The simplest and most important thing you can do everyday.

smiling is our gift to the universe. it's as simple as that. we all have many gifts, and talents, and it is our responsibility to share them to uplift and inspire others. that is the one and only reason we are here in this life. we are here to love.

the universe is held together by love, which means we need to live with an open heart.

pour your heart out to others, and accept it into yours. by smiling, you can brighten somebody's day. you are telling the universe you are happy to be alive, that you are grateful the sun rose this morning, and that you woke up, that you're able to breathe air (prana) into your lungs and, that you have been given the gift of life.

it is SO SIMPLE. but we must practice it.

maybe make a post-it to stick on your computer screen, or in your car, or at your desk at work, or on your mirror in the bathroom. whatever works for you to train yourself to smile. you will instantly realize what a magnet you will become to happiness and abundance in your life.

you will also realize the simplicity of life. you don't have to have it all figured out. you don't have to do it all. life isn't' supposed to be hard. it's supposed to be a joy. and you will find that in smiling.

be a dork and smile to yourself all day long, i promise you, you will stay in your heart and feel connected to all beings known and unknown, seen and unseen.

when all of our hearts are connected, we will come together in oneness and lift the vibration of the universe so we may feel eternal bliss.

this is our own true purpose in life.

smile, love, find truth, and share your gifts with the world.