Get Happy!

Get Happy!

OMG, I am loving all things Christmas right now! The lights, the cheesy movies, the cookies and the music!

This past weekend my husband and I went to the annual Holiday on Cape Symphony Concert and it had me grinning from ear to ear! It’s so fun that we’re creating these traditions together, as this was our second time attending.

It’s the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit, and I noticed 2 things that gave me so much joy that I wanted to share with you.

My Meditation Journey

Star Pose, Naam Yoga Teacher TrainingHere's the thing, people think meditation is some end result, when in fact, the cultivation is the meditation! Watching the breath. Watching the thoughts. Being uncomfortable. It's all part of the journey! And guess what? The ebbing and flowing is part of it too! As well as the yoga asana (postures) which prepares the body and mind for the cultivation of awareness. ie meditation. Yoga is meditation. Meditation is yoga. Mindfulness is meditation. Mindfulness is awareness.

When I first started my practice I was completely overwhelmed!! My spiritual teacher had given me an hour and a half long practice to do in the morning, and a half hour to do in the evening for 120 days! Coupled with that, I was deep in my Macrobiotic Mania of cooking every healing dish for the day to bring to my 10 hour work day. It was exhausting, to say the least! But it was sink or swim survival time! If I ever wanted to move past the areas that I felt stuck in, I needed to do the work! I needed to put myself first! Self Care is paramount folks!

My meditation practice consisted of specific breathing exercises, combined with mudra therapy (hand positioning) and mantra (repetitive prayer/chanting). The breathing, or as we(yogis) call it, pranayam, stills the mind. When you follow your breath, the mind stops thinking. It's a universal law! Try it. Watch your breath fill your belly, then your lungs, then your chest. Hold for a moment and watch it deflate from your chest first, your lungs and then your belly. As you continue this 3 part breath, you will notice your thoughts fall away. But then you'll be thinking about your thoughts falling away, and then you'll bring yourself back to the breath again and again. It's normal for the mind to wander ~ it's all part of meditation! :)

The different breathing patterns 'prescribed' to me helped me to become more clear and grounded in my life, while the mudra therapy was designed to help me communicate with my angels that I needed to find my life's calling. The ways in which you position your hands, act as antennas for the unseen realm ~ it's the language of the astral world! The specific mantras reinforced aligning me with my soul's purpose, by way of re-wiring my thought patterns. Mantras are the fastest way to meditation ~ it literally changes your thoughts so that you can have the life your heart desires! Whatever goes on in our mind will be manifested in our physical world! The repetition of sound vibration along with the place of where your tongue meets your upper palette, is continuously stimulating different nerve endings in your brain to re-wire your thought patterns to ones of which you are working on. It's a divine science!

Meditation practices raise your energetic vibration so that you vibrate LOVE. So that you are your best version of your highest self! All that does not serve you will start to melt away, and you will be aligned with your heart ~ with love, positivity, joy and peace. You will be more open to receive the gifts of abundance, because you will be in tune with the universe.

Meditation is not a destination. It is the journey of life. Watch your life shift as a result of dedicating the gift of this practice! Give yourself 11 minutes minimum each day for breathing, hand positioning and/or mantra. Remember it takes 40 days to neutralize a pattern, another 40 days to negate it, and another 40 days to replace it. My first meditation practice was 120 days long, and I was myself!

Sat Nam!