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Evolve: Keep your Blessings ALIVE

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When I felt undeniably called to enroll for the Naam Yoga Teacher Training 3 week Immersion in Cabo last summer, I had no idea that I would still be riding the transformational waves of that beautiful slice in time one year later.

I remember coming back from my training and talking with my soul sister friend, and fellow yoga teacher about all that I learned, and asking her what am I supposed to do with it all!? She told me that it will become a part of me, that slowly but surely all the wisdom and tools will integrate into my being. I will become one with it. She sure was right! I still have yet to teach a proper yoga class after receiving my 200 hour certification, but I'm teaching just by being me! :)

The yogic tradition and principles already lie within each and every one of us, we just need to tap into it so that we can be the light that we already are by taking care of our body/our vessel, so that we can share our gifts and talents with the world, just by smiling, or sharing our word.

I chatted with my Harmonyum Healing Mentor and Naam Yoga Teacher on the phone last week, and while she's still in LA and I haven't seen her since this past fall, by talking with her, it seemed as if I just saw her last week ~ that's the power of this egregore, or community of light, as we refer to it. It is so strong, that I can literally close my eyes at any given time, and think of one of my Naamies, and arrive in the same space with them energetically.

Naam Yoga Evolve
Naam Yoga Evolve

Sharing that space with people from all over the world, at this time last year, was such a blessing. We grew together and formed unshakable bonds. I can still feel us all on the beach at sunrise, chanting, singing, meditating and moving to the sounds of the waves. I still see Courtney leading our meditation with her curly hair blowing in the wind and hearing her beautiful singing voice guiding us through meditation. I still see us all hooking arms walking down the beach to greet the sun as it rose over the mountains while doing Star Pose.

This spiritual work is so incredibly powerful! During my convo with Courtney, we talked about all these wonderful memories we made and how important it is to keep it ALIVE!

Naam Yoga Evolve
Naam Yoga Evolve

She told me that our Master teacher, Dr. Levry has been sharing that concept in his teachings ~ that our word IS the Holy Spirit. Whatever we talk about, lives. When we stop talking about it, it dies. I don't know about you, but I want to keep experiencing all the joy that I'm given!

Los Cabos
Los Cabos

There are so many wonderful gifts that have come into my life, and I believe that saying 'Thank You' for all of them keeps cultivating more of the same.

When she asked how I was doing, I told her that my life has just been so joyous! "Happiness attracts Happiness!" she said.

To be able to experience all the gifts that have happened in the past year since my training is just so amazing! It just reassures me that we don't know where our life is going to go, but when we have faith, when we direct our energy towards healing ourselves so that we can help heal others, and live from the heart, happiness just keeps coming in!

I don't know what my certification will do for me 'technically', but I do know that it brought me a wonderful community of light, connecting me with some amazing soul sisters from all over the world that I think about all the time!

It raised my energetic vibration to invite in all that I wanted in my life ~ love, family, friends, travel, a place to call home, health, balance, and fun. There were so many little nuggets of information that I still practice daily that I learned from my 'Naam Family'. It truly was a little slice of heaven here on earth, and I can savor it and treasure it forever by reflecting, talking about it and being grateful for it. Whatever you are thankful for, just bless it. It's working for you.

Do what you're called to do. You never know where you'll find yourself standing a year later:) ...Check out the retreat and training options and maybe you too, will get a chance to experience what I call 'heaven on earth':