An easy, healthy daily menu

here's a little taste of what i was up to in the kitchen today, so you can see just how easy it is to eat natural foods! my morning began with a little miso soup, leftover millet porridge and blanched collard greens.

this is a very traditional  macro breakfast - don't knock it til you try it.

miso paste is a medicinal food used to support healthy bacterial flora in your stomach.

it aids in digestion and acts like yogurt would to dairy eaters. it should be taken 4x/week to get your stomach functioning optimally! it's super easy to make too - all that is needed is wakame, scallions and miso paste.

the porridge can be made fresh or you can use whatever leftover grain you may have in the fridge, heated up in a saucepan with some water to soften the grain.

this starts your healthy digestion for the day so your stomach doesn't have to work so hard at breaking down the food.

the blanched veggie is simply placed in boiling water for a about a minute then taken out and can be eaten plain or with a little lemon juice. what a way to start the day, eh?!

for lunch i used up the leftover udon noodles (whole wheat) that i had in the fridge from the other night.

i sauteed some snow peas, mushrooms and sliced cabbage in a little sesame oil then placed the noodles on top, added a few drops of water to the skillet with some drops of tamari and tossed it all together over med-high heat for a few minutes, garnished with some sunflower seeds, and voila - lunch was served in about 5 minutes. and it was very satisfying!

tonight's dinner was leftover beans (my protein) and veg from last night with freshly made pressure cooked brown rice/sweet rice combo with chestnuts - super sweet and delish!

i steamed a little kale to round it out. i should mention that my rice was soaked in fresh water for a few hours prior to boiling, to alkalize the grain.

just to get you inspired even more, i made a yummy snack for my friends/family just because...

peanut butter/chocolate chip rice crispy treats! the recipe is from alicia silverstone's book, the kind diet. it is a decadent, chewy, gooey peanut buttery delight in your mouth! it takes about 5 minutes to put together and is a perfect healthy snack alternative to keep in the fridge! please indulge!

what did you make today? and how can you fine tune/substitute your choices? are you still moving in the direction of your health intentions? i'd gladly make suggestions if you have questions!

in good health til next time,