I’m Grateful For This

I’m Grateful For This

I didn’t realize the importance of this until recently.

One thing I’ve loved about living anywhere, whether it was L.A., Boston, or now the Cape, is being connected to the yoga community.

This community could be a number of different things for you - the gym, music/art classes, running club, walking/hiking club, different meetup groups, etc.

5 ways to 'lighten up' in winter

5 ways to 'lighten up' in winter

I don't know about you, but when winter comes down on us, everything just feels so....stagnant. Stagnant air. Stagnant days. Stagnant lifestyle. You get the picture.

So, let's un-stagnant these winter woes, shall we?! Here are 5 things you can do each day to get out from under winter's heaviness.

Getting a Good Night Sleep

Getting a Good Night Sleep

If our nervous system does not get adequate nourishment, we slowly start to come apart at the seams. Ensuring that we get a good night sleep can help us keep our immune systems strong, peace in our environment, and a sense of safety and security in our surroundings.

Which Yoga is Right for You?

Which Yoga is Right for You?

I remember a fellow yogi friend of mine explaining that yoga is like ice cream, there are so many flavors! She's so right! But most people in our country think of a Vinyasa practice when they think of Yoga. Probably because that's how the media and yoga clothes companies etc. portray it, and most studios offer this style of yoga. I think it's because it appeals to the fitness enthusiast who wants to get a sweat on while doing some sort of meditation too. And that's great! Whatever gets you to yoga!

Creating Space to Shine {An Exercise Inside}

Creating Space to Shine {An Exercise Inside}

This past week's theme for me has been all the ways I get to experience the way other's create the space for me to shine. I noticed it in yoga class, at the doctor's office, and at someone's house. It happens all the time! The experiences I have are based on the energy that was created by that person who offered up their time and space.

How to Avoid Getting Burnt Out in the Service Industry

Self Care Practices hanging in Salon 700 break room! Being a service provider, whether it be a hair stylist like me, a personal trainer, a wedding photographer, wedding coordinator, massage therapist, nail tech, esthetician, dental hygenist, waitress, bartender or any other profession where providing a personal service to someone, can be quite draining to say the least!

I've definitely learned the hard way by pushing too hard, being a perfectionist, over exerting my energy, spreading myself too thin, hustling to further my career and burning the candle on both ends, so I'm here to share a few tips I've found through my yoga and self care practices that are very helpful in keeping yourself in harmony in whichever service capacity you're in.

Service is the greatest act of love, spiritually speaking. When we serve, we offer our gifts and talents to another, sacrificing our own needs in place of someone else's. When we exchange this act of love, it is so important to keep our energy field strong so as not to let our energy get drained. Our energy field is also known as our electromagnetic field, or aura, which extends out by 9 ft in all directions.

When we share the same space with someone, both energies are merging into one, so if one's energy field doesn't have contained boundaries, the other's can over power and pull the loving energy right out of that person, dragging them down and depleting them of their source of love. When this happens we feel emotionally unstable, exhausted, irritable, vulnerable, or 'burnt out', etc.

Here are 10 self care practices that can help immensely!!

1.Start your day with one simple yoga pose to keep your electromagnetic field completely balanced. You can do it for 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. t's called Star Pose and is 2 parts. The first part is separating your feet as wide apart as possible and your arms straight out from your shoulders - palms up or facing forward. If you do the 3 minute segment, you'll do this for 1 minute and the second part for 2. If you do 5 minutes, you'll do this for 2 minutes and the rest for 3. Or if you do 10 minutes, you'll hold this for 4 minutes and the rest for 6. For the second part, you bring your feet to touch and clasp your hands above your head with your arms straight and over the ears for the remaining time. You can do this pose to triple mantra or RaMaDaSaSaSaySoHung to really strengthen your aura so that challenges steer clear of you.

2. Another aura cleansing technique you can do between clients is to sweep your arms up and over your head. Start with your arms down by your side and palms turned out. Inhale through your nose as you raise your arms straight up, but don't touch the hands, instead, push the energy down by turning your palms down, fingers loosely splayed, and pointer fingers and thumbs creating a loose triangle between both hands all the way down to where you started, as you exhale through your mouth. Do this 3 times in a row after your client. You will immediately feel your slate wiped clean. It's amazing and so worth it if you can take a moment to yourself in between clients!

3. Something else I try to do with each client is to BLESS them. You can do this a few minutes before your client walks through the door or sits in your chair if you have the time, or just do your best to figure out how you can mentally bless them during your time with them. I personally bless my clients while I'm shampooing them. I mentally say: "Love before ____, Love behind _____, Love at _____ left, Love at _____ right, Love above _____, Love below _____, Love in _____ ." Then repeat by replacing the word Love with Light. A powerful and simple prayer. You can also do this before you enter your place of work too. Sometimes I"ll say the Love and Light prayer for Salon 700 as a whole...all co-workers and clients included. It really sets the energy so that we all are operating from a place of love. You can do this prayer for anyone at any time to let love in!

4. I've also found that taking advantage of any 15-30 minute + opening to go for a walk will really shift your day! Instead of going out for a smoke break, a coffee run, or to chat on the phone, just take a walk around the block and enjoy the fresh air, the trees, etc. Dust that aura off!

5. It's also so important to have healthy food prepared for you that you can actually sit down to! In the salon industry, us stylists are notorious for eating whenever we have literally one minute--stuffing our faces with whatever we might have or see on hand! Time is money and we don't want to schedule a 15-30 minute lunch break when we could be doing a blow out or a mens cut etc...well, maybe you should ask yourself what your time is worth? A few extra dollars, or self care (which equals self love), well being, and peace? It's SO worth sitting down to a meal to ground your energy! If you can prepare it before you come in to work, perfect! But if you can't, make sure you give yourself a few extra minutes to pick something up before you get to work, that way you won't set yourself up for poor choices when you're 'hangry' ;)

6. I've also realized the value of quiet. I used to be one to 'chat it up' with my client so I could 'entertain' them as I was doing their hair. Now, I welcome no conversation. I will always talk about their hair, ask how they're doing with their styling routine, what they're using for products, etc., but I will not make up small talk if they don't initiate it. By talking with them briefly about their hair, I've opened up the floor for conversation, so they feel they can talk to me, and I'll gladly respond and engage, but I won't push the conversation or talk about other nonsense, because it is a waste of energy, and can be unprofessional! Conserve that energy when you can because you know you'll get a big talker at some point in your day!

7. I also take advantage of less stimulation during my drive to and from work. I listen to mantras in the car on the way to work to set the tone for the day, but on my way home from work, I sit in silence and breathe deeply - inhaling for 10 seconds, holding for 10 seconds and exhaling for another 10 seconds to really calm the nervous system and decompress.

8. Once I get home, I take a warm shower to ground my energy, do abyhanga body massage with oil, and get cozy with a cup of herbal tea -- chammomile, skullcap, rose or lavender are ideal. Many people will go out for drinks with their friends after work or chat on the phone to 'blow off steam', but you've just been exerting so much energy exchange throughout your day and it's time to put that energy into you!

9. Take advantage of your days off to give yourself some services: Chirporactic adjustments (read more to find out the benefits!), Massages, and Yoga are so important! to balance your nervous system, ground your energy and give yourself some love.

10. Another simple breathing exercise to do whenever you feel overwhelmed or overworked is to breathe in through your nose and hold the breath as you mentally say, "Light of Light" three times. Then exhale through the nose. Be careful not to feel faint while holding the breath this long! I do this sometimes while I'm diffusing a client's hair. You can access it anytime you have a quick moment to just let go of stress.

Lastly, be gentle with yourself and let your gifts shine in your work!

I hope you can utilize some or all of these practices in your life, and if you could use a little assistance, I'm here to help by giving you custom yoga and meditation practices, hands on healing, and menu planning tips! Please feel free to let me know how I can help you!




Happiness: Yoga Helps EVERYTHING in Life!

1908166_10152830848245743_7101419277925198616_n Yoga has been my savior in life. It has helped me to really get in touch with my soul ~ what it needs, what it wants, who it is, what works for it and what doesn't. Yoga helped me meet my soul!

Prior to practicing yoga, I had been operating on auto-pilot my whole life, just reacting to every moment, every circumstance. Now, I feel, I flow, I love and I grow, with grace.

I remember awhile back, my friend telling me that I needed to work on my hugs. What a simple concept, but such an obvious metaphor for where I was in life!

Yoga helps you love yourself and therefore love all things ~ good and bad. It's not so much the practice on the mat ~ the sun salutations or the poses you can or can't get into that are working for you, it's the whole process. It's getting there.

It's being uncomfortable with sweating, with the person next to you grunting or groaning, with the hard to hear teacher, with the unknown cues that are being called out, with the thoughts of your hair being frizzy, your clumsy vinyasa, the nausea, the unbearable heat and smells of subway or starbucks wafting in through the windows next door. All of that IS your yoga practice!

So many clients say to me that they'd love to try yoga but they'd prefer doing home practices first before going  to a group class. They want to know what they're doing so they feel comfortable with the poses, so they can 'warm' up and not be embarrassed being 'unflexible'. Here's a little secret ~ if you can't touch your toes, it just means you feel the pose before the person who reaches beyond their toes does! Flexibility has NOTHING to do with yoga!!!!

Every yoga practice meets you where you're supposed to be. For instance, I started my yoga practice with kundalini, which then evolved into Naam, to Power Yoga, to my now favorite grounding, more restorative, more of a slow flow style vinyasa class.

Your practice evolves as you evolve. It's one in the same. It mirrors wherever you are. When I first started I was really into breath work and chanting with mantras (more energetic based). I needed it at that time to really get into meditation, to activate my intuition, and to open my heart quickly. I became very connected to the ethers then, but just when I needed to get grounded, Power Yoga showed up for me, making me stronger and more connected to my body and the strength I needed on the mat.

Now, I practice being balanced in my slow flow vinyasa style which is somewhere in the middle of power and kundalini, just as I've found with my eating habits that have swung from strict macrobiotic vegan, to ayurveda, to this new moderate place of enjoying a little bit of everything.

I hear so many clients and friends talk about how they want to find their soulmate, or their life calling / career, or just less stress and chaos in their lives, and I say to them, DO YOGA!!! Seriously. It works! Just get on the mat. I promise you, it will take you wherever you want to go in life. Your life is waiting for you, so what are you waiting for? Sign up for a class already!


Some tips to get you started are below:

~Find a teacher you connect with / love!

If you're in the Cape Cod area, I recommend taking the amazing Mary Catherine Starr's efficiently taught, well balanced class at either Centerville Yoga, Power Yoga of Cape Cod or Orleans Yoga and Pilates.

I also recommend Leigh Alberti's awesomely grounding style of teaching at Power Yoga of Cape Cod.

Tracy Peterson's a good place to start with at Centerville Yoga.

Rhia Cataldo's spirit soaring style at Power Yoga of Cape Cod or Glow Yoga.

Jill Abraham's inspiring and motivational class at Power Yoga of Cape Cod.

Michele Damelio's Kundalini and Naam fusion at her home in West Barnstable.

~Use Props! Don't be afraid! I always use a block to bring the floor closer to me in any hamstring or hip opener pose! Blankets or bolsters work nicely too for seated meditations or restorative, yin style poses. Straps also help you bring your legs closer to your body or help to open your shoulders.

Lastly, open yourself up to getting comfortable with the uncomfortable! I remember when I first started practicing Power Yoga, that I would cringe knowing that my hair was getting wet with sweat or that I was overheating immensely, but now, I just let it happen...much like I let lots of other things happen in life. I tell ya, it's a miracle what starts shifting for you when you just show up to a yoga class!

Namaste and Sat Nam Yogis!




Evolve: Transforming with Healthy Boundaries

Grand Cayman “Chapter One of My Life. I walk down the street. There’s a deep hole in the sidewalk. I fall in. I am lost. I am helpless. It isn’t my fault. It still takes forever to find a way out.

Chapter Two. I walk down the same street. There’s a deep hole in the sidewalk. I pretend I don’t see it. I fall in again. I can’t believe I’m in the same place! But it isn’t my fault. And it still takes a long time to get out.

Chapter Three. I walk down the same street. There’s a deep hole in the sidewalk. I see it there. I still fall in. It’s a habit! My eyes are open. I know where I am. It is my fault. I get out immediately.

Chapter Four. I walk down the same street. There’s a deep hole in the sidewalk. I walk around it.

Chapter Five. I walk down a different street.” –Portia Nelson

This was the reading my amazing yoga teacher, Mary Catherine Starr read after class this past Sunday! I giggled to myself as I was in shavasana, because it rang so true for me at that very moment!

These past few months have been very confronting to say the least. I have placed harsh judgments and expectations on myself and have begun to question all my recent lifestyle changes.

As I’ve transitioned away from the numb world I was living in auto-pilot just a couple years ago, I have since reached higher levels of consciousness! Being awake is not easy! Ignorance probably is in fact, bliss! My sensitivities are at an all time high, but I must have just been de-sensitized before! Elevating consciousness through meditation and self care practices alone, is no easy fete! I often times feel like I’m a baby again, learning to walk for the first time; each step being unknown and scary, leaving me wanting to go back to being held! Every time I fall I wonder why I tried that! And I take a few steps back into doubt, fear and worry mentality.

This week’s energy is undeniable! The Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Blood Moon have come together to help us reach higher levels of transformation. This is, indeed, an epic time! It is by no coincidence, that my fears and doubts were rearing their ugly head again this past week, always manifested in lack of self love.

I’ve talked before about my overwhelm in taking on a Macrobiotic lifestyle, and a disciplined meditation practice which completely consumed my life, and ultimately led me to retreating back to my mom’s home to establish some much needed balance.

In this time (the past year and a half) I’ve discovered ways that do and don’t work for me. It’s been such a gift to get in touch with my true self and where I can find a natural rhythym. But each time I think something works for me, I quickly doubt it if it seems that I’m going against the grain…

For instance, I have pretty much given up drinking alcohol in the past couple years, but yet I find myself in situations where I would LOVE a margarita, or a glass of wine! I’ve given into it to try and see if it fits into my life, but I ultimately just don’t enjoy it the way I used to. It just doesn’t serve me anymore…but it’s a sad mourning of my previous lifestyle…

I feel the same way with my diet sometimes. Are my restrictions really necessary?! I put so much time and energy into taking care of myself, and genuinely love food and health, but is it getting in the way of my social life?! These are the doubtful thoughts that surface every time I find myself out of my comfort zone. When I’m in control of my daily tasks, life is smooth and seamless, but when I’m in situations where I have choices that seem confusing, I am operating from a state of fear.

Cayman FlowerThis quote made me laugh because I’m probably still in Chapter Four. We are continually being tested to elevate into our highest and best selves. I’m on a path now where I want to live out my life’s calling, and if alcohol and unhealthy eating habits, don’t fit into the equation, so be it. I must let it go and move forward. And TRUST that process. Change is good and inevitable!

Finding healthy boundaries is a delicate dance! Being spiritual beings having a human experience in the physical body is a huge challenge! Taking care of our vessel is necessary for us to live out our gifts and talents. Finding an ebb and flow cultivates healthy boundaries. Taking my yoga practice off the mat and into the real world; playing with different poses and exploring what feels good and what does not, pushing myself in ways that will elevate my practice, and pulling back when I feel it’s too much, is life itself, happening right now!

Once we learn the rules, we can break them! One size does not fit all! Falling down is part of waking up! We have to keep getting on that bike or horse and sooner or later, we will be on that new street or path, but we won’t know til we fall down and learn! Go within, listen to what resonates with you and only focus on you. Don’t worry about what others may think, your path is completely unique. This is what I tell myself at least;).

Sat Nam!



Love yourself First <3

Patricia's Heart at the BeachTaking care of yourself is a full time job, but if you can't take care of yourself first, you can't take care of others! These past few years, I've really dived head first into the constant, sometimes chaotic routine of giving to myself first. Putting all the attention on your self may seem overwhelming at first ~ It sure did to me! I was in over my head with trying to keep up with myself not too long ago. I barely had time to work! But once you dive in and give it a go, you'll naturally fall into a groove, I promise!

You'll start to notice things that don't work for you anymore.  It seemed crazy for me to think I needed to give up my job schedule and living logistics at first, but once I gave myself some space to care for myself, 'everything started to fall into place', as my step father always says. Things naturally start shifting in your life as you evolve. What ever doesn't work for you, will just leave your life, and new ways of being will open up! I used to love going out partying, and now I'm finding that I don't enjoy drinking or staying out late much at all anymore. Sounds boring, I know, but I love my new lifestyle!

We have a physical, emotional and spiritual body within each of us, so we need to attend to all three entities.

In our physical bodies, to stay healthy, we must keep our immune system strong by way of keeping our digestive track clean. We do this by the foods we eat, and not just what we eat, but why, how, where, and when we eat as well, via our own hands, which are an extension of our heart. Cooking for ourselves is the best way to put loving kindness into our being. You can go to a restaurant and order a super healthy meal, but who is preparing your food? What type of energy are they pouring into it? That's why it's recommended to only eat out to 3 meals per week, according to Ayurveda and Macrobiotics philosophies and practices.

Keeping our gut healthy requires proper elimination, and mild cleansing/detoxing techniques! Our skin is our biggest organ, so pimples and rashes may live here if the digestive system isn't operating optimally. You can aid in the elimination process by giving yourself a hot body scrub and/or dry brushing, and/or an Abyhanga self love massage daily, to keep the lymphatic and circulatory systems moving and pushing out toxins though the skin.

Tongue scraping and oil pulling help as well. As soon as you get up, before brushing your teeth or drinking anything, scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper to remove all the toxins that have built up while your body was sleeping/cleansing. See Ancient Art of Cleansing post. Then, swish a tablespoon of sesame oil in your mouth for 10-15 minutes to pull out toxins and to eliminate bad breath, and to enhance the health of your teeth and gums.

Proper sleep, relaxation and movement also keep the immune system strong but really assist in balancing the nervous system and keeping your emotional body calm. Waking with the laws of nature as the sun rises, and eating breakfast by 9/10, lunch by 1/2, and dinner by 6, followed by sleep time by 10, will keep you aligned with the rhythm of nature, so that your body can be in harmony with the sun and properly digest and assimilate all that you've taken in throughout the day.

A daily walk / exercise of some sort in nature to fill your body with the prana from the trees, coupled with yoga practices and meditation will calm the nervous system and restore your body's natural ability to heal itself, keeping your own chi/prana/life force moving fluidly. Whenever the chi stops and becomes stagnant, is when problems may arise.

Your electromagnetic field/aura is your spiritual body that needs to be catered to as well. By practicing yoga and long deep breathing or other yogic pranyama exercises, you balance your nervous system, but you also strengthen your heart which cleans your auric field. You radiate at 9ft in each direction as a being, so it's just as important, if not more so to pay attention to this spiritual body rather than just your physical body. Your physical body houses your spiritual body, so one does not work without the other. Everything starts in the spiritual body and manifests itself in the physical, so go to the root for all healing and raise your vibration to receive only good things in your life!

Schedule yourself first, it's worth it! It also helps to have a friend who is going through the same evolution in life as a support system. It's a lifelong journey, so take each day at a time. Remember, it takes 40 days of doing something consistently to remove a pattern, another 40 days to neutralize the pattern, and 40 more days to replace the pattern with a new one.

Fall in love with yourself and have fun doing it!

Sat Nam.


What brings me back to balance

I finally have a stocked kitchen again! YAY!! Who knew just how much I would crave grocery shopping, unloading my bags, and making a mess in the kitchen until I didn't have one to do it in! As you know, I have been in a transition of moving, and so I hadn't really placed myself anywhere until just about a week ago. See post: While it was fun eating out every day, it sure didn't lend a grounding effect for me, as much as I do love all my healthy, vegan restaurants in LA!

Having already lived here, I had my favorite spots to frequent, but in a pinch, I type in 'vegan' in the yelp app search and see what's surrounding me. It's also helpful that you can find a Whole Foods or natural food store pretty much anywhere these days and get something on the run. This all sounds pretty great, huh? Easy to get sucked into this routine, but it doesn't have the grounding effects I need!

All this eating out could quickly become an 'easy' habit, and even if the restaurant choices are the best case scenarios, it will still never compare to my own cooking! Not to say my cooking is nearly as good, but it's my own energy being poured into the food and therefore has healing, and loving benefits that you just can't get from a mass producing kitchen, let's face it!

I was craving the ritual and relationship I have with my cutting board, my knife, my little routine of having some leftovers in the fridge, and planning my day ahead, that I couldn't wait to make a Trader Joe's and Whole Foods grocery run! It's amazing how important this ritual has become for me, now that I've learned how to cook for myself--It grounds me and brings me into harmony! Ideally, I like to cook dinners for myself 4/5 nights a week so that they can turn into lunch leftovers, which then frees me up to enjoy going out the rest of the week--win/win:)!

Just unpacking my grocery bags made me smile! Now, when I open the refrigerator door or the pantry door, I can have freedom to make whatever I feel like! it's so inspiring and exciting to have my vegetable/fruit bowl filled up, my array of leafy greens in the fridge, and tupperware filled containers of leftovers just waiting to be eaten!:)

I'm always brought back to balance when I make my 'go-to' Macrobiotic and Ayurvedic healing dishes: Nishime, Kinpira (see below photo), and Kitchari to name a few.

Just look at how grounding this meal looks!:


Cooking for myself brings me back to balance, into a state of harmony and peace. This is what happiness means to me!

The other 2 most important elements of balance for me are a daily yoga/meditation practice, and daily walks! I'm starting to realize just how important being grounded really is, and how ungrounded I can become! Now that I've adopted this yogic/healthy lifestyle, I'm sensitive to the effects of becoming overly stimulated/scattered.

Computers, iphones, sugar, alcohol, eating out, not moving your body, or cultivating quiet, can really weaken your adrenal glands, your nervous system and your kidneys, which ultimately creates stress and anxiety in the body. Needless to say, unplugging for little periods of the day are so so important for me!

Taking the time to go for a 30 min walk, to include a daily yoga/meditation practice, and to cook a meal for myself are the best ways to bring me back to balance--back to my center. Check out this post on other ways of 'zen-ifying' and how our gadgets are draining our inherent energy source:

Being near the ocean, surrounded by palm trees, feeling the breeze and the warm sunshine on my face, I am instantly uplifted and peaceful. Wouldn't you be if you were here:):

Palisades Park Walk

Being able to sneak a walk in is easy, but getting back into a groove of a yoga schedule wasn't quite as seamless. Finally, after two weeks of no yoga, I am back in business! There are so many yoga studios and teachers to choose from in this Santa Monica yoga mecca, that it is easy to pop in for a class, just as easy as it is to pop into a coffee shop--the hard part is just getting it on your schedule!

That's why I have to look at my schedule in the beginning of the week and plug in the times like I would with any appointment--it's a date with myself!:) And O.M.G. it's soooo worth it! Just breathing new life into all the cells of my body, becoming present to my mat, and opening up all the meridians in my body makes me feel oh so good!

So there it is folks, the ways in which I can bring myself back to my happy place, in it's most basic forms: cooking, walking and moving (yoga). If I make it part of my schedule, and stick to it, I've cultivated healthy boundaries and therefore created a grounding effect, anchored in my core values--health and happiness! I hope this inspires you to do the same for you!

Lots of love

In health and happiness,


CommUNITY Centered

You know the old saying, "You never know what you have until you've lost it", or the saying, "distance makes the heart grow fonder?", or, "the grass is always greener on the other side"? All of which, unfortunately, connect to not realizing how good we have it when we have it, right? As much as I realized how special my time on Cape Cod was this past year, I am even more appreciative now that I'm settling into my L.A. groove again. Cape Cod is a very special place that I hold near and dear to my heart. <3

Isn't it such a funny dynamic when things are exactly the same, and at the same time, completely different? I grew up on Cape Cod but left to experience the south went I went off to college in South Carolina. After graduating, I went back to the Cape for what I thought would be 'just a summer', until that turned into 3 years. After which, I knew it was time to head west. I stayed in L.A. for 4 years and when I came back to the Cape this past year, nothing had changed, yet everything was different!

Many of my childhood friends were still around, as well as my family, but the life that I knew before leaving, was non existent--I had changed. I had know idea just how significantly this would impact my experience being back on Cape Cod! It took awhile before realizing that I needed to get out, and create a renewed way of living there, probably because I only planned on staying for 'a summer'. Check out my bliss from that summer in this post:

Apparently a "summer on Cape Cod" is not enough for me. Cape Cod has a way of grabbing hold of my soul, so that I can continue to discover myself and grow.

It is with great pride and joy that I share with you my love for Cape Cod. It's a beautiful place with beautiful people and discoveries to be made. The community that I became a part of was such a gift that I am eternally grateful for!

Community is essential to our livelihood and fulfillment. Do you have one? I hope I can inspire you to make an intention to connect with yours, by showing you what supported me these past 14 months.

I finally felt like I was at home when I discovered Power Yoga of Cape Cod in Harwich, MA. I heard first mention of it when I was buying clothes at the Lululemon in Hingham, in the South Shore. The sales woman told me that the owner, Jill Abraham, was an amazing teacher and that I should check out one of her classes! I made a note, but it probably took about 6 months before I made my way down Cape to do so.

That one class changed everything for me. I felt for the first time, that that is where I was supposed to be. Because of that yoga studio, I made some wonderful friends and started having some fun too!

Pics from 'Wanderlusting' in VT this summer!IMG_4044IMG_4045

My life wouldn't have been complete without my Naam Yoga Cape Cod community either! The Cape is blessed with some beautiful Naamie's! One of which holds weekly classes in her studio at home in West Barnstable. Her name is Michele Damelio. She and her community are doing some amazing heart centered, healing events! The Sound Healing Events were Naamazing!

What would I do without Cape Cod Natural Foods in Centerville!? Or the other Natural Foods Markets in Dennisport and Chatham?! People are always complaining about the fact that we don't have a Whole Foods yet, but you can get all that, and more, at these mom and pops shops, my friends! There may not be a deli, but Dennisport has a smoothie and juice bar! Not to mention, it's across the street from Power Yoga Cape Cod's newly opened second studio!

I also would have been lost without my dear friend and mentor, Patricia Schlehueber of Works of Art Healing. Her bright light is blessing the Cape everywhere she goes! She is a wealth of Divine Spiritual Wisdom as well as an intuitive healer. Our Common Ground dates were the highlights of my time there! I love you Patricia! xoxo


Which brings me to my next love--The Common Ground Cafe on Main St. in Hyannis. What a great little quirky community with healthy meals, smoothies, juices and teas. It's always been my favorite--those yerba mate tea's are the best! Along with Earthly Delights in Osterville--Tom is a trip! The Tempeh Reuben sandwich is heavenly, and they have plenty of vegan treats and eats on the daily! And finally, we have our very own vegan restaurant on Main St. in Hyannis! Thank you to Nate for opening the first and only one of it's kind--a raw, vegan, gluten free and vegetarian cafe--The Green Lotus Cafe! His menu is definitely evolving and is a buzzing place to be, to enjoy yummy, healthy food!

Looking for fun? For local events? For creating a strong network of fresh, young energy? Thank God for Love Live Local and the girls behind that incredible vision! Jen Villa, Amanda Converse and Kate Sheehan, you girls rock!

The Cape is blessed with many yogis and healers, one of which is a delightful woman who is an Ayurvedic Pracitioner in Dennis. Her name is Julie Wardwell of Chalice Wellness. She brought my body back to balance and restored my health through the healing practices of Ayurveda.

I think it's safe to say, that with these few mentions, you have all the info you need to create a great life on Cape Cod, whether it's permanent or temporary. This one's for you Mary Catherine Starr and Ben Veneria--the newest members to Cape Cod :)

Cape Cod is always in my heart and I hope it opens yours too, if it hasn't already.

Remember, "Wherever you go, there you are." Make it a priority to get involved in a community that supports and sustains your livelihood!

What do you like to do? Reach out and make connections with whatever makes you happy!

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Beat the winter blues.

do you have the winter blues?

allow me to explain why. according to kabbalah teachings, we are in the universal planetary ruling of saturn from january 27-march 20th. saturn is the lord of karma.

the energy of this planet sets restrictions and obstacles in our path to allow us to learn and evolve, if we welcome it. whatever seeds we have sown will resurface under this energy. during these 52 days, we all experience the energy of what feels like a dark cave.

it is a time of introspection, forcing you to see what does and doesn't work for you in your life. the laws of nature ebb and flow with the change of each planetary ruling every 52 days. subsequently, we have support or limitations in our favor. the latter being our experience right now.

hopefully this will give you some validation and understanding of why this time of year may be difficult.

when you design your life according to the constant changes in the universe, you can navigate with ease.

take a deep breath, and know that you have all the will within you to persevere through tough times.

if you haven't seen the movie, "life of pi", i highly suggest that you do. it's a magnificent story of hope, faith and love. often times we overlook the essence and beauty in our daily lives, but to really FEEL connected, inspired and safe, we must choose to see what surrounds us--love.

we must choose to have faith that the impossible is possible. we must believe that we have within us, the power to push through blocks, ignite our unique gifts and talents, and create miracles. our needs will be met, but we must trust that it will come in the form that's best suited for us and at the best time for us.

patience is a virtue that must be practiced, and only comes with maturity and wisdom.

saturn teaches us the importance of this deep, spiritual growth.

to ignite the limitless power and creation within us and blast through the obstacles, we must strengthen our aura.

the aura is an electromagnetic field of energy that each of us possess. it extends out at 9ft. in each direction and encompasses the 90 percent of ourselves that we cannot see. just as we meet the needs of our physical body with water, food, sleep and personal hygiene, we must meet the needs of our spiritual/energetic realm.

i recommend during this time to go inward, and find what does and doesn't serve you.


make a list of where you're thriving, and then make a list of where you're stuck, getting all your thoughts out on paper, forcing you to look at them directly.


dedicate 11 minutes of silence to yourself each day. turn off the noise of the world and focus on your third eye--the space between your eyes in your forehead.

practice long, slow, deep breathing through your nose. allow your inhale to expand your stomach, then your lungs, then your chest, and then exhale first through your chest, your lungs and then all the way out your stomach so that your belly button reaches the spine--let all the air out, and repeat.

the breath controls the mind and will allow you to become neutral, so that you may hear your inner voice--your intuition--your guiding teacher.

do star pose daily.

to further strengthen your aura, practice doing star pose daily for a total of 8 minutes.

this is THE best pose in yoga to do, according to naam yoga therapies. it opens all the meridians in the body, allowing the flow of energy to circulate and push through stagnation. it balances the polarities in the body, and has the ability to close any gaps in your electromagnetic field where negativity can seep in, or your own energy can escape, causing you to feel burnt out and depleted.

stand with legs spread apart as far as they can go, and your arms straight out, parallel to the floor at shoulder level, palms facing up, so you look like a star.

you can chant a mantra, preferably triple mantra, which can be downloaded on, to remove any internal and external obstacles.

or you can practice your long deep breathing while holding this pose for 3 minutes. then switch so your feet come together and your arms are clasped above your head, elbows straight and covering your ears, for 5 minutes.

when the time is up, tighten your body and hold for a few seconds and then fold into a forward bend to let the energy settle upon you and work its magic!

get grounded.

it comes as no surprise, that during this time of year we intuitively crave heartier meals. our bodies know that its a time to go within, to strengthen and to nourish, so choose stews, beans and whole grains to keep you sustained and grounded.

there is no denying the ebb and flow of the universe and the changes of seasons. when we welcome the energy, the energy can flow through us with ease. if we go against the laws of nature, and eat cooling fruits and raw salads, we are just causing unnecessary frustration and angst on us as a whole.

walk outside for a total of 30min daily.

our bodies need to move, and we need to be surrounded by nature. there is strength and great life force, also known as prana, in trees.

a tree is deep rooted and strong, providing us with the energy we need for endurance. no matter how cold it is, you will feel invigorated after being outdoors.

get out of the stagnant heat circulating in your home, and the lethargy of sitting around watching t.v., zapping you of vibrant energy from the electrical currents in technology.

open your windows.

circulate all the stagnation in your home, letting nature's life force enter and uplift your spirit. crack the window in your bedroom, your bathroom, and your kitchen for 30minutes a day. notice the energetic shift.

by march 20th, you will be a stronger, wiser, more loving being, ready to plant your seeds during the universal sun period, where the universe supports all that you desire!

much love,