Which Yoga is Right for You?

Which Yoga is Right for You?

I remember a fellow yogi friend of mine explaining that yoga is like ice cream, there are so many flavors! She's so right! But most people in our country think of a Vinyasa practice when they think of Yoga. Probably because that's how the media and yoga clothes companies etc. portray it, and most studios offer this style of yoga. I think it's because it appeals to the fitness enthusiast who wants to get a sweat on while doing some sort of meditation too. And that's great! Whatever gets you to yoga!

Happiness: Moods, Menses and the Moon {includes remedies}

moon madness gladness teaAs I sit here and write, I am drinking my "Moon Madness Gladness" Tea from the local herb shop here on Cape Cod to balance the effects of my period. The ingredients include: Bupleurum, Wild Yam, Ginger, Dandelion root, Licorice, yellow Dock, Dong Quai, Vitex berry, Orange peel.moon madness gladness tea ingredients I have recently been getting regular periods again (Yay!) after losing them for a couple years, due to my Macrobiotic diet. (I was told my body needed to cleanse itself and therefore my reproductive system took a back seat.) Ever since incorporating a more Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle, I've been able to nourish my depleted Vata and Pitta reproductive system. Now, I've completely synced up with the cycles of the Moon, and I'm realizing just how important it is to do that as a woman ~ to be soft and fluid and receptive (the qualities of the moon)!

The woman, or the feminine energy, is ruled by The Moon. Conversely, the man/masculine energy is ruled by The Sun. As beings, we encompass both energies, but as a woman, we nurture and support life itself! The Moon is that powerful!

A healer friend of mine told me recently, that when women are PMSing (and during their menses) they are the most powerful versions of themselves. It's ironic then, the stigma thats placed on women in society during this time of the month. There is so much to learn from this intuitive place of power.

The Moon rules the tidal changes ~ the water energy that allows us to ebb and flow through our emotions, and it's what increases our intuition and heightens our sensitivities during the Full Moon. It makes sense that the Moon has such an intense effect on us beings here on earth, because as humans, we are made up of 80 percent water. The Moon is talking to us, so we need to harness the capacity to LISTEN to her. She comes to us in our dreams so it's important to journal them so we can learn.

The Moon is a neutral energy. It's associated with emotions and feelings. It ebbs and flows. It waxes (2 weeks from new moon to full) and wanes (2 weeks from full to new). It feels. It nurtures. It's changeful. Moon energy can cause indecisiveness, moodiness, and stagnation. When a woman is totally in sync within herself, her period should then sync up with the moon's cycles - starting her period on the new moon, and ovulating during the full moon...aahh nature and the universal forces of energy, you are just so cool!!

Every Monday we feel the universal energy of the Moon, and 53 days after your birthday (following your Sun period), you will feel the effects for 52 consecutive days. Our own feelings and emotions become heightened and sensitized just like that of the Full Moon effects, so be mindful that you may experience being extra moody, extra indecisive, you may get more headaches, and be super sensitive or emotional.

The best things to do when under the Moon energy is:

Drink lots of water!

Let go of emotions ~ let them pass through you by breathing!

Do left nostril breathing to access the lunar energy (blocking your right nostril with your right pointer finger and breathing only through your left)

Make a conscious effort to keep yourself cool and fluid, like water.

Take walks near water to help.

And know, just like everything, the emotion will soon pass, so BREATHE and FEEL the amazing qualities of the Moon and get in touch with your feminine energy.

I suggest reading this article about women and their cycles.

Banyan Botanicals

A few teas and tonics to nourish your Moon energy are:

Cardamom Rose Women's Health Tonic from Alicia Diaz of Banyan Botanicals

1C almond milk

1C hot water

1tsp cardamom

1/2tsp ginger powder

1/8tsp rose water (food grade)

1tsp coconut oil

(pinch of natural sweetener (cane sugar/honey)

Pour hot water over the rose petals, cardamom, ginger and coconut oil then add the almond milk, rose water and natural sweetener and stir.

Blissful Women's Smoothie given to me from my Ayurvedic Practioner, Julie Wardwell

1-2 tbsp soaked organic Sesame Seeds (best if soaked overnight and prefer black colored)

4-5 tbsp organic Coconut Flakes (for extra smooth texture, you can soak the flakes for 2 hours)

4-6 organic Medjool Dates

1/2 tsp organic Vietnamese Cinnamon powder

1/2 tsp freshly grated organic Ginger Juice

1/2 tsp organic Amalaki powder

1/4 tsp organic Shatavari powder

Water as needed

Blend away…this smoothie’s thick and creamy texture is an indulgent treat to the taste buds. Consuming soaked sesame seeds is considered a treasure in Ayurveda during this time of the month. Excellent during heavy menstrual days as they help in reducing cramping and heavy flow. And yes, these seeds are one of the highest source of iron. A word of caution, sesame seeds are warming in nature, in order to get the benefits of regulating the menstrual flow they must be mixed with a natural sweetener to have the right effect. Dates and sesame seeds go very well and taste amazing!! Coconut flakes are cooling to the body which offsets the warm quality of sesame seeds and also helps in hormone balance.

Shatavari “the” most valuable and versatile herb for all phases in woman’s lifetime. One can proudly say this herb is Ayurveda’s gift to all women! It is an excellent vata and pitta pacifier. The steroidal-saponins in this herb help in regulating menstrual cycle.

Amalaki (also known as Indian gooseberry) is popularly used for its highest source of Vit C. This herb helps to rebuild new tissues and increase red blood cell count. I like to use this in my smoothie mainly because it has all the five of the six tastes (except salty) to keep my appetite balanced and nourished during this time of the month.

Enjoy, and bask in the lunar energy!




Evolve: The 53 days before your Birthday

yogi teaIn my Universal Kabbalah and Naam Yoga studies, I have learned that the 53 days prior to your birthday bring up karmic lessons that need to be healed. This is based on our own personal planetary calendar year, where we move through the energy of Saturn. Ever noticed how the time leading up to your birthday is often challenging? Hopefully you can now find some peace in knowing why that is... Saturn is the great teacher, the Lord of Karma. What has been hidden from us will show up for us during this time so that we can give it attention, love, and then let it go, to evolve into our next year and manifest the things that we desire in our Sun period (the 52 days from our birthday, on).

As my birthday approaches this friday, I've been reflecting on the lessons I've learned during this time, and they are as follows:

I'm learning to un-learn everything that I've learned ~ I 'know' the rules but now it's time to break them by finding my own balance point in moderation and 'rule following', by staying true to the own master within my heart.

I'm learning to love ~ to be open and authentic, to let go of fear, doubt, insecurity, worry, or any negativity. To be love and to share love. To have faith that everything is perfect right now.

To let go of the idea of perfection. To be satisfied with what is and to let go of expectations of wanting more. To just be here right now, dwelling in this gift in time and space as it is. (by cultivating more faith)

To stay anchored in my spiritual practice of yoga and meditation and self care. By filling up my vessel with love and light first and foremost, through prayer, breath work and asana, everything else just ends up being icing on the cake. I'm allowing myself to feel my emotions, crying when I need to, and journaling my thoughts to move through and release the clutter, so I can stay neutral without getting swept up in the ego driven mind. (To pay attention to the 'stuff' that needs to be healed and to lean on SELF LOVE).

To have fun! To not take things so seriously. Life is meant to be joyous and playful. Creating that space for love and laughter, softness and ease, and by carving out time to do all the things that make me happy helps me stay light and peaceful. (Clapping is a  yogi tool for an instant feeling of lightness and fun.)

I hope you can relate to some of these lessons and bring them into your life however you may. I'm so grateful for Saturn's teachings so I can learn and grow from them to take with me into my next personal year where it's time to Manifest in my Sun period!! Yay for 33!

Wahe Guru!


The Planetary Energy of Saturday

Welcome to my newly developed, "Saturday's Saturn Series"! I've decided to teach Divine Spiritual Wisdom to you on a Saturday, because it is known in Universal Kabbalah, to have the energy from the planet, Saturn. In the 'Tree of Life' (the mathematics of spirituality, and the science behind how the universe was created), Saturn is our great teacher.

Through Saturn, we get closer to Spirit. By aligning with the energy of this day, it is wise to study spirituality, because the universe supports us in our expanding vessel, and elevating state of consciousness.

Have you ever noticed that on a Saturday, everybody is out running their errands, keeping up with life's demands, and feeling heavy and inundated from the week? This is because Saturn knocks on our door to clean up our house (spiritually speaking) from all that we've done during those 7 days.

As I've talked about before in recent posts, everything is created with a seed. Check out the post: The Formula for Success:, to understand what I mean.

Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma. She is the Divine Spiritual Mother. She cleans up after your mess. You will pay for whatever you have planted when Saturn is present. She loves order, discipline and structure. This is why you run around on Saturday doing your chores--she is expressing herself through you!

On the seventh day of the week, it is a sacred time to go within--to pray, to meditate, to journal, to practice yoga, or whatever it is that you do to reconnect and be in touch with your Spirit. Saturn has something to tell you--she wants to teach you a lesson! Fortunately, with each lesson or challenge, comes double the blessing! I invite you to welcome the opportunity to go within, to look at what's coming up for you and to say thank you, on your 'Saturn' day.

It helps me to put pen to paper and make a list of whatever it is that's concerning me on my Saturn Day. Once it's on paper, it's easy to see, and that way, I can deal with it right then and there. Clean up your karma on your 'Saturn day' so that you don't take it with you in your next week's cycle!

Universally speaking, Saturday is a 'Saturn day', which means that when you're dealing with everything besides just yourself, you'll want to acknowledge the energy of Saturn at work. By being aware of this, you can welcome the opportunity to see what is coming to you, for you to learn and grow from.

Conversely, when you're dealing only with yourself personally, it is wise to know your primary planet, so that you can see which day of the week is your 'Saturn Day'.

Your primary planet is based on the day of the week you were born. There's a key in the book, 'The Divine Doctor', by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. It can be purchased here:, but your mother may also know the day, or you could possibly find it by googling it online too.

Each day of the week has an associated planetary energy:








For example, I was born on a Saturday, which means that my Saturday is actually my "Sun" day, and so forth, consecutively.

I still abide by the laws of nature, universally, however. Saturday may be my 'Sun' day, but universally, it is still a "Saturn" day. My interactions with everybody else during this day, will have the energy of Saturn, but whatever I say and do on Saturday, will be the seeds I plant for my week ahead, because it's my 'Sun' day. Do you follow?

The laws of nature are always at work. The sun rises and sets, the moon waxes and wanes, and the seasons change, as do the days of the week. Everything has a beginning and an end, and everything happens in cycles. The only constant in life is change. We go through 7 planetary influences each week--plant your seeds on your "sun" day and clean up your karma on your "saturn" day!

There's no denying these forces at work. Knowledge is power. Once you know, you can show up to your Spiritual Path!

Enjoy your Saturday, and stay tuned for more Divine Spiritual Wisdom on this new 'Saturday's Saturn Series'!:)

Sat Nam.

In health and happiness,



Learn how to navigate through your life

i love learning about the planets and how they affect us individually and collectively! i have been studying universal forces of kabbalah (not the religion) for some time now. the wisdom is deeper than any religion could ever be. it originated in egypt, and literally began with the word, aka, naam -- the creation of expressing ourselves with our tongue.

it is the way we communicate with the divine world.

naam is the combination of kabbalistic study and kundalini yoga. together it's a beautiful fusion of mastery; the understanding of how the universe works.

kabbalah is the study founded upon by the mystical truth of the mathematical application of understanding space and time, in this life. when you understand your blueprint, based on your planetary influences, you can literally create your own destiny and manifest your dreams.

if you abide by these laws of nature, you will be at the right place, at the right time, and in the flow of life.

each of us were born via a specific planet, becoming the essence of who we are. each planet comes with a set of gifts, so that we may shine, and evolve with the challenges of that planet's characteristics. each planet has a light and a dark side to push us to become our highest self.

if it were all easy peasy, we would become lazy and careless, and on the flip side, if everything was so hard, we would not learn and strive to feel peace.

once you learn about your personal planets and your planetary calendar, you can harmonize with these influences.

i have a wonderful friend and planetary coach who is helping me design my destiny.

we all have so many resources available to live the life we want to live! patricia resides on cape cod, but all she needs is your birthday to work her magic! check out her website @

you can also go to and click on the akashic record tab to input your birthday info.

you will find out everything you need to know regarding your business life, relationship advice, health and happiness! what have you got to lose?

knowledge is power, and  it lies within the truth, the wisdom and the eternal light source...