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Hair Help: Dry Scalp?

upstyling classOne of the most common questions I'm getting recently in the salon is "what do I do about my dry scalp?" First off, any skin condition, whether it be dry, flaky, red, inflamed, itchy, etc. is a reaction of what's going on in your gut. It is most likely that your stomach has an overgrowth of the bad bacteria (like candida) and is causing inflammation inside your digestive track, leading to many issues like skin problems...the best way to avoid dry skin is to go to the source! Read my Clear Skin article for my story and my cures!

A few things you can do right away are:

Start taking probiotics if you aren't already, to replenish the good flora in your stomach.

Become more alkaline by eating lots and lots of greens, drinking kukicha tea, avoiding dairy and reducing animal proteins.

Do a cleanse to remove toxic build up, and ditch the alcohol, gluten and sugars for awhile...(good reason/excuse to cleanse).

Meanwhile, to find some sort of relief, you can start moisturizing your skin and scalp with sesame oil (the kind that's made for your body found in the health food stores). Sesame oil is balancing for vata doshas in Ayurveda because of their tendencies to become dry.

We are in the Vata season now from Nov--March, so dryness is inevitable. Sesame oil will ground you and deeply moisturize. You can apply a small amount to your scalp and body before a shower and let it seep in for about 10min. The warm water from the shower will push the oil into your body further and will strengthen your immune system. Do not scrub it off with soap; just use mild soap in target areas and let the water rinse the excess.

*For your hair however, it will be greasy if you don't wash it out, so be sure to apply your shampoo on dry hair and lather it up before you wet it, that way the oil will actually come out.;)

Read my Winter Dryness article from last year for more tips and say bye bye to winter dryness!



Healthy Habits: Winter Dryness, be gone!

gheeO.M.G. Ghee!!!! The amazing benefits are endless and complete! It is literally the best oil in the world! I had a client ask me a couple months back, "What do I do about this winter hair and skin?" I'm sure you are all feeling the dryness that is winter! After all, it is Vata season.

What is Vata, you ask? Vata is one of the three doshas of Ayurvedic Principles. Vata is associated with wind, the ether, by air and space, much like the characteristics of a bird flying about, nibbling and hopping and flitting! The doshas tell a story about our constitution/ our make up ~ the mind, body connection. It's an element that we are all made up of, but we have to be mindful to keep it balanced ~ too spacey? Too frazzled? Too dry? Too much vata!!!

The doshas are within us and surrounding us. According to Ayurveda, there are 3 seasons, not 4 ~ each season associated with a dosha. Winter is associated with Vata. Summer, with Pitta. Spring with Kapha.

Vata starts in the fall, when the summer breaks, and ends when the winter breaks to spring.

When spring has sprung, we experience rain to make way for May flowers, right? Well, all that rain and moisture is associated with the elements of earth (Earth Day)/re-birth/spring equinox ~ all the elements that are required to bring new life! Kapha brings that fluid moisture of new life.

Pitta is associated with the heat of the sun in the summer. Pitta has lots of energy and stamina. Too much exertion and it can burn out, however.

Too much heaviness of spring, and kapha can induce stagnation. It's a constant balancing act we juggle with our dosha loves!

I bring you this back story because now you can understand why you may have felt super dry this winter. Dry throat/cough, dry eyes, dry skin/scalp/lips/cuticles etc., its all due to an imbalance of Vata!!!!

But here's the cure: Eat GHEE!!!!! Ghee has the amazing ability to moisturize your insides so that your skin, stools, scalp, hair, throat, you name it, is healed! Your insides will be so happy! It will be like putting chapstick on your lips!

Cook your veggies with ghee, like you would olive oil. Put a teaspoon on your rice or steamed greens! Whatever you like! It's SO GOOD!

Another thing you can do is buy Sesame Oil for your skin (found in the beauty/body aisle of your health food store --not the cooking aisle).  Rub some all over your body after you shower to lock moisture in, or better yet, heat it up slightly and rub it through your scalp and hair, and all over your body before the shower. Let it sit for 5-10min and then get into the shower ~ the warm water will push the oil deeper into your body and over time, will create a barrier on your skin. Just be sure to lather up your hair with shampoo before you get it wet, otherwise the oil will never come out!;)

May you be moisturized and Vata balanced for the remaining cold months (if you're in New England), and for those of you lucky souls in the warmer climates, may you be armed for next winter!