Your diet doesn't have to be Perfect all the time.


It's not easy sticking to my self care rituals and routines when traveling.

But that's what vacation is about, right?

When I was super rigid in my vegan days, I didn't enjoy Paris, Barcelona and London the way I would now. Granted, those cities did cater to vegans, surprisingly, I just had to seek it out / do more planning.

But, I look back and think how much I missed out on immersing myself in their cultures by being so 'in control'!

Traveling for me is a source of inspiration, of expansion, learning, exploring and evolving from opening up to so much life! What ashame to keep those comfortable boundaries up when the opportunity arises.

"We're all uncomfortably comfortable in our comfort zones," says my spiritual Teacher, Dr. Levry.

To get out of our routines/rituals is a challenge, but is so important to practice so we can learn to dance with the ebb and flow of life, as I'm learning. It's not about being 'perfect', its about allowing.

Your health is more than your diet.

I'm quick to beat myself up if I stay up too late, eat too much bread/cheese/dessert or drink too much wine, too little water and don't get enough exercise, but that's my fear mode raising its ugly head again needing to stay in control. Let the light in, my friends!

Control is exactly what we don't have when traveling.

We're at the mercy of everyone else - trains, planes, restaurants, hotels. It's a rude awakening in the face of someone who holds self care so dear.

What I'm still practicing and trying to be okay with, is going with the flow and letting go.

It's been 8 days and I've had too many indulgences than I care to admit, and am 'quietly freaking out a little', but vacations are not permanent - nothing is, so accepting and going with the flow is the only option to really enjoy these sacred gifts of travel and wholeness. 

While I continue practicing 'going with the flow and letting go,' I can at least rely on these few small rituals to keep me grounded and balanced:

  • Eat at least one nutritious meal per day (could be Shakeology or a smoothie or healthy breakfast, salad for lunch etc.)
  • Get some sort of exercise daily - a quick 10-15min yoga set, 15-30 min walk, whatever - just move)
  • Drink lots of water whenever I get a chance.

And the rest will be me trying to enjoy each moment and let go a little to enjoy the present;). Won't you join me in letting go and being okay with 'taking a break' from a 'perfect diet' Your health will thank you in one way or another - there's more to life than control and restrictiveness!