm sensitive to the effects of becoming overly stimulated/scattered.

Computers, iphones, sugar, alcohol, eating out, not moving your body, or cultivating quiet, can really weaken your adrenal glands, your nervous system and your kidneys, which ultimately creates stress and anxiety in the body. Needless to say, unplugging for little periods of the day are so so important for me!

Taking the time to go for a 30 min walk, to include a daily yoga/meditation practice, and to cook a meal for myself are the best ways to bring me back to balance--back to my center. Check out this post on other ways of 'zen-ifying' and how our gadgets are draining our inherent energy source:

Being near the ocean, surrounded by palm trees, feeling the breeze and the warm sunshine on my face, I am instantly uplifted and peaceful. Wouldn't you be if you were here:):

Palisades Park Walk

Being able to sneak a walk in is easy, but getting back into a groove of a yoga schedule wasn't quite as seamless. Finally, after two weeks of no yoga, I am back in business! There are so many yoga studios and teachers to choose from in this Santa Monica yoga mecca, that it is easy to pop in for a class, just as easy as it is to pop into a coffee shop--the hard part is just getting it on your schedule!

That's why I have to look at my schedule in the beginning of the week and plug in the times like I would with any appointment--it's a date with myself!:) And O.M.G. it's soooo worth it! Just breathing new life into all the cells of my body, becoming present to my mat, and opening up all the meridians in my body makes me feel oh so good!

So there it is folks, the ways in which I can bring myself back to my happy place, in it's most basic forms: cooking, walking and moving (yoga). If I make it part of my schedule, and stick to it, I've cultivated healthy boundaries and therefore created a grounding effect, anchored in my core values--health and happiness! I hope this inspires you to do the same for you!

Lots of love

In health and happiness,


Are you Moved, Touched and Inspired?

I decided to dedicate Wednesdays to a "What I'm Up To Wednesdays" feature, in honor of my love for journaling my personal stories to my dear readers. My intentions have been, and will continue to be, to inspire and uplift your spirits as we all share in our journeys to our truth together. If you haven't noticed already, I've started shifting the direction of my blog so that it's clearer, more manageable and 'bite-sized' for you, in a committed effort to delivering you practical tips for health and happiness! I couldn't let go of my lengthy musings of life, however--hope you don't mind!;)

This morning I woke up excited to write and create! Usually I plug away on my laptop in the comfort of my own home, but last week, by default, I ended up writing in a Starbucks Coffee shop--what a refreshingly different change of pace!

Knowing that I had a date with my laptop, I decided to get 'cuted up' (stole that term from one of my clients!) and feel the lively excitement of people, the atmosphere, and the energies that surround me!

I sit here and write to you from a trendy cafe on one of "THE" streets to be on in Los Angeles--Zinque Cafe on Abbot Kinney, Blvd., Venice. I'm surrounded by people "up to big things" in this hipster setting, where the lattes brew by day and the wines flow by night. The farm style chalkboards list the specials, the rod iron stools, old school piano, out door patio and floor to ceiling windows make for quite the experience! My pot of tea was $5.00, but I'm sitting on cushioned seats and immersed in the quintessential 'scene' that is L.A.


Today's post was intended to share with you 'what I've been up to' from the experiences I've been having as a new graduate of the Landmark Education Forum.

It seems appropriate then, that I'm completely 'moved, touched and inspired' (Landmark speak) sitting here in this trendy cafe and having just hung up the phone with my friend and fellow Landmark graduate, Jen. The new language, and way of being that we discovered while going through the most amazing weekend together has us sharing and connecting to our lives, and the lives of those around us in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Sharing 'what we're up to' with another human is such a gift, as it ignites the humanity that unites us all as one. By sharing, we take a 'stand' for our life--what we are committed to, what matters to us, our personal inquiry, and ultimately what our deepest desires are.

I don't know about you, but I'm notoriously really good at letting the head lead the way, but now having gone through the transformational journey of Landmark's technology, I am more in tune with my hearts voice, rather than the duality of the head.

This is not easy, however. It's easier for me to make things more complicated--to justify how I'm feeling, to 'stick it out' a little longer, just to be sure', or to go back and forth in a state of 'deciding', rather than choosing, without getting real with what's really coming up.

By sharing, we can dig a little deeper to see what lights us up! You know what excites you, what 'moves, touches and inspires you'! The hard part is just acknowledging it and trusting that feeling you get, rather than the practicality of it all. It's so easy to over analyze--believe me, I do it very well! But you know what that does? It just delays the inevitable. If you instead act on the feeling that comes up, you become more and more present to your life as it is right now!

A good friend said to me last week, in the midst of  what I was experiencing as a 'chaotic mess of confusion' that "this is what life looks like when it's working". I loved that saying because it's so true! We don't have anything figured out! All we can do is just trust and have faith that our heart knows best!

I'm in a process, as we all are--simply striving to be better and better each day. My purpose is to learn and to serve--this I know. My life is a special path--it's all mine and uniquely divine. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. As long as I'm aligning with my heart, I can't be lead astray. My life might not make any sense to someone else, but that's okay. I'm in an 'inquiry' of discovering the many levels of my soul.

Where I am right now in this process, is trying to cultivate acting on my feelings rather than logically making lengthy, drawn out decisions.

It's all perfect and exactly the way it should be. I'm observing and becoming a witness to Spirit--meditation in action! Cultivating co-creation rather than reaction!

Trust your feelings. Trust yourself. You are exactly where you're supposed to be. Take a look at what is 'coming up' for you and ACT on them now! Your life is waiting for you!


Give yourself the greatest gift by enrolling in the Landmark Education Forum. You will be forever transformed to become a master of your own domain--to take a stand for what you believe in and live in accordance with all that you have to offer the world!

In closing, I'm 'touched, moved and inspired' by my call with Jen and the surroundings of this coffee shop. As they say, "it's the simple things in life". Tap into what 'touches, moves and inspires you" today and everyday! You know what lights you up! You know what your heart wants! Now trust it!

PS: the 'quotes' and italics are part of my new language that you too will soon find out about when you take a stand for YOU!:).

Much love.

In health and happiness,



Re-invent yourself this Fall

Happy Fall Equinox and Harvest Full Moon everyone! Are you all riding the healing waves of transformation along with me?

Fall is my most favorite time of the year! I always loved going back to school, being a creature of routine and structure, and I still carry it through in my adult years. It's a time for me to re-group, get re-inspired and breathe fresh new life into my being, which is exactly what I've been up to this September!

If you recall, my last post was a celebration of my birthday, acknowledging my year and summing up my Saturn period. Check it out here: Since then,  I have set intentions for the new year ahead, and have been basking and shining bright in all the glory of my Sun period!

During your sun period, you are supported with light and abundance for the 52 days from your birthday. These last few weeks, I have revamped my hair craft, eaten at some amazing vegan restaurants, and let the waning moon carry away all that no longer serves me in my life.

Fall is the perfect time to freshen up your look, from your hair, makeup, wardrobe and body. It's also a great time to do a cleanse and drop those few pounds!

According to Eastern Tradition as seen in Ayurveda and Macrobiotic practices, the fire energy of summer is hot and expansive. We are naturally drawn to cooling foods and drinks while we're playing and having fun, which include more sugary, mucus forming ingredients. It is only natural then, that when the season breaks to fall, our energy becomes more stable, rooted and grounded with the earth element. Detox occurs at this point because we need to release all the toxins and over load that these foods and drinks have had on our kidneys and liver. This is why colds and flu come about at this time, because the mucus needs to escape somehow. If we support the process properly though, we can have a smooth transition and be in sync with the laws of nature. We need to look to grounding foods and styles of cooking to assist in the process.  Cooking with seasonal vegetables, limiting raw foods, and incorporating more soups and stews is aligned with the seasonal change. Check out for more information on how to align with the fall season.

Are you interested in the latest hair trends? I had an amazing opportunity to attend ArrojoExpo in NYC last weekend to become inspired and expand my craft for the art of hair dressing. It's NYC Fashion Week for the HAIR world! Check out the looks: IMG_4369

The collection included the 'Modify' Men's collection, which is a new take on the 1960's British pop culture of a leaner, longer, harder edged textured look. The current street style of longer on top, shorter, disconnected sides and back, are slowly transitioning into this new look.

The 'Bob Nouvelle' was one of my favorite looks! While in Paris this spring, I noticed women wearing chic one length hair styles and bold lip color and was so excited about it, that I started inspiring my clients to rock this new look, and voila!--it was on the runway at this show! The classic shape is modernized with a slight graduation in the back and free flowing movement around the face with edgy fringe--I love it!


I also got certified in 'The American Wave'--a new texture service, bringing back all shapes and sizes of curls, from the beach wave to the high wire, creating permanent texture in the hair again is here to stay!

My other favorite looks I saw from NYC subway stations to the runway show was all different variations of pastel colors in the hair--from turquoise to violet to canary yellow, the latest trend is seen in a color blending/melting type of technique. I'm loving this look! It's kind of wild, but it's definitely being worn not just in fashion magazines! My favorite look was a brunette faded from a rich brown at the root to a gold middle into dark brown ends.

While in NYC, I got to catch up with an old friend and scouted out some yummy veg restaurants!

My favorite was v-note on the Upper East Side! So good! Butternut Gnocchi for Appetizers and a Pistachio Lemon Truffle Root Vegetable Crepe in a Cashew Cream...whaat!? Followed by a Chocolate Peanut Butter Ganache with ice cream!? I mean, come on!

I also HIGHLY recommend juice press on Madison and 92nd AMAZING. I ate here for most of my meals on the go--so healthy and delightful! My morning started with their raw oatmeal with a jam topping!


While the moon continues to wane for the next two weeks, make the intention to leave behind all that weighs you down. Create the space to design a life you love by aligning your actions with what touches, moves and inspires you! I know I am!

A suggested meditation for you to allow your desires to manifest is to sit in easy pose with your hands in prayer pose  at your heart center with the fingers interlaced except for the pointer fingers. Chant: Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Jio for 11min. You can download the cd and chant along as you listen to track 4 here:

In love, peace and light.

May you all take good care of yourselves and feel the support of the earth during this beautiful season of change!

Sat Nam.

Trust your personal progress.

In life, we thrive off living within a framework, a comfort zone, a road map. What is it about us humans, where we just want others to do it for us, show us the way, tell us what we should or shouldn’t do, etc.? It’s in our nature to rely on each other for guidance and support. That’s what makes us, as humans, so unique. We are all one-- brothers and sister. We can’t do it alone. We all have gifts to offer one another, and that’s what makes the world go round--to serve others and show them the way to light. Love is the glue that holds us together.

But, we are each uniquely different. What works for one person, may not work the same as it does for another. It sure does help if we have a tool belt though, doesn't it?

How are we supposed to navigate through life without understanding how to take care of ourselves first? If we can’t take care of ourselves, we are of no use to one another.

This is the responsibility we must uphold as a community--individually and collectively.

Thank God we have endless amounts of information regarding health, wealth, happiness, and love. We need to physically survive, to financially be supported to continue to contribute to the circulation in life, to learn how to love ourselves, and to find our truth, so that we can be a vessel of light and love.

The essence and beauty in this lifetime is to accumulate information, assimilate it, and then find your groove. This is the juicy part of living.

Our quest to evolve is dictated through a structure, a set of boundaries and specific tools to apply to different aspects of our day.

Where would we be if we didn’t figure out how to find food or water, how to hone in our gifts and talents, find our true passions and zest in life? By trial and error, folks!

This is evolution.

Following the rules is essential, initially, but once you master that area, it’s time to settle into your own rhythm--your perspective in comprehending the meaning behind your own unique application.

I have a diet I follow. I have a meditation practice, a yoga practice, a skill set I apply to my job, an exercise that works for me, etc. All of which were founded upon a strict set of guidelines.

To get through the cycle of mastery, we must learn, apply, detour, apply again, fall, get back on, doubt ourselves, perfect it again, to then back off a little, making it our own.

This is the cycle of evolution.

So many people beat themselves up when it comes to their diet. I know, I did too. First we start off being given a set of do’s and don’ts. We become anxious going forward, but we follow them to a' T'. We get anxious when the thought of traveling, or being in a social setting will face us, or when we’re not in your own kitchen. When the challenges present themselves, we figure it out, either following the rules or letting them all go. Then sets in doubt. We ask ourselves why we’re even doing this in the first place. Then we find a comfortable groove again and avoid all areas where we may find ourselves in that scary place again--thus, not living our life. Doubt then sets in again.

This is exploration.

Embrace it! We’re all in such a hurry to move on to the next part of the day, the next meal, the next yoga pose, the next email exchange, etc., that we’re not focusing on what the present moment has to offer.

Don’t get ahead of yourself thinking you won’t be able to stick to your diet on vacation, or think, “yay, I can’t wait to blow it all on vacation”. Just take a moment in each area of your day and ask yourself, how can I enhance this situation? One day at a time, exploring the pose, the work out, the meal, the conversation you’re in--enjoying and savouring your intention.

You may not feel comfortable embracing it until you get the framework down.

That’s okay. Whenever you arrive at your state of exploration is based on your own personal journey. It took me a long time to get to this place where I can recognize what works for me. Each part of my path has offered me a challenge and unconditional support, to come to a place where I now feel safe and peaceful about my surroundings.

I trust my own personal progress and I honor my path. We are gifted with tools, with strength and perseverance, and a will to become our best version of ourselves.

When you decide to take on the challenge, and follow through with it, you will step into your truth and surround yourself with abundance. Here in lies enlightenment, clarity and peace.

Exploration is meditation.

It’s embracing the opportunities at hand, for you to step up to the plate, to see just how far you can step out of your comfort zone, within parameters packaged for you, from the ones who have gone before you.

You are supported. You are loved. Your intention to improve yourself is admirable and holy. Honor that and know that you are capable of anything.

Your evolution process is already taking place. Everything happens in cycles. You will arrive a new person within each cycle of change. The only constant in life is change. There is always an area we can improve in. The goal should be to rise to the occasion, and strive to become the best version of ourselves, with the support and love of community.

You are paving the way for somebody else, and what a gift that is for the universe!

All is well and you are exactly where you need to be, right here and now.

In health and happiness,


How to create the life of your dreams!

i'm sure many of you watched the oscar's like i did last week, and were in complete awe of their talent! the inspirational seed that birth's the creative expression in all aspects of the entertainment industry is truly amazing. inspiration is your heart singing.

it's the creative spark that lies within each and every one of us. what is it that you find yourself constantly thinking about, or drawn to? it could be anything. it's your passion and your interest that's unique to only you.

the only difference that separates a celeb from a non-celeb, is that they followed their spark. often times, you'll hear their stories of living pay check to pay check and getting rejected over and over again, but their passion kept pulling them, and they let it guide them.

our hearts should be leading the way, not our heads.

yes, our intellect is very important too, but the heart should pave the way, and our mind should asses as we go. please don't underestimate your own intuition. when we're in tune with our heart, when we listen, and become more conscious and less reactive, we won't be steered wrongly--i promise.

don't you find it fascinating how we can connect the dots in our lives, noticing how something you experienced a long time ago, is serving you today, in a way you would never have guessed it to?

this is your creation unfolding.

you're designing your life each and every day, gently being tugged in different directions as your heart desires. usually at the time, it doesn't make any sense, but you were drawn to that person, that thing, that adventure because the little voice inside you told you to go for it.

to live a fulfilled life, our source of inspiration must be completely activated! we are the author of our own story. every word that's spoken is written, and is a result of our thoughts (often subconscious). once it's written, it's put into action for manifestation. we can choose the life that serves us best.

just start.

it's really that simple, just start to let your heart lead the way, and guide you to do the things that bring you joy and inspiration. stop telling yourself that you'll be happy when you 'finally have that dream home, or that dream job, or that dreamy love'. everything is at your fingertips right now--just access it!

make a list of what brings you joy.

for me, i love healthy food, daily walks, exploring, reading, researching, organizing, massages, music, yoga etc. if you start prioritizing doing at least one of the things that bring you joy each day, before your responsibilities, your life will change, and you will become happy, peaceful and fulfilled--finally.

i'm sure many of you are rolling your eyes now, saying, 'yea kate, in a dream world i wouldn't have to work, etc. etc. etc...'

this is your lack of faith in the abundance you're entitled to.

when you start filling yourself up first, you will feel the unconditional love and support from the universe, and you will align yourself with the ebb and flow of the constant giving and receiving, effortlessly flowing, creative outpouring, that is YOU.

you're only depleting yourself when you operate from a place of 'i have to, i can't, it's not that easy, etc...' because you're not letting the essence of your unique self shine through!

when you fill yourself up with love for yourself, you naturally give love everywhere you go, so don't for a second think you're being selfish!

just start--today. do one thing that inspires you. you won't want to go another day not doing it. who knows, your little love for doodling, could turn into a masterpiece of art someday! just look at all that came before us, and how their little 'vision, their call to create' has left behind a legacy. your gifts are to be shared with the world! that is your soul's purpose.

if you don't know what makes you happy, you need to meditate! go within.

find your soul's purpose with this meditation/mantra:

wahe guru wahe jio. chanted for 11 minutes with hands interlaced in front of the solar plexus, eyes closed and focused at the third eye. change for the next 11 minutes, bringing your hands up to your heart center while hands are still interlaced, but extend the pointer fingers up.

download the cd, and find the mantra on track 3:

if you know what pulls you, let it already!

trust the process and LET GO!

the more you control, the longer it's going to take for you to get what you want out of life. i'm not telling you to be irresponsible, i'm just suggesting that you ignite that creative expression of who you are each and every day.

be the person you want to be, live the life you want to live, NOW.

trust yourself.

in health and happiness,


Change your life with these tips

it is absolutely divine what we are capable of attracting into our lives when we set an intention. the challenge is to let go of the attachment.

you see, whatever seeds we sow, we will reap eventually, but we don't have control over when.

there are tools, however, for staying in the most beneficial time and space, to keep your vibration with the universe elevated.

the best tool known for us here on the physical plane, is working with the mantra, TRIPLE MANTRA.

it can be downloaded at

please play it in your car on your way to and from work, or at home on low while you sleep, cook, etc. it is POWERFUL.

try to comprehend this for a moment: here on earth, we are working on the physical plane, but our being is much more than what we see, in fact it is only 10%.

the remaining 90% deals with the astral/emotional plane and the divine plane (this is where everything begins).

so think of it as a triangle - the top being the divine, below is the astral, and on the bottom is the physical.

you could also use a tree as a visual. the seed below the earth is where this creation actually began -representative of our divine plane - our thoughts/seeds.

the actual roots can correlate to the astral/emotional level, and the trunk and branches of that tree.

ultimately the fruits/flowers/leaves become what we actually see - the physical plane.

when you vibrate/chant/listen to triple mantra it works with the divine plane, neutralizing any negative thought patterns you may have, so as to not attract negative aspects into your life.

in essence, it protects your electromagnetic field, aka your aura, which extends 9 ft. in all directions. any challenges internally and externally, will be removed. you will raise your consciousness and be in the positive flow of the universe.

that being said, there is no room for blame or moping here.

YOU are a direct result of what is happening in your life right now.

whatever happens to you is based on your level of consciousness, so please take care of yourself. it starts with you first. your sweet, little heart. it's full of love. let that love burst from your chest and dazzle in your eyes, illuminating your face with a smile.

there are so many ways to give self love, but prayer and meditation are foremost.

it doesn't matter what your belief system is, devote at least 11 min. per day, preferably when you wake up, and/or before bed. maybe you just sit in silence, maybe you make a gratitude list, maybe you pray or meditate while listening to triple mantra, but do it in a sacred space.

find a little nook in your home that you love - create a source of inspiration! put a few of your favorite things on a table next to a comfy chair or pillow with a candle burning, and a pretty little plant.

you will instantly go to your happy place.

give it 40 days and you will have implemented a new routine into your life.

a second way to establish self love is by cooking for yourself!

it is the only way we can control our health. i can't stress that importance enough. for the next month or so, try to limit eating out to no more than 3x per week, as in 3 meals per week.

it may sound challenging at first, because believe me, i didn't know how to do anything in the kitchen until recently, and was a regular at my favorite take-out spots.

but challenge yourself to create simple, satisfying meals at home. rip out a few recipes at the beginning of each week from the internet, or cookbooks (my fave is alicia silverstone's, the kind diet because they're simple, satisfying meals) and make enough to re-heat leftovers for lunches/and simple foundations for dinner.

in no time, you will become a food snob, and not crave eating out! restaurants use too much salt (even healthy ones) and sneak in sugar, so be in control of what you put into your mouth.

if nothing else, it at least establishes an awareness.

also, the simplest way to connect with your soul, is to say a silent prayer before you eat. thank all those hands that it took to bring the food to your table, and for mother earth supporting us with the nourishing, nutritious ingredients to sustain our health and vitality, so we can enjoy the gift of life and the beauty that surrounds us.

stay in your hearts and lead an inspired life of love!

watch what you attract - you will become a magnet.

remember, you are a mirror-image of everything that surrounds you.

keep moving in the direction of health, taking each day at a time, to set your intention of becoming a better version of yourself.