Hi, I'm Kate and I'm committed to inspiring you to foster self care to attain wellbeing. With my ability to create a strong environment of safety and trust, my clients are able to overcome self limiting patterns and attain lasting results.

Over the past 10 years, I've been a hair stylist. My specialty focuses on curly hair, with experience in editorial, film styling, and NYC Fashion Week runway shows. My love for hair styling started while attempting to manage my own curly hair. I worked on the curly hair styling team at the Ouidad Flagship Salon in Los Angeles for four years as a stylist, educator, and platform artist. I also worked on Boston's famed Newbury Street in a L'oreal Professional salon. My other extensive trainings include AVEDA, J Beverly Hills, Paul Mitchell and Arrojo. My signature approach gives my clients confidence to embrace and celebrate their unique hairstyles.

Over the years, my interest in hair styling broadened itself to include health and wellbeing. I pursued self-studies of Macrobiotic and Ayurveda, along with other various modalities to heal myself through food, and discovered my own personal health style.

In addition, I became a certified Naam Yoga Therapies Teacher and a Harmonyum Practitioner to expand my self care practices, learn about Divine Spiritual Wisdom, and offer healing to others. Harmonyum is an alternative healing technique that balances the autonomic nervous system, thereby promoting the body's capacity to heal itself and slow the aging process. My desire to help people led me to create an innovative life and style approach to living.

I love sharing my knowledge of self-healing techniques, including tips from yogic life style, breath work, super foods, stories based on my own journey and hair styling tips and tricks in my blog.

In my personal life, I try to maintain a daily self care routine of yoga, meditation, and healthy eating practices. I've been studying with Dr. Levry, a world-renowned Kabbalist and the founder of Naam Yoga Therapies over the past 5 years. I continue to expand on my self care, as well as learning the latest hair styling techniques and trends, and am currently living and working on Cape Cod.

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