Hair Help: HairRx

Editorial hairI like to give my clients 'Hair Prescriptions'! All too often, I have clients who want their hair to grow really long, but yet they trim it every 4-6 weeks! Why?! I know they're following 'The rules', but the reality is that your hair grows 1/2inch per month, so unless your stylist is super careful about literally 'dusting' the ends (less than 1/4inch) then you're safe, but unfortunately most stylists are known for being 'scissor happy'. What I usually look for is whether the ends are splitting or breaking. Lots of times, especially if your hair is fine, it grows to a fine point as it gets longer and you lose that strong visual length line. Basically what's happening is the hair is just getting weaker the older it gets. Think about it ~ about 6 inches from the root of your hair strand is about one year old hair. So, you can guestimate just how old your hair is if it's well past your shoulders...That being said, it's been exposed to lots of outdoor elements ~ wind, sun, chemical processes, brushes, combs, clips, you get the picture...

blonde hairYou need to keep the hair strong! The only way to feed (nourish/strengthen) your hair is to put life back in it with protein bonds ~ they reconstruct the inner part of the cuticle, plumping it up and giving it elasticity, shine and body. You don't have to keep cutting the ends if you're feeding it with proteins! (Something a stylist should never say if they ever want to keep a client!;). In all honesty though, your hair will lose it's shape after about 10-12 weeks (depending on how long it is) and then you will need to reshape it, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to sacrifice length! Shaping just addresses the internal body of the hair. You can't live without us, sorry!;). We need to see you at least 4 times a year!

So, you can relax in keeping your locks long! But make it a priority to do bi-weekly protein treatments and use the proper Hair Prescription provided by your stylist! We are like a doctor/therapist, ya know;)

curly hairThere are so many products out there on the market, but my favorite protein builders are :

*Ouidad's Deep Treatment along with her Nourishing Shampoo and Melt Down Mask. She's also recently packaged her in salon treatments for at home use ~ the salon series is amazing!! Ouidad's products can be used on all types of curl patterns, even straight! (Most people have some what of a bend to their hair anyways...) I especially like the omega 3 and mediterranean bay leaf treatments!

I also like Pureology's Essential Repair Line ,

and Kerastase Resistance Force Architecte line.

Don't forget, we have in salon treatments that are always worth taking advantage of as well!

There's always the good ole fashioned home remedies to turn to for all you hippie dippy types!;):

My amazing "Life Coach", Sivan blogged about her Ayurvedic approach to healthy, strong hair in this article.

And if you missed my GLOW workshop last year, here's what I shared with the group from a yogic approach to healthy hair:

Use a warm oil treatment to enhance hair growth: use jojoba, olive or coconut oil as the base oil – warm the oil. Add 25 drops of pure essential oil - peppermint or rosemary for dry hair or basil oil for oily hair. Wash your hair slightly and then add the oils and massage your scalp to increase circulation and stimulate hair growth.

Rinse using a tonic of sage tea mixed with 1 Tbsp. of apple cider vinegar to support hair growth.

Supplements to take: gotu kola to stimulate hair growth, or silica, and biotin, B vitamins, zinc along with plenty of legumes, nuts, grains, eggs and fish. Daily tea of rosemary, nettle and horsetail.

There you have it ~ your Hair Rx. For a more customized program, see your stylist and do what she says:)