Getting a Good Night Sleep

Getting a Good Night Sleep

If our nervous system does not get adequate nourishment, we slowly start to come apart at the seams. Ensuring that we get a good night sleep can help us keep our immune systems strong, peace in our environment, and a sense of safety and security in our surroundings.

Lifestyle Lessons: The Ultimate Sleep Cycle

Silver Lake Reservoir at duskI don't know about you, but I LOVE my sleep! My night time ritual may very well even be one of my favorite times of the day ~ a time for me to bask in the delight of dry brushing, a warm shower with all my fave products, an oil massage, and a good book! What I've learned with Ayurveda and Macrobiotic studies is that the best time to get to sleep is by 10pm and to wake up by 6am. The reason being that we're working with the sun. At 10pm, our liver becomes activated for cleansing mode (Pitta time from 10-2). This is the time our bodies should be resting so the cleansing can take action and we can benefit from letting go of toxins. Once 6am rolls around, our bodies are naturally wanting to wake with the sun to store energy for the day. The later we sleep past 6am. the more sluggish we become ~ it's a universal law (the Kapha time of day from 6-10).

That being said, I struggle with getting up at 6am., even if I've gone to bed by 10pm.! I'm just too darn comfy!! I know that as soon as my eyes open, I should be jumping out of bed, but I usually let myself continue to drift back into dream land for another hour or two...and then I wake bueno!

I think about how beneficial it was to get up earlier when I was doing my 3 week intensive yoga teacher training last summer in Cabo. We had to get up by 5am. to head to the beach for morning meditation, and I have to admit, my day was always amazing even if I dreaded getting up before dawn!

Waking with the elements and starting your day with mindful breathing and prayer really sets the tone for your day!

I guess I'll just have to start setting my alarm for 6am tomorrow!